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Title: Character Requests
Description: An informal "canon" list

The London Life - June 3, 2008 12:54 PM (GMT)
Got a particular role you'd like filled, say for a plot or a character you've been tossing around in your head? PM Voice of Morality and maybe someone will be interested in picking the character up!

Please use the following format for requesting characters:

Requested by:
Duration of Need:
Character Name (if established):
Any Established Facts:

[b]Requested by:[/b]
[b]Duration of Need:[/b]
[b]Character Name (if established):[/b]
[b]Any Established Facts:[/b]


user posted image user posted image user posted image
Requested by: Liz
Duration of Need: Indefinitely
Character Name (if established): Lord Richard Grafton
Any Established Facts: Elder brother of my characters Julianne Grafton and Katharine (Grafton) Steele. Has a twin, Lord Henry Grafton. Born 1788 (age 23). Recently returned from fighting Napoleon in the Iberian Peninsula with *gasp* a Spanish bride (my character). Probably has a small rebellious streak, but is none the less very family oriented and probably unsure how to introduce the Grafton clan to his new wife.
PB: Toby Stephens

Requested by: Liz
Duration of Need: Indefinitely
Character Name (if established): John Quinn, Duke of Wycombe
Any Established Facts: John Quinn is the Duke of Wycombe. His father died during his infancy and he was raised as a son of the Marquess of Raulings. He married Lady Penelope Beckett (5 years his senior) and the couple have a young daughter, Genevieve. He resides in London but since coming into his majority, he has had to spend more and more of his time as the head of the Quinn family, leaving little time for his adoptive father and half-siblings. Though raised just like any of his brothers, he's always felt a bit different, knowing that one day he would have to pull away from them to lead the Quinn family. He's a bit cooler and wiser now than he might have been in the past, but because he grew up in a loving household, there would have been many visits to Grafton Park and its boisterous occupants.
PB: Not specified

user posted image user posted image user posted image
Requested by: Liz
Duration of Need: Indefinitely
Character Name (if established): Penelope (Beckett) Quinn, Duchess of Wycombe
Any Established Facts: Lady Penelope Beckett had spent several seasons on the marriage mart without making a match. Her mother had all but given up hope when Penelope struck up a conversation with the Duke of Wycombe. He was charmed and amused by her forthrightness (she had long given up trying to be a coy debutante) and she appreciated how he actually listened to what she was saying. To the surprise of all of Society (and his mother's dismay due to the lady's age), the duke proposed. They have a young daughter, Genevieve, but no heir. The family resides in London.
PB: Abbie Cornish (suggested but not required)

user posted image user posted image
Requested by: Liz
Duration of Need: Indefinitely Role Filled
Character Name (if established): Caroline Gardiner
Any Established Facts: Sister of Baron Ackland, being chaperoned this Season by her sister-in-law, Lady Ackland (played by Liz). She has a fortune of £10,000, is the daughter of a baron, and has connections through her sisters to Baron Parkhurt and a second son of a viscount. She's pretty, outgoing, and excited to be the only one of her sisters to have a real London debut, which is made possible by the money Lady Ackland brought to her marriage. At the same time, she knows that it is her duty to marry this Season, as it would not be fair to impose on her sister-in-law's kindness for too long. Moreover, she enjoys spending time with her many nieces and nephews and looks forward to starting a family of her own.
PB: Carey Mulligan (blonde)

George Hackett [Rose] - June 3, 2008 01:43 PM (GMT)
Requested by: Rose
Duration of Need: Indefinitely eventually (though she could always return to Italy), but I don't need her yet- I want George to be well established first.
Character Name (if established): Patrizia Dell'Angelo
Any Established Facts: Italian (Florentine) opera singer. Mistress of George Hackett for four years and has a son, Silvio (2) by him. Feisty, lively and warm hearted temperament. Speaks poor English.
PB: Preferably Morena Baccarin (Inara in Firefly)
Further information: HARD CHARACTER! Italian language culture needed or prepared to research. Experienced player only!
Patrizia appears in a fanfiction here.

Requested by: Rose
Duration of Need: Indefinitely
Character Name (if established): Rebecca Hissop, Duchess of Pennington
Any Established Facts: Age 23. Viola's society rival when they first debuted. Married the Duke of Pennington, a middle aged man of bad reputation, a cast off of Viola's. A bitchy, snide and competitive woman. Troubled because she has been married five years and doesn't have a child yet.
PB: Lucy Robinson (Mrs. Hurst P&P95)
Other: Currently a NPC in this thread under the name of Julia:
Please do NOT create this application before contacting Rose for more details and background.

Requested by: Rose
Duration of Need: Indefinitely
Character Name (if established): Dorothy Greystone
Any Established Facts: Widowed and childless aunt of Viola and Olivia Fitzgerald and their chaperone. Not a society leader but friends with all the most influential ladies in town. Was rather frivolous as a young woman but has a good head upon her shoulders. Enjoys gossip. Please contact Rose before creating this character.
PB: Slyvestra La Touzel.
user posted image (icon by sommertiara @ lj)

Requested by: Rose
Duration of Need: Indefinite
Character Name (if established): Pamela Longstaffe
Any Established Facts: 19 years old, never left her country town, small fortune, pretty, silly, vain, spoiled, not very intelligent. A complete liability.
PB: Anne Hathaway or Keira Knightley. Other brown haired, pretty but vacant PBs considered! Must be period!

user posted image or user posted image
See Hermione Longstaffe's profile for further background information.

Requested by: Rose
Duration of Need: Indefinite
Character Name (if established): Sir Roland Taylor
Any Established Facts: 28 years old. Married Lady Priscilla Tanaquil for love in 1805. Son Harry was born was born in 1806. Priscilla died in childbirth in 1807 along with the baby. A happy, optimistic, romantic fellow whose heart has been broken. Contact Rose for extra background before applying. Priscilla and Harry appear in a fanfic here.
PB: Crispin Bonham-Carter
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Voice of Morality - July 6, 2009 05:04 PM (GMT)
Requested by: Betsy
Duration of Need: indefinite ROLE FILLED!
Character Name (if established): Algernon Beaufort Culpepper
Any Established Facts: Algernon is the heir to the barony of Sneddon, once his crusty old father dies. In the meantime, he is happy to prance about foppishly in London. Algie has seven thousand a year, a curricle, and a barouche, about which he is happy to inform the general population. He is currently the front-runner for the hand of Miss Felicity Staunton, though said lady wants very little to do with him.
PB: Richard Lumsden (Robert Ferrars in Sense and Sensibility)

Requested by: Betsy
Duration of Need: indefinite/permanent ROLE FILLED!
Character Name (if established): Linus Staunton, Baron Bunowen
Any Established Facts: Linus is the elder half-brother of Felicity Staunton, and eldest son of Viscount Louisburgh and his first wife. He studied at Trinity College in Dublin, and has enjoyed a life of leisure since. He enjoys the high life - whether or not he can fund his adventures is another matter entirely.
PB:Up to you!

(note: please contact me if you are interested in Linus to discuss the pertinent details)

Voice of Morality - July 11, 2009 04:13 AM (GMT)
Requested by: Izzie (Charlotte Tolson)
Duration of Need: About a month, starting April 16 (in game)
Character Name (if established): Lieutenant Thomas Leith
Any Established Facts: Is 28 years old, born in England, but served in India as a Lieutenant with the East India Company. Met a Miss Charlotte Tolson during his time in the Bengal province, and the two quickly fell in love. Was engaged to Miss Tolson at one point, and they were to be wed in secret, but she called the wedding off as they were standing at the altar. Charlotte's family does not like or approve of Thomas, particularly her brother, Edward. When the Tolson's left for England, he wrote her a letter and posted it, but decided a few days later to board a ship and returned to England. He's been laying low in the country with his family, but is coming to London to find Charlotte and generally create havoc.
PB: Simon Baker

Please PM me at Charlotte's account before creating this character to discuss personality and character history

Voice of Morality - March 7, 2010 02:44 AM (GMT)
Requested by: Francesca
Duration of Need: Indefinite
Character Name (if established): Christina Westcott
Any Established Facts: Sister of Matthew Westcott, and consequently sister-in-law of Louisa Westcott with whom she does not get along at all. Problem child. First season in London. PM me or Betsy for details. Apart from a few points regarding her family and her background, you’ll pretty much be free to develop the character as you want.
PB: Liv Tyler, but only from Onegin. I am more than happy to provide screencaps and icons if necessary.
user posted image

Voice of Morality - March 11, 2010 01:36 PM (GMT)
Requested by: Alex
Duration of Need: Indefinate
Character Name (if established): Mrs Grace O’Donaghue (nee Torrington)
Any Established Facts:
- Of an established English family, but married to a well-to-do Irish squire, Mr. Jack O’Donaghue of Oaksted House. Widowed two years ago.
- A spoiled & wealthy only child who, while not cruel, is rather demanding and posseses an extrodinarily sharp tongue.
- However, when she's not poking fun at you... she's a lot of fun to be around and the sort of lady one just can't help but to want to please.
PB: Natalie Dormer, please.
user posted image user posted image

Requested by: Alex
Duration of Need: Indefinate
Character Name (if established): Lady Theresa "Tess" Fairfax, Baroness Courtenay. (Though also amenable to Theresa just being her middle name.)
Any Established Facts:
- debuted in 1807, made a swift marriage to the much, much older Carew Fairfax, Baron Courtenay. She has provided him with two sons and is no longer under any illusions that he loves her. Amenable to extra-marital entertainment.
- Friendly, busy, loving, very warm and rather intelligent. Superb sense of humour. Refuses to take life overly seriously.
PB: Charlotte Riley (potentially)
user posted image user posted image

Voice of Morality - March 11, 2010 01:37 PM (GMT)
Requested by:LIN
Duration of Need: Indefinitely
Character Name (if established): Darcy Tessington
Any Established Facts: Viscount Tessington, 33 years of age, husband to socialite Alethea Tessington. While his title is not the highest in the realm, his family is respected, old and wealthy. Darcy and his wife married as friends. To the ton they are the perfect couple, but behind closed doors, the both conduct affaires of their own.


Ally has a respectful, open relationship with her husband, and since the birth of her son, neither of them have found a need to stay faithful to the other. Behind closed doors, they know that they are not in love with each other; the emotion that they have, purely only pertains to friendship, affection and respect. She chooses her companions, and has them quite frequently. She and her husband, they have an agreement to never question, and to give trust infinitely; Darcy trusts Ally infinitely to never make any mistake that could affect his family, and vice versa. To her credit, Ally has never given her husband a cause to worry for her (Ie. Get pregnant). In society, they are a perfect couple, frequently sharing dances and the like.

PB: Open to ideas.

Voice of Morality - June 30, 2010 07:53 PM (GMT)
Requested by: Brandy
Duration of Need: Indefinite
Character Name (if established): Klara Edouardovna Christiakova. Addressed as Klara Edouardovna in formal circles. Gospozha (Lady) Klara Christiakova as a title.
Any Established Facts: She is Lord Valeri Christiakov's younger sister, and came with him from Russia to England when she was eight years old. Very sweet, wide-eyed, demure, and innocent, for her older brother has felt like he needed to protect her for her entire life. Her older brother is more like her father and protector than her brother, but they are very close. She is set to make her debut as soon as her elder brother finds appropriate lodgings in London. They currently reside in the county of Sussex.
PB: The lovely Saoirse Ronan. Older Dakota Fanning will also work.

See Valeri's application for background information.

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