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 An Awkward Reunion
SS Wanda Maximoff
Posted: Jan 18 2008, 02:24 PM

Cerebro Output:

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Wondering the Asteroid, Wanda began to wonder where her brother had gone off to while she, and the rest of the Brotherhood were down at earth. She had talked to him not to long ago which made her wonder if someone tried to take him out since he was the son of Magneto. It was no secret that the rest of the Brotherhood didnít like the twins, in fact the Brotherhood resented everything Wanda, and her brother stood for ever once they had joined the Avengers. If she learned of them doing anything to her brother the rest of the Brotherhood would feel the wrath of a woman who had lost all of her family, which was a woman that shouldnít be messed with. As she continued to think she figured that he had left because he couldnít take being with the Brotherhood anymore, a fact that he told her on multiple occasions. He wanted to get out of the Brotherhood while she wanted to stay so that she could become closer to her father again, and so because she wanted to stay he did as well for the time being. She was rather surprised when she returned to find that he was no longer here which made her believe that he went out to do what he always wanted to do, be a hero. She felt guilty for having made him stay for so long, but was rather upset when he didnít even bother to leave her message of where he was going or what he was even doing. As she pushed the cloak away from her body, she finally revealed the figure that many men in the Brotherhood wished they could have a chance with. In fact many men from the Brotherhood had tried to claim her heart which was always protected by her older brother. The thing she missed most about he was the way that he felt that he always needed to protect her from everything in the world, making Wanda feel as if she was important to somebody. It was a feeling that she cherished, and missed just as much as she missed the very man who made her feel safe. Her brother meant more to her than anybody else, which made it that much harder for her to not know where he was at the moment. They had always told each other everything that they were going to do, and would both plan to do it together so that they could always have someone on their side, but now that he was gone, Wanda had no one left to turn to.

Her husband, her bother, and her father had all left her for no apparent reason which had caused her to wonder if anyone would every fully stay in her life. Now after she had finally accomplished what she wanted there wasnít anyone else there to help celebrate with her like before. A fact that whether or not she wanted to accept, would have to learn to deal with in order for her to properly lead the Brotherhood. If her father was to be here right now he would have told her that very thing, in order to lead the Brotherhood she would have to push her problems to the side so that she wouldnít get distracted. Now that she was a leader she didnít have the time to worry about herself, she would have to give all of herself to the team. Though most of members may think that, Wanda didnít know what she was doing, you didnít spend time with some of the best leaders in the world without learning a thing or two. Except this time she was working with people who didnít want to listen to anyone other than her father. Which she couldnít blame them for since he was a leader that knew how to keep order in a team through means that werenít exactly the way that Wanda thought was proper. She wanted her team to respect her for what she did not because they were afraid that she would alter reality to make them to all nothing more than just farm animals. Being with the first Brotherhood, Wanda knew that her father ruled with making the people under him fear what he might do to him if they were to leave him. A feeling that she knew very well since both her, and her brother wanted to leave, but were afraid that he would find them so that he could take revenge out on his two children for leaving him. She would often have nightmares of her father torturing her, and her brother in the most cruel way just until they finally joined the Avengers where he couldnít harm them anymore. There, Wanda was safe from her father which had caused her dreams to finally stop though it didnít stop the constant worry that he may one day come to attack them. Now that she was once again back with the Brotherhood she didnít fear her father because of what he could to do to her she feared of what he though thought of her. After she had finally forgiven her father for all of the things he had done she now had to wait for her father to forgive her for all the things she had done to him though she was robed of the chance by the blue monster known as Apocalypse.

As the doors of her room swooshed open, she went over to sit in her large bed that was in the center of the room. Crashing down into the sea of red fabric, Wanda started to think about what she would do to defeat the recent villain that had made his presence know to the world. Sitting herself up so that she was now in the lotus position she started to meditate once again so that she could think of possible ways to help defeat the man who had taken her fatherís life. Alone they wouldnít be able to handle him, even if she knew that her power combined with her magic made her an extremely powerful mutant, Wanda wouldnít be able to just take him on herself which meant they needed help. Thinking about who they could call on for help left her with only a few options; The X-men, or the Avengers. Wanda still had close ties to some of the members of the team though she doubted that they would help her after all the killing she had done while she was with the Sisters Gorgan. Even if they had some not so nice people on the team there was no way the government would let a human killing daughter of a terrorist back onto the team, it would just hurt their media image. Which left her with the only option that she didnít want to have to pick, but had no other choice. If the time came where they would have to face Apocalypse, Wanda knew that the Brotherhood would have to team up with them so that they could beat him. That was if anyone could beat the man who seemed to control the very fabric of realty. And with power like that almost every human on the earth would flock to him so that they could have whatever they wanted granted to them, even mutants would go to him. Not all mutants were happy with their power like she was, some of them wanted to be normal humans so that they could finally live a good life instead of having to deal with the ridicule like most mutants had to deal with. She couldnít blame them for wanting to be happy, but couldnít understand how they could trust someone who could just kill them simply because he was bored. She feared his power for she wasnít sure if she would be making it out alive during this tough time in her life. Not only did she have to deal with the death of her father, the coming of an Apocalypse, and the sudden disappearance of her brother, Wanda had a lot of things on her plate.

On top of all that she was forced to lead the Brotherhood in a time that would truly test her ability to lead a team. With two of their members gone, Wanda would need to make sure that the rest of the Brotherhood would be able to handle themselves against someone as strong as Apocalypse. This wasnít like the X-men going against them because Apocalypse would kill them once he got the chance, and once that happened they would be joining her father. It was a sad fate that she feared could happen to herself if she was not mentally prepared for what may lay ahead of her. Getting up from her bed, Wanda walked over to where her closet was located. Waving her hand, the door that was once open closed as she took off her costume that she had seemed to be wearing for such a long time. Reaching out to grab a red top, and a black pair of pants, Wanda quickly put them on so that no one would walk in to see her nude, which she was sure would make most of the menís day. Finally dressed she once again waved at the door so that it was now open just in case a visitor wanted to have another unarranged talk like the one she had with Mystique. Once again sitting on the bed, Wanda began to wonder how the blue vixen who had taken herself down to earth along with the young man known as Bolt. She knew that Raven would be able to take care of herself, but with Bolt she worried that he would easily be taken out or manipulated by someone like Apocalypse. With him being so young she feared that he could easily be manipulated by someone who would take the boy away from the Brotherhood, and into a group that was truly evil. Shaking her head, Wanda tried to refocus on the goal at hand, that goal being her leading the Brotherhood without anyone of them dieing. If she was to lose a member of the Brotherhood while she was leading, Wanda would gladly leave the team behind her, and would never come back. There would be no way that she could deal with the guilt that while she was meant to take care of the team she got one of them killed. Even if she didnít care for them she still had the responsibility as a leader to make sure that all of them made it out of a mission in one piece. Wanda had always wanted to lead the Brotherhood, but now that she was actually going to lead them she started to miss just being a member of a team so that she could just act out what was needed. But on the other hand she was now able to finally get a team where she could have them fight with her for the ideals that she believed in so much which was a great feeling.

Scooting to edge of the bed, Wanda let her feet dangle off end of it as she continued her thinking. Pushing her auburn hair behind her ears she started to think about how easy it would be if her brother was here with her so that they could both lead the Brotherhood together. Two minds were always better than one, and if the mind belonged to someone who could think as fast as they could run she would have been in a much better place. Taking a deep breath, ďOh how I wish you were here Pietro.Ē she mutter to herself as she tried to think of a way to break it to the rest of the Brotherhood about her leading them in place of her father. With so much on her plate, Wanda made a silent promise to herself that at the end of all this she was going to take sometime for herself so that she could get a break from all this. Europe was always a favorite place of hers to go, and would love to go back there if she lived through everything going on right now. Her eyes started to tear up as she thought back to when she was living with her Brother, and foster parents who took care of them so well. Though they had very little money they gave Wanda a childhood that she would never forget, a childhood that she wouldnít trade for anything in the world. It was peaceful which was completely opposite of what her father would have offered them if her, and her brother had lived with him instead of her foster parents. As she started to sway her feet back, and forth, Wanda continued to think about everything going on in her life past, and present.

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