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  1. Pinned: Proxies missing, quick/autoadd bugs, no icon
  2. Pinned: Firefox doesn't work with HTTP proxies on port 80
  3. Simple typo (?)
  4. QuickAdd must escapte dots for regexps
  5. Clicking shortcut links locally
  6. Firefox Security Fix for 418356 breaks FoxyProxy
  7. "Use proxy "Tor" for all URLs"
  8. SOCKS 4a/5 times out after 10 seconds
  9. Password Authentication
  10. pac not found and Firefox hangs
  11. App uninstall feedback bypasses proxy...
  12. FoxyProxy uses wrong proxy for 15 seconds
  13. Invalid request when trying to add a feed (RSS or
  14. foxyproxy disabling itself on firefox close/open
  15. Multiple PAC file configuration
  16. Connection Settings not showing FoxyProxy settings
  17. Fixefox closes but process keeps running
  18. Quick add bug
  19. QuickAdd and AutoAdd URL Pattern Template is bugge
  20. Proxy Settings/Proxy Details
  21. Blacklist not working?
  22. Initial home page request not going through proxy
  23. this.lastresort has no properties
  24. Ugly on smaller monitors
  25. ALT t f d d RET
  26. Exception with automatic proxy configuration url
  27. pattern matching & deletion problem
  28. OSX - FoxyProxy - Doesn't show properly
  29. Weird symptoms
  30. Bugs in portable firefox and restore
  31. QuickAdd URL pattern template running wild
  32. QuickAdd and AutoAdd failure
  33. Bug or feature? pac file on default proxy
  34. Amendment to the sample
  35. FoxyProxy 2.5.1 and 2.5.2 broken
  36. socks proxy v4a erronous packets
  37. FP looses config information at FF termination
  38. about pac file path setting
  39. ZoneAlarm interaction
  40. Form history
  41. Failure loading string resources
  42. FoxyProxy silently fails on undefined protocols
  43. Settings not being saved
  44. oops, configuration lost after update
  45. FAQ Error
  46. RSS Subscription Fails
  47. unable to reopen Connection Settings dialog
  48. doesn't work with foxyproxy
  49. Duplicate Proxy Requests
  50. High CPU usage

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