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 Melina Perez, The Most Dominant Diva
Melina Perez
Posted: Aug 26 2006, 03:32 AM


Group: EWF Diva
Posts: 1
Member No.: 162
Joined: 26-August 06

Wrestlers Name:Melina Perez
Hometown:Los Angeles,California
Weight:122 lbs
Entrance:(So we can use it for results)
Melina's music starts playing throughout the PA system as the fans start to boo.The red carpet rolls down the ramp and the paparazzi rush to the stage awaiting the arrival of Melina Perez.After a moment,Melina flings the pitch black curtain and makes her way to the top of the ramp and starts posing for the paparazzi as the cameras flash away.She then finally begins to make her way down the red carpet.As she gets to the bottom of the ramp,she walks over to the ring,places her hand on it and moves it back and forth.She then lifts her right leg up on it,slowly stroking it up and down while looking back at the paparazzi,still taking pictures,then grabs the bottom rope,lifts herself up and slides under the bottom rope doing the splits.Melina gets up from her knees as the music fades.

6 Favorite Moves:
-Leg Scissors In Ropes

Finishing Move(s):Spinning Facebuster

Out Of Character
Favorite Diva:Melina,Lita and Ashley
Favorite Wrestler:Randy Orton,Johnny Nitro and Jeff Hardy

Sample Roleplay
The scene opens up to a limo pulling up in the parking lot of Massacre.There are paparazzi everywhere surrounding the car.The fans boo because they know exactly who it is.The driver comes out and opens the back door and Melina Perez steps out of the car.She is wearing a pink halter top dress with pink high heel boots & designer sunglasses.The driver grabs her bags as the paparazzi starts taking pictures of Melina.

The Most Dominant Diva||Melina Perez
Wow this is insane...

||Paparazzi Guy||
Melina...Melina! Over here!

Melina hears him but ignores him as she begins to make her way through the crowd of fans and paparazzi.She then hears some fans screaming at her

Melina Melina! Can I have your autograph!?

Melina thinks for a moment as she looks at her driver who looks tired,still carrying all her bags.She laughs and looks back at the fan

The Most Dominant Diva||Melina Perez
Well of course you can honey!

Melina smiles as she takes the picture of herself from the fan and signs it.The fan says thank you as Melina smiles at her once again.With the paparazzi still taking pictures,Melina makes her way to the arena doors as her driver follows behind.Once she gets to the doors,she turns around for some last minute pictures from the paparazzi.As they finish up,Melina makes her way inside.She turns to the driver who is behind her

The Most Dominant Diva||Melina Perez
Wow...That was crazy don't you think?

The driver just nods at her as she smiles and turns back around.They make their way to Melina's locker room.She grabs the keys from her purse and unlocks the door.They go into the room

The Most Dominant Diva||Melina Perez
Okay just leave my bags here...and heres your money

Melina gives the driver about 1000$ from her purse

||The Driver||
Thank you Miss Perez.I'll see you later

The Most Dominant Diva||Melina Perez
Yep you will..I'll call you after the show.Later

The driver leaves as Melina closes the door behind him.She goes through her bag and gets a white mini skirt,a black shirt that says "Sexy Girl" and furry Cheetah print boots,for her match thats next.She goes into the bathroom and comes out a couple minutes later with her outfit on.She throws her other clothes into her bag as she goes to the mirror and fixes her hair.All of a sudden she hears a knock at the door.She sighs as she makes her way to the door and opens it and reveals that it's Todd Grisham

The Most Dominant Diva||Melina Perez
Umm can I help you Todd?

The Annoying Interviewer||Todd Grisham
Well,Melina I was just hoping to get your thoughts on your match with Trish Stratus in a couple of minutes

The Most Dominant Diva||Melina Perez
You want my thoughts Todd? Let me tell you something.Trish thinks she's SO awesome becasue she's been 6 time Womans Champion,but trust me,she's not as good as she says.Sure I lost to her for the title at Survivor Series once but you want to know why? It's because that stupid psycho bitch Mickie James.See,she's the one that helped her win.If it wern't for her,I would have been the Womans Champion.And after tonight,I will be the number 1 contender for that championship.So Trish,I heard your little "speech" about me losing today but honey,your 15 minutes of fame are up and in a couple mins,your about to get...Busted

Melina smirks as she looks back at Todd.She then walks past him and down the hall as Buttons by The PussyCat Dolls starts to play through the arena.She makes her way down the hall as quickly as possible and dissapears through the black curtain..

Randy Orton
Posted: Aug 26 2006, 05:58 AM

Greatness Personified

Group: Moderator
Posts: 53
Member No.: 44
Joined: 19-August 06

Welcome to EWF! Be sure to stay active or you will be deleted. Please wait for an admin to put you into your group. Thank you!
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