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Title: Up From the Depths...Not Even Six Feet High!
Description: Radon bio and post log

Ravensaurs Rex - January 12, 2012 06:11 AM (GMT)
NAME: Radon
FUNCTION: Radiologist
ALTERNATE MODE: Final Wars Godzilla
QUOTE: "Your lucky I'm not the real Godzilla! He would so own your aft!"


Appearance: When transforming from beast mode to robot, Radon's head splits down the center and folds out to the side and over his shoulders as the bulky sides of his Godzilla form move up and into his shoulder joints, becoming strong arms with your average mech hands. His robot head has yellow optics, same as his beast mode's, as well as a grated plate in front of his mouth, though this plate can move back to show his true robot mouth. The Godzilla arms become his forearms and fuse together with the much of the bulk on his sides to create the rest of his robot form arms. The back then separates down the center and folds up to become large shoulder and upper back pads with the plate like spines mounted here. The tail then collapse down and meshes onto the back to fill in the gap that the spines left as well as the back half of Radon's waist. Finally the legs change, the front toes on the wide feet fuse together to make a boot like foot as some of the "meat" of the lower leg comes down to form the heel. The upper thigh and much of the bulk of the legs then come up and fold in to create the front half of the waist. This leaves Radon a slightly chubby looking build as well as a rather goofy looking one.

If Radon were a human he would be labeled a "geek" faster then Prime could roll over in his grave. This bot is considered one of the younger Cybertronians in the Maximal ranks and he shows it. He is a massive fan of human made monster movies, his favorite is plain to see, since he wears it with more pride then his faction symbol. Radon can easily go off into rants about his favorite subjects and one must be very careful when talking to him or he might blow out an audio sensor or two.

He has no taste at all for battle, he lacks any sort of real weapon other then what his beast mode came with, though this is still not a bad thing. He is completely integrated with his beast mode and at times the lust for battle overwhelms the young bot and he will charge in like a manic. But these times are few and far between, mostly he stays at the base or helps the medics collect the wounded, he hardly ever sees real combat.

In his spare time Radon likes to go over all things Godzilla as well as his second great interest which is the many unstable energies of the universe, atomic being the easiest to point out. He was originally hired on as the ship's radiologist, to better help search for strains of energon as well as other harmful bits of energy.

It should also be noted that his favorite energy is radon gas, which he named himself after long before ever picking up his beast form. But the similarity between his name and a certain kaiju "turkey" has left him the butt of many a joke. Something else one should consider is that he utterly hates the giant pterodactyl named "Rodan" both for trying to steal Godzilla's spotlight as well as making him an open joke to those who often mistake his name for said turkey.

He is considered harmless by most, an annoyance by mechs and just plain creepy by the Maximal femmes. Call him what you will, but this geek has embraced his obsession and made it a part of him, which has in turn made him stronger then he ever has before. Radon is here and willing to spread the word and the power which belongs to the undisputed King of the Monsters, Godzilla!


Godzilla Alt Form- While he is useless in battle in his robot form, once Radon changes into that iconic image of Godzilla he becomes a machine of destruction. In close range combat he is able to punch, jab and claw in swift flashes as well as whip around that long tail to batter a foolish kai-er, a foolish transformers with. While this form isn't all that fast of agile, Radon can at times pull off some impressive stunts with his heavy bodied beast mode. In this form he can lift twice his own weight, making him a good contender at close range combat. Even his spines are deadly, though limited in how he can use them, they are strong and rather sharp, letting him have some safety from above. In his beast form the cyber-organic scales and extra plating give him better armor, letting the bot take more damage in this form then in his weaker robot one. Lastly this form is aquatic, Radon is able to submerge himself and stay under water for any amount of time he needs, he is also quite swift under the waves, cutting out little of his clumsiness that follows his bulk around on land.

Energy Beam- The beam itself has no more dangerous then your average punch, however what it lacks in raw damage it makes it for with the skill to push back other transformers a few feet. Fired from his beast mode's mouth, it is strong in looks, blue and solid, but the truth of it's effectiveness is given away soon enough. It also causes weak burn affects as, but it is not atomic in any way, making it far less deadly then what it is based off of. He can also only use it in his beast mode, he has no way to fire this energy in robot form and could in fact cause more harm then good if he tried. It is tied directly into Radon's core, which is powered by atomic and other forms of energy, energon itself is not needed to use the attack so he tires less easily.

Energy Collectors- In both modes, the Godzilla spines take in different kinds of energy, anything from atomic to solar. These can be used to keep Radon going when damaged, power his attacks or even help his friends. These collectors render him immune from passive hostile energy, or at least most forms of it such as atomic or nuclear. Radon is able to collect it either form, so he always has energy at the ready. He can't use the energy from weapons, if he tried it would overload his collectors and cause him a major meltdown. However passive, his energy collectors let him run off energy not from energon, in fact he hardly needs the fuel at all.

Boost Aura- The only thing besides his mechanical smarts that makes coming out of beast mode worth it is this neat little skill. In robot mode he is able to radiate an aura of pure energy from the spines on his shoulders onto transformers close by him. This doesn't heal them, though it does give wounded or tired bots an energy boost, giving them a slight edge in a fight or just enough juice to run away to safe ground. This skill has limited use and can only be activated in robot mode where he is at his weakest.

Radiology- While Radon is a monster movie lover first and foremost, his second love will always be radiology, which was what got him interested in Godzilla in the first place, being a mutant of atomic energy and all. He is one of the few bots to specialize in this field, which has caused him to pick up on a few others to maintain machines and equipment. He is hardly ever called on, but when the Maximals need a possibly dangerous energy spike checked out they know the mech to call. He has a vast knowledge of radiology, which is only matched by what he knows of pointless movie monster trivia.

Mechanic- Since his primary function is hardly ever needed, Radon has beefed up on his skills as a mechanic and is so far rather good at it. He is best at fixing things quickly and without fault, though if you ask him to design something he will always try and put some sort of dangerous atom into it. For the most part he does his job well enough, but he is only a middle range bot as far as this area is concerned.


-Radon lacks any way to do real damage to another bot, outside of his beast mode and unlike most is pretty helpless in his robot form. His energy collectors can stand up to one or two shots, but over all are fairly brittle, repeated hits can cripple Radon's only real battle time use. While helpful to the medics or wounded allies, his aura has a limited rage of about 12 feet and only lasts for a short time, anywhere between three to ten minuets depending on how charged up Radon is. Once he runs out of his extra energy he will be sluggish and somewhat dazed, making an already easy target a sure thing.


-The Kings and Queens are Gone

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