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Title: The Brian Ong Incident
Description: Just Felt The Need To Post This.

X-Pac - December 8, 2008 02:36 AM (GMT)
The Brian Ong Incident
Brian Ong was a trainee wrestler at The All Pro Wrestling Boot camp, he was from California and contrary to the popular belief, he was NOT a kid. He was born in 1974.

On 28th May 2001, Brian Ong was in a training session in Hayward, California, the camp was for beginners and Brian Ong was there to learn to take and give some wrestling moves. The trainers told the students that they were now going to teach the move FlapJack and Dalip Singh (The Great Khali) would be the person demonstrating it, then they asked for a volunteer.

Two people volunteered for receiving the move along with Brian Ong, those two people were first given the FlapJack by Dalip Singh. The move was done in this way:

user posted image

Diagram showing the demonstration of a Flapjack

The receiver runs towards the giver, the giver bends down and the receiver hops onto his back, then the giver gets up in tandem and at the same time also applies force to push the receiver upwards, the receiver then leaps into the air and falls face first.

When two wrestlers had successfully received this move from Dalip Singh without any problems or injuries, Brian Ong came in. But Brian Ong did the move wrong, here is a diagram explaining what Brian Ong did:

user posted image

Brian Ong's wrong version of The Flapjack

What happened was that, Brian Ong got towards Khali, Khali got down, Brian hopped on his back, but as Khali got up and pushed him above, Brian didn't bounce off in tandem and instead he grabbed Khali's shirt, which caused him to turn 90 degrees and land on his skull.

When he fell on his skull, Brian Ong got a concussion, what happens in a Concussion is that inside a person's skull, the brain is surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid within which it floats, but when a person's head is forced to a hard surface, the impact causes the Brain to be disturbed and certain parts of the Brain are affected, a Concussion for the first time is generally not very harmful, but if repeated it may cause serious injury/death.

So when Brian Ong got this first concussion, he began feeling dizzy but then he got up and asked the trainers that he'd like to receive the move again so that he could get it right. If Brian could have done the move right in the second attempt there would have been no problem, but he again did it the same way as he had done the first time, which caused him another concussion therefore making the situation worse which ultimately led to Brian Ong's death.

There was no fault of The Great Khali aka Dalip Singh in this case, he was just a wrestler who was giving the move, and it was not Dalip who did the move wrong, but Brian Ong who did it incorrectly, but the major fault was of the All Pro Wrestling who did not make the training safe enough for everyone.

Later on, Brian's parents Norman and May Ong sued APW and ultimately won the case with a $1.3 Million dollars paid to them in compensation. Norman Ong, Brian's father, said "We are pleased with the jury's verdict and hope that this wrestling school and all wrestling schools will learn that they must treat all their students properly, train them appropriately and not allow any desire to train someone they hope to be a star to overcome their duties to every student."

But those people who call Dalip Singh a murderer and a killer and blatantly say "HE KILLED A GUY OMG". Please understand that it was not Dalip Singh's fault, Ong did the move incorrectly and APW's arrangements were not safe enough.

The diagrams on this page were made for purely demonstrative purposes to show how the event happened and are not meant to portray any kind of wrestling techniques or humor. They are also not meant to be copied anywhere without prior permission of the webmaster of this website who may be contacted through the Fan Club page of the website.

Brady - December 10, 2008 07:04 PM (GMT)
K, I just dealted all replys to this thread to keep it clean...kthxbi

As for the move, I kind of feel sorry for Kalhli that he killed a guy while trying to teach a move

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