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 The Werewolf Game, A Guide
Ferris Wheel
Posted: Jul 9 2005, 01:42 PM

Ferris Z. - Class of 2007

Group: Admin
Posts: 7,246
Member No.: 1
Joined: 27-February 05

Welcome to the Werewolf Game!

Known as WW for short, and by some as 'Mafia', the Werewolf Game is a mind game that involves critical thinking and a lot of lying. Following introduction written by Wolverine.


The game EVERYONE wants to play! It's fun! It's exciting! And it has people lynching other people as if they were black/witches! That's right! Here's where you can bring out all your racist/repressed religious anger! I'll explain..



"Good" Side:

Villagers - Your basic average-Joe idiot. Every day, the villagers get together and vote for one person to lynch. The person with the most votes by the end of the voting period dies. Simple enough. The villagers win when all the wolves/mafia are dead.

Seer - S/He has telepathetic powers! Once every night the seer "spies" on someone, by PMing the moderater, and the moderater tells the seer what the person's role in the game is. The seer wins when the villagers do.

Fool - A person who thinks s/he is a seer but is in fact just an idiot. Spies on people just like a seer, except these readings are probably less accurate than Trelawney's. If said person tries to seer themselves they will always get 'true seer' as their result because s/he thinks that that is in fact correct.

Vigilante - S/He is a murderous piece of poo. Once every night, the vigilante goes out and murders someone, hopefully a wolf. But, since none of the good guys know who they are, he could just as easily kill a villager. The Vigilante wins with the villagers as well.

Baner - S/He is the only one who can stop the wolves. Every night, the baner decides to protect one person from the wolves - this can be anyone, including him/herself. If the baner is lucky, the wolves go hungry that night. Otherwise, nothing happens and the baner is deemed worthless. If revealed, the baner is also a probable target of the wolves, although it will take more cunning to kill him/her as s/he can protect him/herself. Also, would anyone mind if I just called everyone a 'he'? This is getting annoying.

Doctor - This role is like the Baner, except the Doctor can only protect someone from the Mafia. Each night, the doctor picks a person to protect. If the protectee is the Mafia's target for that night, then the target will be revealed in the story but will not die. The target's role will NOT be revealed.

Hunter - This is a person who, when killed, can take one other person down with them. Think of them as suicide bombers, kamikaze ninjas, or whatever racial characteristics you want to associate with them. Potentially dangerous to both sides, the hunter wins with the villagers.

"Dark" Side (tongue.gif):

Werewolves - Average-Joe idiots corrupted by the dark side! Once every night, they decide as a group who to kill. They win when the seer, vigilante, baner, doctor, etc. and all the villagers are dead. They also need to kill the Mafia. Basically, last group standing.

Devil - This role is the 'seer' for the werewolves. The Devil will know who the wolves are, and vice versa.

Mafia - A different group of evil people. They have the same powers as the werewolves - one collective kill per night - but are on opposing sides. The Mafia will want to eliminate the werewolves, and vice versa. Plus killing all the good guys, of course.

Spy - The 'seer' for the Mafia. The Spy will know who the mafia members are, and vice versa.


Moderator - The omniscient person who narrates and gives out roles but is not actually in the game. This is the person who receives the nighttime targets and writes about them. S/he is also responsible for tallying votes during the day and declaring the end of the voting period. The moderator can delete posts (if Ferris remembers to give them that 'authoritah') and should be the one who enforces the rules. As established in the precedent of Zhang v. Tutui in Game 3, Mods can also be lynched. They just get to write what happens, so it might not work as planned.

Lovers - A really really random role. Basically, two people are selected to be lovers in that particular game, and they'll be informed of who their soulmate is. When one dies, the other also dies from a broken heart. The only way they win is if both of them survive until the end. They CAN be from opposing sides, in which case the only way to win is to be the last two people alive. Normally, the lovers are chosen by a 'Cupid' role, but since Cupids have a tendency of telling others who the lovers are, for our games the lovers will be chosen randomly. Also note that we are very open-minded and will not favor hetero over homo, or vise versa. It will be completely random.

With more players, we will have more roles. Every role we use will be in here, and new ones will be added ASAP. Except the ones Alan added last game, because they were not deemed cool enough. You know, since nobody followed the rules.



The First Night: Where everything starts off. Everyone discovers that there are werewolves in their (community) midst, which leads to...

Daytimes: Every day, based on the events of the night before, the villagers try to figure out who's a baddie and lynch them. Trick is, nobody knows who anyone else is, other than the wolves. Plus, during the day, the wolves look just like villagers, so they can try to sway the votes. Also, the seer can tell everyone who's who, but at that point is likely to be the wolve's next target. So, bsically, daytime's when everyone grows paranoid and suspicious of each other and try to keep themselves alive with bandwagons and the such.

Nighttimes: Every night, after the lynching, the wolves come back out to kill. They, as stated, decide who to hunt down and kill. Meanwhile, the vigilante gets out of bed to try to kill the right person. Which he often fails to do. The results of the bloodbath are reported the next morning, causing a whole new set of accusations, leading to the next daytime, etc. etc.

It's all over once one team wins.


Things to Remember:

The Mod is God: The moderator who is running the current game is the one who knows everything that is going on, and literally controls the fate of your life. If you have any questions about the current game, ask him - and only him, IMs or PMs are preferable. They can also do anything they want.

Be Secretive: Do not go around on AIM and tell everyone what role you are. The game is no fun if you just tell people who you are - figuring out who is who is the point of the game, killing them is just a bonus. Keep 'in game' conversations in the game thread please, so everyone can easily keep track of suspicious accusations. This means you don't IM/PM/Talk IRL about who you think is who. Put it in the thread.

People Lie: We would like to believe that everyone is honest, but in a game like this, liars are the ones who survive. Innocent villagers will say that they're villagers, but so will the wolves. Be careful of who you trust.

Make Your Votes Obvious: When you vote to lynch someone, please make it obvious who you're voting for by either changing the format of the name (bold, color, etc) or plainly state 'I vote to lynch _____'. Counting votes is not the easiest job, and we would hate to miss your vote. You are allowed to change your vote as long as it's before the Mod declares the day is over, but please make the change even more noticeable than the original vote. Instead of changing your original post where you vote, just make a new post.

Dead people don't talk: If you're dead, you're DEAD! That means don't post in the game thread anymore. Once the Mod posts the events of the day or night that result in your death, you are officially dead. You can post before that, but NOT after. Go to the Werewolf Bar to complain if you want to, but nothing more.

If you want to play...

- Unfortunately, you cannot join in the middle of a game. We will have signups availible once the current game is over. At that time, simply post that you want to play and you will be included.
- As you may have noticed, everyone can read this forum but only players can post here. This is to ensure that we don't have any interruptions. If you want to feel special and post in here, just sign up to play. smile.gif

"If Adam and Eve were Chinese we would still be in Paradise because they would have ignored the apple and eaten the snake."--Werner Hornung

QUOTE (Arin Bergquist @ 1989-2004)
True friendship is never lost or taken away, it's more sacred than marriage and more valuable than gold.
Posted: May 15 2007, 08:17 PM

Alan H. - Class of 2007

Group: Members
Posts: 16,698
Member No.: 2
Joined: 27-February 05

ADDITIONAL RULES/ROLES that have been used but are unlikely to be used again. We don't have enough people. But for archival purposes, here they are. C/P'd from Game 8.



Magistrate – Once a night, you chose a person to jail.  The target will be in jail during the next day.  The jailed person may not talk, vote, or be lynched.  It wears off at nighttime.

Wiretapper – Utilizing the new PM system, which people better use… =.=.  The Wiretapper, once a night, gets to choose a target to “tap.”  The mod (me) then forwards all PMs the target sent or received the previous day. 

Sage – Gives the dead something to do, so I don’t want dead people talking in the game thread.  Once a night, gets to choose a person that was killed during the previous night, and talk to them.  Ghosts get ghostbust’d after one night, though, so you can’t talk to someone dead for half a week.


WOLVES – You guys are the same as always.
MAFIA – You guys are basically the same as the wolves, but you’re competing with them.
MERCENARIES – You guys get to choose your sides.  On the SECOND NIGHT, each of you (individually) will PM me the team you want to join (Wolves, Mafia, or Villagers).  The only change this makes is that your victory conditions are the same as theirs’.  The alliance change will be notified to your chosen team, but they will not know who you are, and you will not know who they are. You just have to try to help whoever based on what you can figure out yourself.  Oh yeah, and you don't know who the other mercs are.

R e n e g e n t r o p i z e . Y o u r s e l f .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [Practice Infinithink] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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