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Title: Cyanide Vs Damon James

Silvus - October 30, 2007 12:37 PM (GMT)
Pedro:This next match is between to men looking to make a name for themselves here in UHW.

Brendon:Well if you ask me Cyanide has already made a name for himself.

AJ:The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Detroit, Michigan...weighing 197lbs...The Young Stunna Damon James.

Damon James walks threw the crowd with a boombox blaring "Absolute Power" by Tech N9ne. He walks threw the fans he hops the barracade while carrying his boombox. He then places the boombox on the commentator's table and turns it off. Damon then enters the ring and gets focused.

AJ:And his opponent from Osaka, Japan by way of San Jose, Ca...weighing 226lbs...Cyanide.

Fall Into Sleep hits as Cyanide comes out to a mixed reaxtion. Cyanide walks to the ring just staring at Damon. Cyanide climbs into the ring and stares at Damon.

The ref calls for the bell and Cyanide and Damon circle each other. Cyanide and Damon lock up and Damon applies a headlock on Cyanide. Cyanide sends Damon into the ropes and takes him down with a shoulder block. Damon quickly gets to his feet and tries to lock u again but Cyanide kicks him in the gut followed by a stiff kick to the side of the head. Cyanide pulls Damon up and hits a body slam followed by another stiff kick to Damon's ribs. Cyanide pulls Damon up and hits a STO. Cyanide hits the roeps and drops a elbow to Damon chest. Cyanide pulls Damon up and throws him back into the corner and hits some stiff chops before whiping him hard across the ring into the other corner. Cyanide runs in and hits a shining wizard on Damon followed by a bulldog.

Pedro:Cyanide is moving around this ring like a cat.

Brendon:He is very agile for his size.

Cyanide climbs to the top rope and attempts a moonsault but Damon rolls out the way. Damon gets to his feet and kicks Cyanide hard in the ribs as he tries to get up. Damon pulls Cyanide up and whips him into the ropes when Cyanide comes off Damon hits a clothsline followed by a 360 legdrop. Damon pulls Cyanide up and hits a snap suplex. Damon runs to the ropes and hits a springboard moonsault. Damon pulls Cyanide up and hits a German Suplex into Rolling Clutch Pin.

1..2..Cyanide kicks out.

Damon pulls Cyanide to his feet and backs him into the corner. Damon lays in some shoulder blocks before putting Cyanide on the top and hitting a hurracrrana. Damon plays to the fans again before climbing the top rope and hitting a double stomp on Cyanide. Damon covers.

1..2..Cyandie kicks out.

Pedro:Damon is putting on a aerial display tongiht.

Brendon:He may regret it if his misses one.

Damon pulls Cyandie up and turns him around before hitting a russain leg sweep. Damon quickly gets Cyanide to his feet and hits a brainbuster. Damon backs off Cyanide and waits for him to get up and goes for the Flip off but Cyanide back drops him. Damon gets up and goes at Cyanide who his a back spinning kick to Damon gut and throws him to hte outside. Damon quickly gets back in the ring but Cyanide catches him with a kick to the head as he slides under the bottom rope. Cyanide pulls Damon up and hits a quick ddt before going for the cover.

1..2..Damon gets his foot on the rope.

Pedro:Damon did the right thing by putting his foot on the rope.

Brendon:That was the easy way out.

Cyanide argues with the ref bout the count. Damon gets to his feet and charges Cyanide but Cyanide steps aside and hits a dragon suplex on Damon. Cyanide pulls Damon up and Release Norther Lights Suplex. Cyanide climbs to the top rope and hits a moonsault on Damon. Cyanide covers.

1..2..Damon kicks out.

Cyanide again gives the ref a dirty look but kicks DDamon in the head again. Cyanide pulls Damon up and whips him into the ropes. Damon holds on and when Cyanide charges in Damon back drops him over the top rope. Damon waits for Cyanide to get up before launching himself over the top rope with a cross body block. Damon rolls Cyanide into the ring and climbs to the top rope. Damon goes for a elbow from the top but Cyanide rolls out the way. Cyanide quickly gets to his feet and kicks Damon as he gets to his feet and hits Pure Poision. Cyanide quickly covers.


Pedro:What a mtch this was Cyanide earned that one.

Brendon:I told you earlier he would win.

Cyanide rolls out the ring and walks up the ramp and the ref checks on Damon.

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