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Title: Rules, Read Please
Description: Read First

TH Admin - April 1, 2008 05:29 PM (GMT)
The Admin:
I have created an account called TH Admin, that I will be using to update any site information and to validate//accept accounts.

*we are here to help with any concerns or suggestions you may have but unless you say something we won't know how you feel but please do not PM us for every little issue, There is a spot in the general Board for suggestions or concerns, please use that for general stuff, only PM if you want to stay private from everyone else.

* Apply BEFORE registering!!!
* Before you are allowed to post, you must be validated by the admin but you can apply for your wish of character in the Character and Bios Thread, the admin will let you know if you have been accepted under your post so look for it. They will also send you a PM Welcome.

Applying for a character:
*Please fill out the application in full. For a Cannon Character, apply HERE If you want to be a brand new, original character, apply HERE
* Please make sure that you check to see who is available. The admins will ty and make sure that is always up to date.
* You may also make up a character of your choice

Threads & Posts:
* No changing of the main plot. Please stick to it. Plot ideas can be discussed in that section.
* Use the Open Topics Thread to let people know where they are needed
* No short posts. I understand some stuff doesn't require too much thought but please use as much detail as possible in your posts.
*Try not to Spam! This means double posting! Use the edit button.

* Be your character. Take him or her seriously! Don't let him or her talk randomly or do weird stuff out of character because it takes away from everything
* No power playing. You can move others briefly, like out of the door, or grabbing their arm, but don't control other characters.
* no killing of any character [that includes oneself] unless it is cleared with an Admin.
* We roleplay in third person, not first!
* Please be on regularly. Do not join if you're not going to be here often. Nobody wants to wait forever for threads.

General Site Rules:
* Have fun and be creative!
*Please show everyone respect. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. This includes Admins; they are not your verbal punching bags.
*The rating for this site is R. Swearing is allowed. [but lets not go overboard], do it as you think the character would
*** As for sexual advances, like we said keep to your characters, if you happen to discuss with a character about more than just kissing in a particular "scene" then just warn everyone first in your topic name
For example **Rated R** but still keep the descriptions creative but clean, this is not a porn site.

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