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Title: Going To Be Absent?

TH Admin - April 1, 2008 05:26 PM (GMT)
Post here letting us know if you're going to be away for any time at all. :)

Serena van der Woodsen - April 13, 2008 06:13 PM (GMT)
Okay, so I am getting my report card tomorrow I think. Maybe Tuesday. But if its really bad then I won't be allowed to use the comp. I'll try and get on to post at least once a day, though.

Also, on the 20th, I am going to New Orleans and won't be able to get online until I come home on the 27th, I believe.

Chuck Bass - April 16, 2008 03:22 AM (GMT)
I HATE TO SAY THIS BUTTTT I'm going out of town for April 22nd, till May 18th
i know that's a loonnng time, and i'm sooooo sorry, but i'm trying to get my friend to fill in for me, until i come back, and i'm going to try to get on as much as possible, PLEASE DON'T TAKE CHUCK A WAY FROM ME..i still really want to play as Him, and i know i do good on it, it's just this one time, and if you want to get serious, umm Chuck really isn't in every episode..sooo what should i do??

:( :(

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