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Title: New York's Queen B.
Description: Blair Waldorf

TH Admin - April 13, 2008 10:45 PM (GMT)
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Blair Waldorf - April 15, 2008 10:16 PM (GMT)
Blair Cornelia Waldorf

I don't want this moment
To ever end
Where everything's nothing, without you
I wait here forever just to,
To see you smile
'Cause it's true
I am nothing without you.

Queen B, Herself user posted image
Blair in a nutshell is an insecure girl with a lot of money and a lot of power.
She is a bitch to mostly everyone, even her best friend. But deep down she is very vulnerable and easily hurt.
She's strong and will not let people see her weaknesses.
Revenge is one of B's strong suits and if you get on her bad side you should watch your back.

Through it all
I've made my mistakes
I'll stumble and fall
But I mean these words

Best Frenemies user posted image
Serena is Blair's best friend.
Blair sometimes feels as though she is constantly being outshined by Serena because Serena is the tall, blonde, gorgeous one.
Their friendship is rocky and drama filled but it has only made it stronger and made them closer.

I want you to know
With everything, I won't let this go
These words are my heart and soul
I'll hold on to this moment, you know
As I bleed my heart out to show
And I won't let go.

Unlikely Butterflies user posted image
Blair's relationship with Chuck is a dangerous one.
She lost her virginity to him in one drunken night but denies that they have anything more than that.
She's afraid of her feelings for him, knowing he's a playboy and scared to have her heart broken yet again.
They are constantly hurting and insulting each other, fighting fire with fire.

Thoughts read unspoken
Forever and now
And pieces of memories
Fall to the ground
I know what I didn't have so
I won't let this go
'Cause it's true
I am nothing without you.

Every Queen Needs A King user posted image
Nate was everything Blair could've ever hoped for in a guy. He was charming, sweet, handsome and he was hers.
Unfortunately Nate had more feelings for Serena than he did for Blair.
Blair was quick to forgive Nate for his wrongdoings, she was convinced they were destined to be together and he was her Prince Charming and the key to her fairytale.
Nate ended things with Blair because she slept with Chuck and she has been trying to move on.

On the streets, where I walked alone
With nowhere to go
I've come to an end.

With Me - Sum 41

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