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 About the Site, By Sam Carter
Posted: Oct 24 2005, 12:44 AM

Daedalus Commander
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Group: Lieutenant Colonel
Posts: 31
Member No.: 23
Joined: 24-September 05

Welcome aboard. You have been chosen to represent humanity in our first true exploration of the cosmos. You will travel to alien planets, establish contact with local populations, and serve the best interests of humanity in general and the United States of America in particular.
"The Stargate program began, more or less, with the excavation of alien artifac, the Stargate from the sands of Giza, Egypt, in 1945. This peculiar circular artifact became the property of the United States government, but successful operation of the device was not officially achieved until 1994. At that time, it was ascertained that object was a transportation device, ennabling transport of sentient beings and necessary equipment from Stargate to Stargate. It works like an airline without an airplane: you set the gate to your desired designation, enter the Stargate, and emerge from the other end.
"The Stargate is set up rather like a complicated telephone. It contains an inner dial with thirty-nine different symbols, as well as an outer dial with seven different chevrons. To operate the Stargate, you spin the inner dial until the first desired symbol--like the first digit in a telephone number--aligns with the first chevron. With that selected, you spin the inner dial again until the second symbol aligns with the second chevron. This process continues until the seventh symbol aligns with the seventh chevron, at which point the Stargate opens a hyperspatial transit wormhole. This results in lots of different combinations--lots of different posssible destinations, in other words. Most of these destinations go nowhere and do not in any way activate the Stargate's transit powers. Only a relative handful of combinations lead to alien planets with Stargates of their own ready to receive travelers.
"We belive that a race known as the ancients first built the Stargates. On Earth, the only known Stargate was constructed at Giza, Egypt. Sometime after the construction of the Stargates, however, a different alien race began to exploit their potential. This race, known as the Go'ald, is a parasitic race of worms who use other races as host bodies, rather like sentient tapeworms. According to our intelligence, the Go'ald kidnapped elements of pre-industrial human cultures and colonized them on a wide variety of alien planets, so that the Go'ald would always have a source of host bodies close at hand. It appears that the Go'ald pretended to be a variety of pre-industrial human gods, in order to subjugate and rule the various transplanted human populations they incubated across the galaxy. The Go'ald placed their Earth Stargate amongst the Egyptians and posed as their gods--Ra, Apothis, Hathor, etc.--in order to dominate the culture. At some point, the Egyptians wisely caught on and buried the Stargate so that the self-proclaimed gods could no longer prey on the peoples of Earth.
Despite the denial of Earth access, the Go'ald survived. They already had transplanted and subjugated minor Earth populations across dozens of planets. Our intelligence suggests that no more than a few hundred members of the Go'ald exist altogether, but that they are extraordinarily long-lived (owing to a succession of host bodies) and that they desire conquest and servitude above all. Some reports suggest that members of the Go'ald can be hostile to each other (c.f. Ra versus Hathor, REF 1000-291-5529), opening an as-yet unrealized route of manipulation for SGC.
Members of SGC are charged by the President with the exploration of alien planets accessible by the Stargates. Many of these planets contain vestigal remnants of ancient Earth cultures, transplanted there by the Go'ald (posing as "gods") thousands of years ago and kept in a state of cultural paralysis and population control ever since. We have perhaps the most exciting and unusual duty ever charged a federal unit: to explore alien worlds, to reestablish contact with transplanted human populations, to oppose the Go'ald threat wherever it appears, and to seek out evidence of alien races besides the Go'ald. Our primary security goal is to oppose the Go'ald and prevent them from re-establishing a foothold on Earth.
Our primary non-security goal, for the time being, is gathering evidence of the alien race responsible for creating the Stargates and preparing to contact that race when a means of contact becomes available. It has become clear that the Go'ald did not create the Stargates, but instead merely used an already existing form of transit. While we have to ensure that the Go'ald do not threaten humanity, we also seek to establish communication with whatever alien race did create the Stargates. They're out there somewhere, and we owe it to them to say hello.
The simulation program contained in this document is analogous to the strategic war games used by the miltary for many years. Owing to the nature of our mission, this simulation goes beyond the testing of strategic procedures. Although it does indeed incorporate strategic elements--since the program to date has had to deal with numerous tactical combat situations--it also encompasses the sphere of interpersonal relations and non-combat skills. The simulation is designed to prepare you for the wide variety of situations you may encounter as operatives in the Stargate program, and also to hypothesize and examine the many possibilities yet to be encountered.
"You will create a fictional character, a member of SGC, with the wide variety of quality attributes the federal government seeks in its top personnel. You and your training group will perform numerous simulated exercises using the best tool known to humanity: the human mind.
Work hard, think hard, and be creative. We're counting on you.

Colonel Reeve
Commander of the Daedalus

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