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The Old Republic
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 First Impressions
Lucius Krow
Posted: Nov 14 2009, 09:19 AM

Rise of the Empire
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Group: Gray Jedi
Posts: 77
Member No.: 3,274
Joined: 2-September 09

Krow and Aaray had left for Tatooine. Aaray had left before him to surprise her parents. Krow had to make a stop in the inner rim planets, and gather some stuff. He had already gathered the Naboo Juice so he was ready. As the flight to the Tatooine takes plave. Lucius Krow meditated. Training himself to become more in tune with the force. Computer Terminal: "Arrivang at Tatooine." It said,.

Krow opened his eyes, and then gathered all the stuff for him to meet Aaray's parents. He didn't know exactly what to expect, but he had an slight idea. The ship landed on in Anchorhead, and he had expected Aaray to be waiting for him when he got there.

He didn't know where they lived, and so he would need a guide. Krow had also never been on Tatooine so this would be an experience for him. He saw the beauty of the planet from the outside of it, and now he would see the beauty on the inside. Krow exited the ship with a big box of four jars of Naboo juice in it. He used the force to make the box float, and he then began to look around for Aaray.
Posted: Nov 14 2009, 08:04 PM

Smooth Criminal
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Group: Criminal
Posts: 82
Member No.: 3,273
Joined: 1-September 09

Aaray had been waiting for Krow for about 2 hours. She knew the area around the landing pads and terminals would get crowded quickly. She wasn't dressed in her armor at all, considering that would draw too much attention if an armored Mandalorian picked up a force user.

Instead, she was dressed in tight black pants and a loose fitting long sleeved tunic. Her brown boots buckled up over her pants, reaching to her knee. A thick dark brown leather belt, covering her torso, kept the bottom part of the tunic from blowing all around. As usual, her blaster was strapped to her thigh. Aaray kept her hair tied back in a pony tail to keep it from getting in her face.

Finally she spotted Krow, who was brining a large crate with him. Aaray wasn't too sure what was in the crate, but she figured it was something to greet her parents with.

She had told her mother Krow was coming, however decided to wait to introduce him to her father until it was actually time to meet him. She met Krow and quickly hugged him, then she jumped right into some ground rules. "Ok, so heres the mother knows you are coming, and she is really excited. However, my father doesn't know, because if i had told him you were coming, he would've wanted to come with me to meet you. And since he isn't too fond of force users, we, my mother and i, figured it would be best to introduce you to him at home. My mother is better at reading him than i am at times." She paused a bit, then continued, "Oh, and before you go into the house, you cannot have anything covering your face, such as your mask. Its considered rude to not show your full face when visiting a Mandalorian home. Its a tradition thing. Also, when you meet my father, give him eye contact. Alot of people will say thats the most dumbest thing you can do, give Adenn Naast eye contact, but its considered dishonorable if you don't." She spoke all this as she led him to her speeder, which was parked not too far away. "Also, when meeting my mother, give her eye contact, since she is also Mandalorian, even though her family isn't, long story will explain later. However, don't stare at her, my father is a very jealous man when it comes to his wife."

Her speeder had four seats, two in the front and two in the back, Aaray figured they can put the crate in the back. Upon reaching the speeder, she realized she had been talking quite fast. She was quite nervous about this whole meeting, wondering how it will all turn out. She gave Krow a quick smile, then indicated their surroundings. "So, this is Tatooine...if you haven't been here before. Well, actually we're in Anchorhead right now, but its all the same colour on this planet anyways. Though we have two suns, don't know why." Aaray sighed, "Sorry, i am just quite nervous about this. I think it will all go fine though. Our destination is about a 15 to 20 minute ride, so it's not too bad. And i don't really drive the speed limit around here, but no one does, so i apologize for my driving a head of time." She said, laughing slightly.

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