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 Malakai Eanase, Name Change
Darth Malakai
Posted: Sep 16 2009, 09:50 AM

Gray Jedi
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Group: Gray Jedi
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Joined: 27-April 05

Birth Name:malakai Eanse

Name(s) of Preference:Kai


Species:Hybrid Zabrak mixed with Human



Faction:Arna/Gray Jefi

Requested Rank:Arna King/Gray Jedi Master


Current Homeplanet: Hoth



Personality:Calm and quite mad easily and cooperates with everyone makes friend beyond your belief he is kind and very romantic when it comes to girls very serious about fighting or when it comes to battle. Malakai has a very persuasive voice and he likes to solve things before going into confrontation. Malakai is a very peaceful person when he can be and a insane person when he is mad. The thing that drove him though was his heart for woman. Malakai is a honest person, and doesn't feel he needs to lie to anyone.

Detailed History:A Zabrak warrior had been on the planet Korriban for a while hiding out. He was an elite for the Zabrakian army but was wanted for treason. He was taken in by human name Natalie. He had been there for years and they had fallen in love and a baby was born. A half human half Zabrak baby was born that baby was Malakai. He was born a force user as a baby he would have accidents using the force on accident. He was first noticed by the sith, they took him after killing his parents. Not knowing who killed his parents Malakai was part of the sith. At the age of seven he was being trained especially by the sith lord himself. He was trained hard as a sith. He was exiled for killing other Sith and he was turned on by his men. The age of eight is when and Dantooine being the place he found the Jedi. Being trained again by another master. He quickly left them for he didn't fit in as a Jedi.

He found the Arna on his travels by accident he was traveling in space when a X-wing began to fire at him and shot at him destroying one of his engines so he settled for a uncharted planet on his map crashed there he broke his arm a passed during the impact on the planet he regained conscience and noticed he was being carried somewhere but was to weak to fight back so he let it happened he was in a coma for two weeks after he came out of his coma he was already a padawan of the arna his master Jerock dawn trained him well and know his a arna stealthman.

As of today he has became an Arna Slayer and he is doing much for the arna like going to war. He has been training very well and he has been in many wars. He helps defend the arna once when the antagonist attacked. Malakai has gained many friends but no such enemy. He has allied with the sith lord. Sepertine Sadow. Malakai is now back on his home planet and looking for information on a crystal. He has maid much impotents and has affected some. Alonia has joined him in the tomb of Vynn Raith.

Malakai had lost his fight against Sadow on Mos easily but gained the acceptation of Feerse and he has lost some worries of the arna for now they are the dominion along with the divide joining with the arna. During his encounter with Sayle he realized what Sayle was saying and Malakai did realize he was right. After he left the Dominion to become a sith once again. But this time he didn't have the key to his life Sadow did. The nexus that was inside him kept him alive. The nexus had left his body over the years and Malakai returned to the Dominion not at his original rank but a lower one. Now he sets out to gain it back.

Malakai had waited for this day to come he was finally back with the arna where he belonged Malakai had knew the dominion wasn't going to last that long before it fell. Malakai was back with his old leader and some new allies. He had aged over the years and now he is 23. He is alot stronger in the force and has gained much knowledge through his experiences. Malakai continues to train and gain recruits for the arna so that one day he will lead them into battle. Meeting Luminadra and fighting off Rancor’s are his recent events. Malakai joined the Helius Dojo and he was just being trained by Hettyc Abesh. Malakai ad been in a wandering around the forest of Naboo drunk from the juice and He had no time for reaction for anything and in an instance Malakai was attack by something unkwown to him. had bit him on the arm and then just left him. Malakai passed out and woke up the next morning with a headache. He didn't have the slightest clue on what it was or what it wasn't. A matter of fact he didn't remeber anything that happend last night. The arna have been disbaanded, and Malakai is set out to roam alone. He is twent-four now, and lives on Hoth where the Arna used to roam.

Fears (3):Becoming the Sith he once was, Finding out who he was, Not being able to help

Strengths (3):His intellegence, His big heart and the mercy he shows.

Weaknesses (3):Woman, Thoughs who beg, Someone who can reach him.

Likes:A challenge, The truth, A fair fight

Dislikes:Liers, a broken heart, being mad


Facial Appearance:His eys are the darkest of brown that they look black. He has no hair for his Zabrakian horns on his head which are blunt and shiny,

Upper Clothing:no robes his Zabrakian markings that are black and tan

Upper Build:He has a six-pac and it is tight well shaped. He has a thin muscular build.

Lower Clothing:Black arna clothes leggings and boots. robes

Lower Build:A pair of strong legs

Marks/Scars:His marks of the Zabrakian race.


Weapons (2):Double Bladed Lightscmitar(Gray) Lightsaber (Blue)

Starship:Predator-class fight (The Suns Shadow)

Body Accessories Com-link implant

Malakai had intentions to leave but the fact that Luminadra was following him made him walk a bit longer. The strrets were empty and arid. Malakai found it nice out side but to most it was cold. There wasn't to many beings awake at this time surprisingly Malakai was awake. The wind blew his robes against him walking against the wind slowed him to Luminadra's speed.

He wasn't exactly in her head if thats what she thought, Malakai could read peoples history with there expressions. A bit of information had came from her head but the least of it was. Malakai killed the Nabooan for one reason and one reason only he would return to the cantina for the same drink. She wasn't exactly a mean person Malakai thought she had a soft spot for something but what was it.

After moments of silence she spoke saying "Look in my head all you want, arna. You won't find anything that is useful to you simply because I won't let you have it. Now be a dear and stop trying before I get angry" Malakai had listened intentively and waited for his chance to respond but before he could she spoke again saying "Listen, I just came back to Nar Shadda after a long trip offplanet. I'm really tired and if you have nothing pressing to say then i think I'll take my leave." Malakai smiled.

He finally had a chance to respond. "You getting mad at me was the last thing that was gonna happen." Said Malakai with a smile. "You are curious and I do believe we have met just didn't have the chance to introduce ourselves. Malakai Eanase." he said at the height to only where she could hear him. She wanted to leave and he did to. "Perhaps you would leave with me, I have spare rooms in my ship and I am alone up there." He pointed to the Final Horizon which had a docking bay for the Manage and Luminadra's ship. it was visible but way up in space.--

Posted: Sep 19 2009, 12:50 PM

Galactic Mentor
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Group: Gray Jedi Admin
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Joined: 14-February 05


Your character has been created! You are now ready to take them out into the galaxy, to roleplay with your fellow members and gain a name for yourself on The Old Republic. Before you do that, however, we ask that you do a few things.

1. Read the Rules, if you already haven't. Make sure you know what you can and cannot do.

2. Look at the FAQ and Newbie Guide. They will definately help you get a grip on the roleplaying and other items.

3. View the Character Inventory and add the code into your signature. You need it to make transactions.

Once you're finished doing those, you can go ahead and roleplay. Have fun on Star Wars: The Old Republic!

~The Old Republic Staff
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