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 Cryptfiend, Invite Only - PM for invite
Posted: Aug 30 2009, 04:39 PM

Darth Crucis
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Group: Sith
Posts: 5
Member No.: 3,270
Joined: 29-August 09

    Arka strode across the bleak barren that was the landscape of Korriban. He had been searching for years, following the cryptic clues of the specter known as Darth Zannah. Already, he had learned much from the ghost, but there was so much she wouldn't teach him. Couldn't teach him. She had taught him enough, though. The years of dealing with the spirit would culminate soon, though. Lifting his hand horizontally in front of him, and closing his eyes, he would exhale, reaching out with his consciousness. A mixture of meditation techniques, and a few sensing techniques that Zannah had instructed him in, he would take in the body of the planet. As his mind spread far and wide, he braced himself for the coming event. It struck suddenly, and despite being braced, brought Arka to his knees. The nausea washed over him, dancing in his stomach wildly. The taint of the planet grasped at him hungrily, as if it meant to crush his body. Steam seemed to rise from his outstretched arm, shadows seeming to spring from the ground and fly around his body, his hair kicked up by an invisible wind.

    "Freedon Nadd, reveal yourself to me."

    A sinister whisper, wordless, seemed to speak in his ear, before he was suddenly lifted off the ground, and tossed backwards several yards. Hitting the ground hard, he would roll for several more yards, before stopping, face down, smoke rising from his body. He would remain still for a few moments, recollecting his conscioussness, before stirring, pushing himself up slowly. Reaching to be on hands and knees, he would wretch dryly for a moment, before vomiting bile mixed with blood.

    "Damnable specter. She should have warned me."

    Pushing himself up the rest of the way, shaking slightly, he looked down to his right arm. In an archaic pattern, burns seemed to line his arm, still smoking. He would close his eyes once more, his skin seeming to bubble slightly, and then slide around his arm. Within seconds, the burn marks were gone, his arm appearing unharmed. Clenching his fist a few times, tensing his muscles, he would look to the east. He was only a few clicks away from the Valley. Usually dormant, he knew he would face the greatest protections of the valley, now that he had awoken the slumbering grounds. Popping his neck, he would start walking towards the valley, where a sinister presence called out to him now, challenging him.

    "Your teachings will be mine, spirit. I am Arka Myyth, Sith Lord."

    He spoke under his breath, knowing the words would be unheard, but the sentiment would be felt by the spirit he had called forth.

This post has been edited by Arka on Aug 30 2009, 04:40 PM
Posted: Sep 2 2009, 10:15 AM

Darth Crucis
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Group: Sith
Posts: 5
Member No.: 3,270
Joined: 29-August 09

    The journey was a short one.

    Arka stood at the entrance to the place known as the Valley of the Sith Lords. A place full of what used to be. Pathetic beings, and lacking Sith alike called the place their sanctuary. The case would not be such anymore. He would prove himself one day, by entirely destroying the forest, and all those who called it home. One day. For now, it would serve as a proving grounds for him. He would find the spirit he had called forth, in the very place he would one day destroy, in order to get stronger. His mind would seem to go fuzzy for a moment with the thought, and then his body would quiver slightly in anticipation of the bloodshed. Closing his eyes, he stepped forward, placing a foot on the soil just inside the shadowy lines left by the sun being distorted from the monolithic statues. A pair of gleaming eyes would meet his foot step, followed by a sudden spike within Arka's awareness. Before the beast could crouch down in an attempt to leap at him, Arka would be gone from the place, to be spinning through the air, landing with a soft patter behind the beast. A squelching noise could be heard, as head, and thick neck were separated from body. Various other cuts would appear, before the beast would split into a hundred different pieces, blood splattering the area around where it had once stood. A flick of his wrist, and the blood on his hand, which had skin shifted into a claw that appeared much the same as the beast he had just killed, would fall to the ground.

    Three more sets of red eyes would appear in the distance, staring at him. They would meet the same fate as their cohort, and soon. Again, his mind would seem to go fuzzy for a moment, as his body vanished, propelled greatly by the Force, the static sound of lightning puncturing the air. When he would be seen next, it would be directly in front of the three sets of eyes. The glow that had been in their red eyes would slowly fade, as they fell. There was no blood from their bodies, though. No, the heat from the three blasts of lightning that had torn through their chests was enough cauterize the wounds. As they struck the ground, Arka would raise his hand, reaching out with the Force to grasp one of the bodies, lifting it so that he could inspect it.


    He would turn his head to look at the Valley, letting his mind be guided through the Force, to look at a large door. Dropping the body of the Terentatek, he would turn, and take a step towards it, to be met by the sudden appearance of what seemed to be hundreds of Desert Hulak Wraids. Holding his hand out, Arka would call his lightsaber into his grasp, igniting the lightweapon with a snap-hiss. The blade gave off a blood red glow, as Arka's eyes became slits in the glare he gave the valley. Letting out a shout through the force, the valley walls would tremble, rocks and debris shaking loose, the Wraids shifting nervously as they regains their footing.

    Arka stood, his challenge issued.

    A Wraid leapt at him wildly.

Posted: Sep 2 2009, 01:23 PM

Darth Crucis
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Group: Sith
Posts: 5
Member No.: 3,270
Joined: 29-August 09

    Sand and debris exploded around the building, as it fell apart from the force of the leaping Wraid that had just been thrown into it. Fifty yards away, Arka stood, his left hand away from his body point at the wall, the Force still grasped, crushing the Wraid entirely before he let it go. He was crouched slightly, his long hair swaying slightly from the motion. Several Wraids let out a roar, and propelled themselves forward through the air. Standing his ground, Arka would raise his left hand to be in front of him, lowering his right hand so that he could easily utilize the saber it grasped, he met the flying Wraids with a flick of his wrist. They were crushed, the sickening sound of shattering bones fillings the air.

    He would stand his ground still, as another Wraid used it's leg strength to run with great speed towards him. Mere feet away, the Wraid would jump. Yet ever still was Arka, his eyes closing now. Any other would have been struck and mauled. Arka, though, was not. Before the Wraid could connect, he would duck his head, and jab his blad forward, meeting the beast square in the chest. Lifting his hand, and pushing the body away with the Force, he would fling it into the body of another soaring Wraid. Throwing his lightsaber, and grasping it with the Force, he would send it into a spinning arc, guiding it to make contact with eight wraids, before it would begin arcing back to him. Tensing his muscles as he took a deep breath, he would direct the saber to change course, flying high into the air.

    Arka himself began running along the shadow cast by the bladed weapon, drawing the Force into his control. Leaping onto the wall of the Valley, running up several steps, and then kicking off, he would pull his body in closely to himself. The air in the valley began thickening as the Force flooded into the valley. Arka's body began shaking, as he let his rage fill him. Small bolts of static discharge seemed to dance along his body, as the air around him began to shimmer. While his body should have fallen after the hang time he experienced, it defied all logic. Through the Force, he lifted his body high into the air, far above the lip of the valley. His lightsaber stopped it's arcing spin, the energy blade pointed down at the ground. His body would rise above the weapon, and spin so that his head was pointed at the valley floor. The remaining Wraids began circling the ground beneath him, uttering guttural noises waiting for him to fall.

    His shadow was cast, tiny, hundreds of meters below him on the ground. He hung in the sky, suspended in air for what seemed an eternity, though in actuality it was only a few moments. He shifted, and suddenly began moving down. Slow at first. He fell down, through the air, as if gravity had been ignoring him until that very moment. The shadow began growing as he came closer and closer to earth, falling faster and faster. The shadow was soon large enough to show where he was going to fall. A slight whine could be heard through the air now as he began falling even faster. A few of the Wraids would leap up at him, attempting to get to him after trying to climb the walls of the valley. They would be struck by the lightsaber that was now flying down beside him, striking out at each one as it was held by the Force, and wielded as a deadly weapon.

    Then, all was silent. He reached the ground, and seemed suspended in mid air for only a moment. As his finger touched the ground, streaks of red and yellow mixed with white and blue could be seen. Then noise returned to the world. Almost a sonic boom in force. Earth shattered, chunks of rock exploded up and away from where it originated. The Wraids were launched into the air, crushed by the telekinetic waves of Force, electrocuted by the bolts of Force Lightning that had been expelled from Arka's body. Dust rose, creating clouds on earth, brown masses that prevented sight. Soon though, the dust began to settle once more. Chunks of rock plummeted back to the ground, making craters around the giant one that now adorned the stretch of land. The spot of contact seemed to bend down slightly, then push up off the ground. He floated, as if he hardly weighed anything. He floated through the air, and landed with a soft patter on the ground. The blue and yellow, red and white remained for a moment. His hair stood on end, as if it was standing upright. A field of energy could almost be seen around the body. Then, it was gone. His hair flowed down, returning to its lengthy straight form.

    The valley was devoid of life, save for his. His muscles convulsed, and contracted, his left arm hanging for the moment limp at his side from the exertion. Lifting his right hand towards the large stone door to one of the tombs, his lightsaber would deactivate, and attach itself to his belt. He would close his hand, and the door to the tomb would begin to crack. Red sparks danced off of it in defiance, the remnants of a strange Force power meant to prevent the door from being opened. Closing his eyes, and clinching his fist harder, he would begin pulling his arm back. The sparks would begin dancing off of the door wildly, as the cracks began spreading slowly. Seconds passed, then minutes. Each moment passing would see to his arm drawn back further, the cracks spread wider, and the sparks more defiant than the moment before. His rage would begin to rise, as he forced his left arm to lift, and emulate the right one. The cracks began spreading faster, bolts of red lightning dancing off of the door unto the sky, and burning scorch marks into the ground.


    His roar of anger would be accompanied by the thrusting of his hands towards the monolithic door. The cracks would jump to the walls, and the lightning would flare into a tempest of a storm, as the stone shattered inwards. Shaking, Arka would walk forward, setting foot inside the ancient tomb, greeted by a whisper in the back of his mind.

    Welcome... to my final resting place.

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