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 The Current Storyline, Will Update As New Storylines Occur
Posted: Aug 5 2009, 11:29 PM

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The journey of this point in the timeline takes place over 2300 years before the Battle of Yavin, when Luke Skywalker destroyed the first Death Star. This is 2315 BBY, a time where both secrecy and blantancy were fighting for control. War ravaged the galaxy, and leaders rose and fell.

It's been 45 years since the unbelievable Battle of Korriban. With the formation of the Dominion - coupling the powers of the Divide, the Arna, some Jedi, and many Criminals - the Sith Academy and the Valley of the Dark Lords were reduced to rubble...or so the Dominion thought.

Secretly, after the Battle of Korriban, the Sith convened down on the planet, using their dark powers to unearth the "true" Academy and Valley. Dark sorcerers fortold of a catastrophic event demolishing the face of their beloved Sith grounds. Using Sith magic they created Force images of these structures, and it was only these images that were destroyed at the battle.

Many years passed, and many back-and-forth battles occurred between the Dominion and the Sith. It wasn't until the end of the reformation era in 35 ABK that the Dominion was disbanded. The Arna seemed to disappear from the galaxy, and the Divide was not rebuilt. The men and women in the Dominion's employ created new homes in the Jedi, Republic, and Sith alike. All three of these superpowers were suddenly booming with infantry.

And lucky enough, as the hidden Mandalorian threat broke out in 38 ABK. The Mandalorians, rebuilt from many Dominion castaways that secretly joined the faction, swept through the Outer Rim, taking any planet they wished. This was not just a rerun of the Mandalorian Wars. These were a new brand of Mandalorians. Colder, less honorable, more vicious.

The galaxy, however, had learned from the past. Rather than waiting, the Jedi sprung into action alongside the Republic. The war was on. The War of Shadows, as it was called, took the lives of many soldiers, and ever more innocents. As the Mandalorians attempted to breach the Outer Rim to make their way to Coruscant, the Jedi and Republic followed their every move, ending up on Korriban.

Although they were shocked to see the Academy and the Temples completely intact, they did not hesitate at the Mandalorians fired unwarned missiles into the city of Dreshdae II. The Republic and the Jedi jumped in to save the city. The Sith, in defense of their homeworld, also joined the fray. It became a three-pronged attack. Jedi from the left, Republic from the right, and Sith from below.

Once Korriban was successfully defended, the galaxy knew what a horrible threat the new Mandalorians were, and so the Republic, Jedi, and Sith signed a Temporary Mutual Peace Treaty. All three of these factions drove their weight against the Mandalorians, and with the influx of new recruits, it was too much for the Mandos.

The Mandalorians, knowing of their imminent demise, broke through the Outer Rim blockade, blasting with everything they had at the peaceful planet of Onderon. But it was to no avail. The triple threat soon arrived and vanquished the Mandalorian threat. The Mandos could take no more. After seven years of The War of Shadows, in 45 ABK, the Mandalorians signed the Treaty of Galactic Peace at Onderon. The treaty demolished the group along with all of their bases.

It has been six days after the peace treaty was signed. Temporary alliances between the Jedi, Republic, and Sith are slowly breaking apart. There are some that wish the alliance to remain, hoping it will bring dominant peace to the galaxy, while other believe the continued alliance of the three groups will only lead to a power struggle and more war.

Despite the fact, with the incredible defense of the Republic and the massive intake of monetary support, the galaxy has entered a Golden Age. Nearly all the factions are very affluent, even the Criminals. But as the fleets expand and the money increases, it is only a matter of time before someone makes the wrong decisions...

Welcome to Star Wars: The Old Republic - "The Golden Era"!
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