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 Vershyi Arden
Posted: Jan 17 2007, 11:38 PM

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Group: Not Yet Chosen
Posts: 1
Member No.: 1,046
Joined: 12-January 07


Birth Name: Streep Malroy

Name(s) of Preference:

Alias(es): Vershyi Arden

Species: Human

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Faction: Other

Requested Rank: None

Birthplanet: N/A

Current Homeplanet: N/A

Force-Sensitive?: No


Personality: A Mandalorian warrior, Vershyi is the very essence of an honorable man. He looks out for orphans, widows, and reveres the parents in families. He looks up to grandparents, and he gives a great deal of respect to those who stand up for their beliefs in life. He is a reader. Vershyi strives ever to improve his mind through study, and takes great interest in art especially. He is a warrior, a battle-lord, and fights with bravura and poise, honor. Vershyi does not squirm under the attention of superiors, and does not quibble with those of equal or lesser rank than himself. He does not back down from his moral code, and will not see his code tarnished by those who think themselves in a position to tell him his status in life. Vershyi adores women of any age, appearance, or personality. He sees women as the most extraordinary thing placed within the galaxy, and treats any female he comes into contact with as a prized jewel, whether they are ten or thirty or ninety years old. Vershyi enjoys fighting, and he seeks the glory of fighting well as his great prize.

Detailed History: A very great deal of people will say, in regards to very violent and powerful people, that these people have no history, or that they purposefully eradicated all records of themselves and their actions in the past. These people are very stupid people. Everyone has a past, whether it is full of less-than-average test scores on an examination for the Republic military or battles full of bravado and courage, fighting alongside the Divide in their campaigns against the Sith. However, not all pasts are full to brimming of failure and success, broken hearts, and such like. Some people simply wish to live, and are instead forced to fight; the two may not be mutually exclusive, but the simple fact is this: it is easier to simply live, whereas fighting is difficult, because not all people are made to be fighters.

For instance, Streep Malroy was not born to be a fighter. It is true that Streep was, from an early age, known to be stronger and faster than the other children, smarter by a tad as well, and analytical in his frame of mind. However, this is where the close resemblance that he shares with fighters ends, for he had no instinct for violence, whether it be in play or in reality. For all his attributes, Streep tried his very hardest to avoid a fight, run from a fight, and when these options had been exhausted, he was known very well for his ability to lose a fight.

Family can make all the difference to some people, and Streep was one of these people in a very exemplary way. His father, a weaponsmith by the name of Plitu, was a very influential man in their small hometown on Corellia. The weapons produced in his shop were clean, efficient, and not overpriced in the slightest; hunters were eager to snatch up his product, and self-defense was key to those who lived outside CorSec's protection, so it was a popular shop for anyone with a family or home that they were in a mind to keep. Streep's mother was a doctor in the local clinic, the head doctor to be precise, and treated the kinds of wounds caused by the weapons that his father created for a living. The fights that ensued between these two spirited figures of authority in the town were what shaped Streep the most, as he learned that verbal battles were important, and that physical violence was something to be set aside unless absolutely necessary.

When Streep left home at the ordinary age of eighteen, he reached for stars that were too hot for him to grasp, and fell to earth much sooner than a youngster should. The harsh, demanding life of a bounty hunter was something that he, being a non-combatant sort, was not attuned to in the way that would make him great, for though he was a good business man in the long run, he was still not a fighter. As a rule, bounty hunters must be fighters. So, when Streep enlisted with the Republic army stationed on Corellia, it was with a heavy heart and the knowledge that he would most likely never pass beyond an average rank in the armed forces of that large, factional armada that was so revered in the galaxy.

In this he was right, for when war sprung up with the Sith he was at the forefront for a grand total of seven days, three hours, and two minutes, and fifty-two seconds before he was captured by an officer on the opposing side. This was, as the word "captured" implies, no ordinary Sith officer, but a Mandalorian indebted to the service of his dark master. The man took it upon himself to teach Streep a solemn truth: there were three kinds of beings that took a part in combat. Fighters, who comprised mercenary elements, soldiers, who comprised factional armies, and warriors, who were honor-bound and combat-efficient to a fault.

Streep became a Mandalorian warrior.

Fears (3): Nothing of note.

Strengths (3):
-Knowledge of ships and weapons
-Ability to repair ships and weapons

Weaknesses (3):
-The Force
-Strict moral code
-Not to be dominated

Likes: Fighting, women especially, honorable men and women, honorable faction leaders, faction leaders who do not ask more of their men than they do of themselves.

Dislikes: Dishonorable man, women, and faction leaders. Those who are in a position of power and choose to abuse it.


Facial Appearance: Little enough is known about his facial appearance, because he has not chosen to reveal it for nearly four years.

Upper Clothing: Specialized Mandalorian armor and a durable Krayt-scale bandoleer. The bandoleer has three places on the left side, down by the waist, where grenades can be attached, four places for extra energy cells, two pouches for things such as darts or datapads, and a small clip for where Vershyi's DP-23 rifle can be attached. He also wears a Merr-Sonn JT-12 Jetpack.

Upper Build: Strong, athletic, and conditioned for strength and speed, as well as nearly superhuman agility. He's trained himself to be a fast combatant, and therefore the strength of his limbs nearly matches that of a droid's, since it takes horrible amounts of strength to achieve the speed he does.

Lower Clothing: Specialized Mandalorian armor and a durable Krayt-scale belt. The belt has two pouches, one for vitamins tablets and the other for a small comm device, and slants down on the right side where a holster is attacked for Vershyi's sidearm blaster.

Lower Build: Strong, athletic, and conditioned for endurance running and combat. He's trained himself for both sprinting and long distance running, capable of amazing speeds if he puts his mind to it.

Marks/Scars: None.


Weapons(2): DP-23 Rifle, and a vibro knuckler.

Starship:+ Public Transport

Body Accessories: *Vershyi began his personal suit of armor, which started off as a basic suit of Mandalorian battle armor, by building up a healthy knowledge of how armor systems worked, then adding in pieces bits at a time until he was satisfied with its performance as a whole. It became a significant weapon in its own right as the warrior began its retrofitting and began a lengthy string up upgrades to both the armor, the systems, and the gadgets controlled by the devices inside his helmet.

Starting with, of course, the most important and tech-friendly element of the suit, Vershyi began modifying his Mandalorian helmet with various odds and ends he picked up around the galaxy. The first to be integrated was a suitable rebreather to ward of airborne toxins and poison gases. Afterwards, the device was modified itself to accommodate the air-tight ability of the suit and advance that with a breathing apparatus that could allow a full thirty minutes in the vacuum of space, while the rebreather remained operational to capture any shreds of oxygen available. Considerable advancements as these were, Vershyi also saw fit to add a motion sensor in the bottom left of his HUD, as well as three new visor settings: motion-sense and heat-sense.

The gauntlets were upgraded next. With a customized, smaller ZX miniature flamethrower that had somewhat smaller firing arc but a much-improved range, and a fibercord whip with a magnetic-hook grapple and tow line(fed from a custom pulley system capable of hauling up to five hundred pounds). Another layer of armor was added over both, to be sure that they weren't disabled by a stray blaster bolt, before Vershyi began upgrading the right gauntlet. Originally a plain gauntlet, with the base of a Mandalorian crushgaunt Vershyi began changing it into a more lethal attachment. Through this gauntlet, a stimulant system, plugged directly into the wearer's wrist veins and able to differentiate between a strength/speed enhancer or a bacta injection, instead of just being a crushgaunt.

After the gauntlets, Vershyi began making strange and different upgrades to his armor, some of which would never be expected and some of which would be elementary to anyone that has been in hard combat or involved in seedy elements of the galaxy. For one, Vershyi added a poison snooper to his left boot so that, even if he has his helmet on, he knows what could be a danger if he didn't. In addition to that, the same boot also has an equilateral-triangle bladed combat knife in his boot with each side of the knife one inch long(the "handle" is a half an inch long and four millimeters thick, shaped like a T). Vershyi knew also that, at some point, he'd be pinned down by suppressive fire or a greater amount of foes and decided that he should be prepared for that time, therefore he added an electro-magnetic pulse generator no larger than a human thumb and has it hidden under his right shoulder pad.

Besides these minute upgrades, Vershyi has upgraded the actual armor plating of his armor until it is nearly on level with certain suits of heavy exoskeleton armor, but not nearly as constricting. Along with the average upgrades, such a layer of armorply plating under each Mandalorian iron plate, Vershyi advanced it by more unknown methods. After removing the standard upper-leg protection plates, the owner of this unique suit replaced them instead with Mandalorian iron chain mail to allow for still greater movement and increasing the toughness of the armor in the process. In addition to all these, he also re-added the standard upper-leg plating over the chain.

His Merr-Sonn JT-12 Jetpack also has a rocket launching feature, as well as two added features that Vershyi himself added in for special use. One, he added two heavy blaster cannons on the back, coated over in an extra armor plating, activated via his helmet's HUD. Two, he added a clamp-on spot for one disc-shaped probe droid, also controlled via the Mandalorian armor's helmet HUD
NYC:Raoan Drawde
Posted: Jan 17 2007, 11:38 PM

The Blood Magician
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Group: Not Yet Chosen
Posts: 430
Member No.: 670
Joined: 11-August 06


Your character has been created! You are now ready to take them out into the galaxy, to roleplay with your fellow members and gain a name for yourself on The Old Republic. Before you do that, however, we ask that you do a few things.

1. Read the Rules, if you already haven't. Make sure you know what you can and cannot do.

2. Look at the FAQ and Newbie Guide. They will definately help you get a grip on the roleplaying and other items.

3. View the Member Inventory and add the code into your signature. You need it to make transactions.

Once you're finished doing those, you can go ahead and roleplay. Have fun on Star Wars: The Old Republic!

~The Old Republic Staff
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