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 Bambi Caraville, Jedi Knight
NYC:Bambi Caraville
Posted: Dec 23 2006, 06:41 PM

Jedi Master
Group Icon

Group: Not Yet Chosen
Posts: 77
Member No.: 515
Joined: 22-April 06

Name: Bambi Caraville

Nickname: Baby

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Group: Jedi

Rank: Knight

Homeplanet: Coruscant

Current Homeplanet.: Coruscant

Force sensitive? Yes

Personality: She is cunning, once having used her cunning to bypass security to help her get to the Sith who killed her parents. She is very loyal to the Jedi, her devotion shown when she withstood the fall to the Dark side and stayed with the Light. Has a good relationship with her master Anthony Nordan. She is the only one she really trusts due to his helping nature towards her.

Detailed History: Bambi was born to a family that was very strong with the force. Both her mother and father were well-acomplished Jedi Masters, both very intune with the Light side of the force. They used their knowledge of Jedi training to train their daughter until they decided she was old enough to go to the Temple, where she was trained in the ways of the Jedi and the Light Side.

Training at the temple was done by her future husband, his name was Anthony Nordan. After a few months of training she was promoted to knight. It was a quick promotion that had some masters wondering. They married a few months after the training was complete. Several weeks later she had the news that they would have a child.

The child's name was Katlyn. As she aged her abilites became better and better. Katlyn however slipped to the darkside of the force in this time. She had found out about it and her heart was broken. It took a little while to gather back together before she set out to find what happened. It would take some time but eventually she would get her daughter back.

Fears: Falling to the sith because of her anger, not keeping promises to friends, and being alone in the galaxy without a friend.

Strengths: The use of the force, her good looks, her ability to forgive anyone, and people underestimating her for her good looks.

Weakness: Her parents death being talked about, her lack of faith in the force, and trusting to many people.

Likes/Dislikes: She likes being around new people, helping out whoever she can, and not letting anyone down. She dislikes the sith, hurting when not necessary, and being alone.


Facial Appearance: Here face is like an angels. Her hair is blond and her eyes were blue.

Upper Clothing: It a white shirt. Over that is a jedi padawan robe.

Upper Build: Her breasts are medium, she is muscular to a point.

Lower Clothing: Modest clothing. It tries to attract someone that likes her for her personality.

Lower Build: She is muscular for a female

Marks/Scars: None yet.


Weapons (2): Two lightsaber (blue and silver.)

Starship: X-Wing

Body Accessories:***


Roleplay Sample (Minimum: 150 Word.)
Bambi walks out from her chambers to the Gardens that was outside the temple. She was wearing her masters outfit and brown cloak. Her long black hair with silver highlights was pulled back into a ponytail. She looks around with her baby blue eyes. Her had both of her lightsabers on her hips. She walks across the grass and looks over the city. She was here thinking and was meeting a young Knight that wanted to meet with her. She folds her arms across her chest and looks out watching speeder go by. It was a peaceful day out and there had not been hardly any word on the sith which made her a little edgey about it.
NYC:Raoan Drawde
Posted: Dec 23 2006, 06:48 PM

The Blood Magician
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Group: Not Yet Chosen
Posts: 430
Member No.: 670
Joined: 11-August 06


Your character has been created! You are now ready to take them out into the galaxy, to roleplay with your fellow members and gain a name for yourself on The Old Republic. Before you do that, however, we ask that you do a few things.

1. Read the Rules, if you already haven't. Make sure you know what you can and cannot do.

2. Look at the FAQ and Newbie Guide. They will definately help you get a grip on the roleplaying and other items.

3. View the Member Inventory and add the code into your signature. You need it to make transactions.

Once you're finished doing those, you can go ahead and roleplay. Have fun on Star Wars: The Old Republic!

~The Old Republic Staff
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