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 Alliana Crella
NYC:Alliana Crella
Posted: Sep 7 2006, 12:37 AM

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Group: Not Yet Chosen
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Joined: 7-September 06


Birth Name: Alliana Kate Crella

Name(s) of Preference: Allie

Alias(es): Kate Vilera

Species: Human

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Faction:* Jedi Order

Requested Rank:** Jedi Padawan

Birthplanet: Bespin

Current Homeplanet: - wherever the jedi temple is -

Force-Sensitive?: Yes


A playful and fun loving girl she is always eager to have fun, messing around with friends or even playing a few harmless pranks on people. Quite often seen as immature for her age, too childish and playful, simply because she enjoys life and makes the most of hers. However underneath the childish playfulness is a mature girl who calculates each situation she is put in to the last detail. She can be serious when needed but prefers to break the mood with a joke or something, to make others and herself feel better.

Detailed History:
Born in Cloud City, the little girl had an identical twin sister, Hannah. The early life of these two was much uneventful and they were greatly cared for and provided for. As they should seeing as their parents were well paid, in fact some of the wealthiest on Cloud City. At the age of 4 the girls would often escape to have their own adventures and cause mischief. When reaching the age of 6 they were extremely smart for their age but it didn't matter to them, only having fun did.

However an accident before their 7th birthday saw to the slow death of Hannah. Alliana's light and hope of the future dimmed and she sunk into depression. However being recognized as Force Sensative helped her get out of Cloud City, off Bespin altogether. She easily left it all behind to take on the training of the Jedi seriously. Due to her seeming out of sink with any emotions too much she was given tough tests of finding out who she really was deep down.

Finally at the age of 12 she broke through her barriers she had put up after Hannah's death and became the crazy girl so full of life that she is today. Eager to learn always and eager to have a good laugh. Wanting always to make people smile and to see to making sure the galaxy stays a somewhat peaceful place. Of course that is no easy task, but she tries whole heartedly to make it so.

Fears (3): Naturally she is always fearful of the possibility of those she knows dying, also fearful that she might not be able to stop the darkness from spreading, and has a deep fear of small creepy crawly animals.

Strengths (3): Good in the combat of hand to hand, also exceptionally skilled with vibroblades and duel lightsabers when she is practicing with training lightsabers, her sharp and keen wit is also a strength.

Weaknesses (3): Her inability to see anyone as dark until the last minute as she truely wants to believe they're not, lack of full training so far because she has never had a one true Master, also her inability to see any others suffer.

Likes: She loves to joke around and play pranks, enjoy life and make others smile and enjoy life too.

Dislikes: Anyone who is completely and totally depressing, who tries to practically drain away anyone's happiness with cruelty.


Facial Appearance: Gentle and kind expressions, practically always smiling or giggling. Her skin is almost perfectly smooth and fair skinned. Her eyes are a gentle brown and she has styled blonde hair that goes below her shoulders in most parts.

Upper Clothing:
Green and yellow firmly fitting body suit, going from her shoulders down. She wears light armor when expecting trouble, that armor on her shoulders, and some on her lower arms as well.

Upper Build:
Slender build with gentle looking features. She does not look completely built for combat but looks are deceiving, especially in her case. Her well toned body allows for quick movements and her body is quite flexible.

Lower Clothing:
Rest of the green and yellow firm fitting body suit, goes down halfway to her knees. For combat she wearing armored long boots that go up to her knees, having specially fitted armor to cover her knees as well. Still she is able to move quickly in it, as it is made of light material. When not wearing armor her boots are a soft material that go almost the whole way to her knees.

Lower Build:
Just as the upper build she continues to look not as strong as she is, still quick on her feet and flexible.



Weapons (2):
Two vibroblades, one for each hand. She has modified the blades so that one is better for defense, while one is better for attack. The handles have also been modified to be able to sit better in her hands and give her more freedom to move them as she pleases. The hilts also have an earring each molded onto them, earrings from her mother years ago.

Starship:+ X-wing class, painted on with blue and purple paint, but besides appearence not many modifications.

Body Accessories:**** Besides the already mentioned clothing and armor, Allie also tends to hide objects on herself, mostly small sharp objects, so anyone who is attacking her for some reason will get quite a surprise when she can pull out a sharp knife or something and fight back. Also she wears two wristbands, green and yellow when not in armor. One has a flash light on it, the other is simply there for show.


Roleplay Sample:

~ Dani walked down off the ramp of the ship she had arrived on and looked around her, a cold shiver went down her spine. It was typical, this uniform was meant to keep her warm from all the snow in the wastelands, but it wasn't working. She sighed and looked behind her as a few more military men and women walked down.
"There doesn't seem like any life." One of the male cadets murmured.
"Establish a perimeter." Dani told him with her strict military tone of voice.
~ Reluctantly all the cadets began to leave the ship in a fan movement, a few giving Dani a few unhappy looks. Bite me. She chided in her head before turning and walking to the other side of the ship. Right now she had better things to do then hang out with a bunch of cadets. So she walked away, opposite to where they were walking.
~ Her arms were folded across her chest to give her extra warmth as she walked. How these places were freezing. She was so sick of being sent here to lead cadets on a small training mission. They never found anyone, mostly because anyone who lived out here lived in those stupid tunnels. Suddenly her eyes caught sight of something standing out in the white. Immediately her hand fell to the hilt where her gun was but she reconsidered.
~ Instead she walked slowly closer, realizing soon that it was a person. When she was close enough she stopped and studied him from behind. By the build he looked like a male. Again she thought of getting out her weapon but right now there was no need, and she had ten cadets on radio contact.

"Hey! You, what's your business here in the wastelands?" Dani questioned with a firm military voice.

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Posted: Sep 8 2006, 10:53 PM

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Your character has been created! You are now ready to take them out into the galaxy, to roleplay with your fellow members and gain a name for yourself on The Old Republic. Before you do that, however, we ask that you do a few things.

1. Read the Rules, if you already haven't. Make sure you know what you can and cannot do.

2. Look at the FAQ and Newbie Guide. They will definately help you get a grip on the roleplaying and other items.

3. View the Member Inventory and add the code into your signature.

Once you're finished doing those, you can go ahead and roleplay. Have fun on Star Wars: The Old Republic!

~The Old Republic Staff
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