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 Fourth Review
Posted: Aug 7 2006, 10:53 PM

Galactic Mentor
Group Icon

Group: Gray Jedi Admin
Posts: 1,927
Member No.: 1
Joined: 14-February 05

All Ratings are out of 10...

Number of Members - 7
Number of Posts - 10
Number of Active Members - 7
Originality - 7
Quality of Categories - 6
Good Adminship - 7
Good Moderators - 5
Variation of Forums - 7
Layout - 4
Appearance - 5
Overall Rating - 6

The skin you are using is one that I don't see very often, which is great on your part however something seems to be wrong with it, the ends of the maintitle seem to cut off and I do believe it's not supposed to do that. The left border also appears not to be working hence the box with the red 'x', you should try putting the codes for the skin in again, that may help because you could have accidentally messed up the coding while putting in another code of some type. The forum markers match the style and the skin very well, they are a bit dull though and could use some more style - the edges also seem a tad choppy. I love the posting buttons, the smoothness of them is excellent, the small buttons also match fairly well too. The team icons on the other hand, do not. They lack style and quality, it just seems to be a beveled shape with bad text on it. It breaks the flow of the graphics and the skin, I suggest if you aren't changing the skin any time soon, that you get some new team icons. There are also some defaults on your skin, for example the folder icons - but those can be a very quick fix. The banner also lacks just like the team icons, the width of the banner doesn't match the width of the skin, thus leaving white at each ends of it. Try finding the width of the forum, and creating a new banner that's smoother and has a better flow.

The amount of forums I'm afriad to say is ridiculous, there is far too many. My first and main suggestion would be to cut down on them, use sub forums more often and cut the forums that aren't gaining a lot of activity anymore. It is very hard to navigate this forum. In general, your layout should be presented like this: The first category should be for the announements of the forum, suggestions, questions, etc - community discussion. Your middle forums should consist of forums and categories that relate to your main theme, which would be the roleplay and such - however, I do suggest making a seperate category for all roleplay discussion, such as 'main story lines', 'character bio's, etc. That should make things a lot easier. I love how you go in detail in the descriptions with the roleplay forums, but that is creating an even bigger layout because the text stretches it a little. The main thing you need to work on is cutting back on the number of forums, when members go to join, they may decide not to because the layout is so overwhelming.

Activity on the forum is decent, however a lot of the forums you have seem to lack it. As suggested above, making sub forums would definately help with this as well, because with topics merged into one forum, it should appear more active. There are posts dating back to at least two months back, try increasing activity by holding regular competitions, a posting competition would definately help you out. If you find that it doesn't work or you can't gain much activity through your members, encourage staff to start posting in the forums that aren't very active, and eventually members should start posting as well. I also noticed that you're only global moderator has two posts, that definately is not good - they need to be posting a lot more. As for your only moderator, they haven't been active in quite a while, you need to warn them about their activity on the forums, or demote them. Good luck, thank you for waiting for your review and choosing IF Skin Zone.
Posted: Aug 8 2006, 12:04 AM

Master Duelist/Teilen Master
Group Icon

Group: Not Yet Chosen
Posts: 622
Member No.: 457
Joined: 15-March 06

Overall its a good review....i say we kick it up a notch and get posting!
Drinian Kharlos
Posted: Aug 19 2006, 05:23 PM

Legend | Master of Dreams
Group Icon

Group: Jedi
Posts: 919
Member No.: 136
Joined: 2-June 05

Regarding the skin:

I tried :(
Posted: Aug 19 2006, 05:29 PM

Jedi Master
Group Icon

Group: Not Yet Chosen
Posts: 15
Member No.: 678
Joined: 19-August 06

I don't think it's ridicilous of these many forums. I think this site is capable of managing these forums with this amount of members, and as far as I can see from first view, there are enough active members to support the big amount of forums. I actually like the big amount, gives more freedom of where to go, but the reviewer probably doesn't understand you can put a planet, in a planet. He says we need to use sub-forums, so we need to make a sub-forum in Byss entitling Coruscant? I vote "No" for that comment, but in overall, good review.
Posted: Aug 5 2009, 08:43 PM

Galactic Mentor
Group Icon

Group: Gray Jedi Admin
Posts: 1,927
Member No.: 1
Joined: 14-February 05

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