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Title: Zyx Cba

Zyx Cba - August 30, 2009 06:02 AM (GMT)
.:: Specs ::.

Name: Zyx Cba [ZIX sih-BUH]

Nickname(s): Zyx

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Force-Sensitive?: No

Birth Planet: Coruscant

Current Homeplanet: Coruscant

.:: Attributes ::.

Current Faction: Republic

Current Rank: Captain of the Navy

History: Zyx was born in 14 ABK into a family driven by the Republic. Every one of his male ancestors alive while the Republic was in tact, has been part of the Republic military. Therefore he was destined to become one of their ranks. His father Vutsr, a Lieutenant Commander of the Army, started training him very young. He wanted to give his son an advantage when applying at the institute.

When Zyx came of legal age, he instantly enlisted in the Republic military. Of all recorded Cba's within the Republic military, every single one had been a part of the army. Zyx had other plans. All throughout his life, he loved being inside his father's ship. He loved the idea of flying. As soon as he saw a Republic ship take off for battle, he knew becoming part of the Navy was his dream.

Zyx started off very quickly. He easily progressed through the ranks, the extra training from his father no doubt being an aide in the process. He began training to fly all of the Republic's ships. It was obvious that they expected him to become a prominent pilot in the Navy. It seemed that every week, they would give him something new to learn, and they expected immediate understanding and mastery. What they expected, Zyx gave them. He was soon promoted to Lieutenant. He was well liked and respected by his peers.

On the other side of things, Zyx started to become very social. He loved to be around others and began going to clubs very often. He was an exceptional dancer, and his gruff yet chiseled appearance helped him quite a lot. He soon gained the title of Lady's Man. After many years at the Institute, he was widely known for being the one to pick up the girls.

Violently, the War of Shadows broke out. Zyx was appointed as a main pilot for the Republic forces. It was during the war that he became very famous for a tactic he used. He would fly his ship in arcs, simultaneously dropping bombs and sniping from the window. This combined sniper shooting and bomb dropping helped save key worlds such as Onderon. During the war he was elevated to the rank of Captain. His father now had to salute him.

After his amazing performance during the War of Shadows, he was given a week off. Videos of his sniping and flying were being used to teach new recruits. He is waiting for the next time the Republic calls on him to fly. He is also waiting to find that right girl for him.

Personality: Zyx is very smooth and gentle. Despite his aggressive war tactics, he is a soft man with many emotions. He is very family oriented. He loves his family, and he supports his friends. He likes to talk to women and pick them up, but deep down he really just wants to find the girl to be the right one for him. During war, he is a totally different guy. He appears calm, but he is a machine and he can virtually do anything when in battle.

  • Flying
  • Marksmanship
  • Talking/Persuasion

  • Melee Combat
  • Follows Orders Over Values

  • Women
  • Being Famous
  • Using Snipers

  • Fighting Close
  • Flying Fighters/One-Man Ships
  • Being Underestimated

  • Never Settle Down
  • Lose Family/Friends
  • Become A Disgrace

.:: Appearance ::.

user posted image

Face: Very chiseled and toned. His smile is pleasant and inviting. His skin is a tan shade, and he has light brown spiked hair.

Body Structure: He is very defined. He is muscular and tough. His upper body is stronger than his legs. He stands around six feet tall, and weighs about 190 pounds.

Scars/Marks: None too bad. A slight scar across his upper back, but it's quite feint.

Clothes/Armor: He usually wears a Republic Naval Captain uniform. However, when he is off-duty, he wears a beige button-down shirt with faded blue jeans.

Accessories: A necklace with a Republic pendant on the end.

.:: Inventory ::.

Starting Weapons (2):
  • DC-15x Sniper Rifle
  • Bryar Pistol

Starting Starship (1):
  • YV-929 Armed Freigter

.:: Roleplay Sample ::.


Feerse - August 30, 2009 05:18 PM (GMT)

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