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Title: Sample Bio
Description: Read this before posting *updated*

Tan'rik Skarii - September 27, 2005 03:56 AM (GMT)
Ok, well the staff has been noticing that the bios being submitted have a tendency to be quite mediocre. So, as a solution, we're providing you with a sample on which to base yours off of. Read through it, take ideas from it, hell, even copy from it if it helps you make a profile. ;) I'm just kidding about that one. But I've provided a description of each subject, as well as what you should have and such. So, here it is. This is based off my bio, incase that isn't obvious enough.

**Updated to confrom with new bio form**


Name: Gideon Fernam

Nickname: Gid, Fernam

Age: 41

Gender: Male

Species: Human

These are self explanatory. Your character's name, gender (male or female), species (Wookie, Human, etc.)
The age is also self explanatory, but if your character looks older/younger than they really are, say so here. And don't go overboard. I don't want to see any 600 year old humans, no matter how strong in the Force they are.

Group:* Republic

Your character's faction. choose from Sith, Jedi, Republic, Criminals, Mandalorians, or Other.

Rank:** Colonel (Marines), CO of Alpha Squad

What your character's rank is in their faction. Divide is assigned by Church, but other than that choose whatever

Birthplanet: Coruscant

Current Homeplanet: Coruscant

Self explanatory.


Personality: His personality is hard to explain. He's smart as anything, knows martial arts, can fight his way out of anything, and yet hates killing (Why he's in the Navy, not even he knows), dislikes fighting (except in kidding around, and training and such), and is a really nice person in general. He can make friends with just about anyone, yet tends to keep to himself a lot. He learns things extremely quickly, and seems to be able to second guess everyone, yet has no Force Powers whatsoever. He's extremely level headed, yet can sometimes break out into complete defiance. He's an odd person in general, which is what you get when you've been trained in the military since the age of six.

A character's personality needs to be about one paragraph long, explain everything you can possibly think of about how they act. Are they good or evil? Are they outgoing or shy? Do they make friends easily or not? Do they like fighting? Are they the comedian in the group, or the serious one? All of that, and more, should go into making a personality.

Detailed History: He lived a fairly normal life before age six, growing up like any other extremely smart child in the city. He had no problems making friends, although sometimes he was picked on because he was so smart. In school he never payed any attention to the teachers, yet they barle cared; he knew everything anyway, and whenever one would call on him he would merely blurt out the answer then get back to whatever he was doing before, be it daydreaming or creating stuff with paperclips and tape.

Just after he turned six, however, a representative from the Republic Navy showed up at his house, and, after talking with his parents for a long time, took him off to training. He never knew exactly what was going on, but he was trained to be a commander from the start. At training, which was mostly located on a large space station orbiting a small planet near Coruscant, he was quickly placed as a squad leader, and went through the training leading the others. He lost only one man during all the "training" missions they were sent on, and that was in no way his fault. All those who listened to him got out alive.

At age 15, as part of an experiment, he was, well, let's call it enhanced. He was put through multiple surgeries, given many different drugs, and pushed to his limit. He was one of the few people who survived the process, and he came out smarter and more powerful than ever. Although he had no force powers whatsoever, he could, from that point on, out fight a lot of them. He was, in no way, the best in everything he did. But, out of the group that survived the augmentation, he was the best all around. And he was still their leader.

During the next few years, he was pert of a task force that infiltrated many criminal, Sith, and other installations. The people inside wouldn't know what hit them. His team usually consisted of three or four others, at most. That was all they needed to take out a base. They were given suits that even further augmented their powers, making them faster and more powerful than ever before. The suits had shields, powerful HUDs, and a computer (complete with an extremely powerful AI) built in. They were the ultimate special forces team.

Ok, now, your history doesn't have to be this long, but typically the longer the better. I'd say it has to be more than your personality, at the least. In it, you need to explain, basically, your character's life; why are they who they are? What happened in childhood? teen years? adult life? How did they join the faction they are in now? Why did they join it? How did they get to be the rank they are? How did they get their weapons? The list goes on and on.

Fears: Not a lot really. Being trained as a soldier for his entire life, he fears next to nothing. But that isn't exactly a strength; fear is sometimes necessary.

Strengths: Heavily augmented reflexes, brain power, strength, etc. Just what one would think of a super soldier.

Weaknesses: Can't counter Force Powers, at all. His suit semi-protects him, but it doesn't do anything else really. And he has some trouble getting into unnecessary fights, but his militrary training can counter that at times.

Likes: A good drink, joking around, and some quit time to himself every once in a while. He's actually a fairly simple man, once you get past everything else.

Dislikes: Fighting, jackasses, killing, people who think they know better than everyone else, Sith.

Pretty much self explanatory. Doesn't have to be long, but typically the longer the better. Just put whatever you feel like into it, and don't hold back.


Facial Appearance: In combat he wears one of four helmets, ranging from forest camo to desert camo to urban camo to snow camo, all painted himself. The visor is a reflective black color instead of the typical orangish, and there's a stealth generator in the suit.

Under all that armor is a lightly tanned face with medium-length brown hair. It's way past regulation length, but for some reason noone seems to care. He has deep blue eyes, and typically wears a full backed cap (out of style, yes, but he doesn't care) when out of combat. His hair tends to flare out at the sides, rather like a lion's mane, under the cap.

Anything and everything about your character's face. Color eyes, color/style hair, any scars, etc.

Upper Clothing: During combat he wears, again, one of four camo body armors. Each one has a silver combat knife flanked by two wings with the Republic Emblem behind it on each shoulder, as well as on the left side of his chest. Out of combat he wears various shirts, ranging from fairly nice collared shirts to sleeveless shirt, and everything in between. When he wants to look professional, however, he wears fatigues or his dress uniform.

Upper Build: At 7'6" without armor, he's a gigantic man. He has a very muscular build, but also has a surprising amount of agility for such a large man.

Again, anything and everything about their upper body. Under clothing, just say what they wear on different occasions, ranging from sunglasses to their typical clothers

Under build is their muscle structure, height, weight, etc. Simple really.

Lower Clothing: Camo armor that matched the rest of his uniform, long shorts or pants, etc.

Lower Build: Once again, very muscular and athletic. Under all that armor anyway.

Basically the same as the upper body, but for the lower body. Belts, pants, etc. Also, in one of these descriptions, explain where your character typically keeps their weapons.

Marks/Scars: A large scar that runs down his face, starting at the center of his right eyebrow and down to just below his lips. Other than that, it's pretty plain.

Anything else you can think of. Again, don't hold back.


Weapons (2): AJAX-74 Projectile Rifle/SMG, 12" Combat Knife with cortosis weave that protects against lightweapon strikes.

What weapons (2 maximum to start out with) does your character have? What do they look like? How did he get them (short version)?

Starship: Delta-7, black.

Type of ship your character's starting out with, or currently has (Starting out you may have an X-wing, Y-wing, Delta-7, Eta-2 Actis [if your Charisma and Wisdom stats are, combined, 20 or over], or public transport [You won't be able to have any space battles or such witha public transport.]) There can't be any additions, modifications, etc. to start out.

Body Accessories: None really, just the baseball cap with the same symbol as is on his armor (A silver combat knife flanked by two wings with the Republic Emblem behind it on each shoulder), and some random stuff.

Sunglasses, bracelets, etc. Be detailed here too.


Roleplay Sample (Minimum: 150 Words) Gideon watched out the back of the dropship as it soared over the planet's surface, hurtling at over five hundred kilometers per hour towards the LZ. A small squad of hand-picked forces was riding along with him, ready for just about anything. Gideon stood up and walked slowly to the back of the small ship, grabbing a handle on the cieling. His massive form meant that he barely had to reach above his head to touch it. It also meant he had to constantly watch himself as he walked through the ship.

The soldier's desert camo armor seemed to glisten slightly in the afternoon light, an effect of the shielding that it was equipped with. Thoughts ran through his head; battle plans, retreat plans, the Sith forces... the list went on and on. Due to the extreme augmentation the soldiers went through, he had lately been finding he could run through multiple scenarios at once.

"You know, if you just sent the forces two more klicks west and more klick north you could flank the enemy and minimise losses." A smooth female voice said, seemingly out of nowhere. Gideon grinned under his helmet; he should've known that Skadi (His AI carried the name of an aincient goddess of winter and the hunt) would say something sooner or later. But no matter. He reviewed the plan quickly, with her adjustments added in. She was, as usual, right.

"Told ya so, hun." Skadi chuckled.

"Right. We'll see if this plan even gets to that point. Chances are the recon is horribly wrong, their forces are much more massive than the sattelites told us, and they're composed of Hunters and Elites." Gideon thought more than said; Skadi had an odd tendency to read his mind, and he had taken to merely thinking about what he was going to say.

"Too true, too true." He could almost sense her getting updated information from the Republic database as she said this. He just went back to thinking. Soon enough they had arrived at the LZ. Gideon grabbed his rifle and leapt out of the dropship. The Sith would've detected their approach, and the troops would need to be far away before they came checking on it.

An RP sample, preferably from your character's point of view, but I'll accept it from any site or whatnot. We'd definitely prefer something original, however. It'll be a lot easier to get it accepted. (We don't have to worry about you just taking someone else's RP.)

Finally, if you're having any trouble at all, PM an Admin/SMod and we'll help out however we can.

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