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Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Come get all the info on the plot, rules, and in general stuff!
6 30 4:22 AM Thu, Oct 16 2008
In: Last PostRead NOW
By: Nancy Thorne
Post here to tell us when you're going to be abcent, and for how long!
35 19 1:39 PM Wed, Sep 10 2008
In: Last PostReal Life
By: Chloe Way
Questions or Suggestions
If you have any questions or suggestions please post them here.
9 32 5:09 PM Tue, Sep 25 2007
In: Last PostBANNING and warning RULES
By: Draco Malfoy
All availible Cannon characters are available here!
1 0 7:17 PM Mon, Apr 18 2005
In: Last PostAvalable Characters
By: Cara Socar

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
TMA Bulletin Board
News and info about what's going on at TMA will be posted here.
7 3 2:26 PM Sun, May 11 2008
In: Last PostNewest Bulletin(5/11/08)
By: Draco Malfoy
TMA Site Plot
Do you wish to know what the site plot is? Want to create your own little mini-plot and wish to get other people involved? Here is where everyone can can get together and create their own little mini plot.
2 1 1:54 PM Mon, Feb 19 2007
In: Last PostThe Plot/Overview of TMA
By: Draco Malfoy

1 1 6:24 PM Sat, Mar 8 2008
In: Last PostQuests/Challenges
By: Chloe Way

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
TMA Sorting Form

1 0 10:43 AM Sat, Jun 2 2007
In: Last PostGetting Sorted
By: Draco Malfoy
Adult Form
Want to be a DE, MOM, OOTPM, or some other adult? Apply here!
1 0 11:06 AM Sat, Jun 2 2007
In: Last PostAn Adult in our Community
By: Draco Malfoy
Student Jobs

0 0 --
In: ----
TMA Staff Form
Want to teach or be some sort of staff member at TMA? Apply here!
1 0 10:57 AM Sat, Jun 2 2007
In: Last PostTo Teach or be a Staff Memb...
By: Draco Malfoy
Creature Form
Want to be a creature such as a house elf, wearwolf, veela, giant, or some other thing? Apply here!
2 0 7:01 PM Sun, Nov 11 2007
In: Last PostList of Creatures
By: Draco Malfoy

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Diagon Alley
This is for breaks and MAGID Accademy student trips.

Also, come here to get your supplies!
5 137 10:14 PM Fri, Apr 6 2007
In: Last PostNight Out
By: James Dragich
----The Leaky Cauldron
A small, shabby-looking inn on Charing Cross Road, London, sandwiched between a big book shop and a record store. The Leaky Cauldron my not actually be in Diagon Alley itself, but it does serve as a "bridge" between the two worlds. The pub was built by Daisy Dodderidge around 1500 "to serve as a gateway between the non-wizarding world and Diagon Alley."
2 153 3:24 PM Sun, Dec 31 2006
In: Last PostRain and a Party
By: Harry Potter
Half has Muggles burried in it, but the other half, hidden, hold Magical folks with moving pictures and such.
12 249 5:42 PM Sat, Sep 20 2008
In: Last PostGood-bye James
By: James Dragich
Where people live!
15 226 4:11 PM Mon, Sep 17 2007
In: Last PostThe Front Door
By: Jake Way
Non-magical London
The Muggle studies trips from MAGID.

And a place to RP going home during the summer and on Christmas vacation!
2 157 4:08 PM Tue, Jun 12 2007
In: Last PostThe Communication Book
By: Draco Malfoy
Knockturn Alley
If you post in here, Harry or I will post as the bad people that roam in here until we have people join as them. May be password protected in the future.
3 135 6:29 PM Wed, Oct 17 2007
In: Last PostA spy in our midist....
By: Jake Way
#12 Grimmauld Place
Only OOTP Members can find this place.

PW protected. Here soon, we'll have a secret keeper to hand the PW out. That person will be in the OOTP, but they will be allowed to betray the Order if they wish.
1 0 2:52 AM Wed, Aug 8 2007
In: Protected Forum
By: Jake Way
St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries

1 32 7:31 PM Wed, May 16 2007
In: Last PostHair trouble!
By: James Dragich

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Topics that take place in Europe.
4 96 12:25 PM Sun, Jun 29 2008
In: Last Postfinding history
By: James Dragich
Takes place in Austraila.
1 47 2:05 AM Mon, Dec 24 2007
In: Last PostThe Heart Of Sydney
By: Harry Potter
South America
Topics in South America.
1 10 2:14 PM Mon, Jun 2 2008
In: Last PostWhat the...
By: Draco Malfoy
North America
Topics that take place in North America.
5 117 10:58 PM Fri, Jun 6 2008
In: Last PostTalking...
By: Harry Potter
Topics that take place in Asia.
5 111 4:04 PM Fri, May 23 2008
In: Last PostAn Inconvenient Truth
By: Draco Malfoy

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Hogsmead Entrance

4 84 11:39 AM Mon, Jun 25 2007
In: Last Postpondering
By: James Dragich
Madam Puddifoot's
A small, cramped tea shop with decor on the tacky side of frilly, filled with small circular tables, located on a side street off the High Street; the only Hogwarts students who seem to patronize the place are trysting couples. The owner uses a revoltingly sappy decor for Valentine's Day (floating golden cherubs occasionally throwing pink confetti).
4 40 8:14 PM Fri, Jun 13 2008
In: Last PostBlood with a Drop of Tea, P...
By: Lilila Mei
Gladrags Wizardwear
Clothier, with additional shops in London and Paris. Among other things, you can buy strange socks there.
1 46 6:21 PM Fri, Feb 9 2007
In: Last PostSplurge
By: Lilila Silverwand
The Railroad Station
The station, where the Hogwarts Express ends its journey north from Platform Nine-And-Three-Quarters, is located near the lake. A road extends from the train station around the lake to Hogwarts Castle.
1 0 10:58 AM Sat, May 19 2007
In: Last PostWe'll always have Paris
By: Gabrielle Malfoy
Buba's Shack
A ways away from the main road, at the end of a dirt road, sits a run-down, boarded up looking house.

In the 'Living Room' are thousands of clear glass bottles. Each one has a town's name on it, and white powder inside. Toss some of the white powder on you and it transports you to that town.
0 0 --
In: ----
The Three Broomsticks

17 310 6:52 PM Wed, Mar 12 2008
In: Protected Forum
By: Veronica Porter

3 55 6:48 PM Wed, Aug 29 2007
In: Last PostLooking at stuff
By: Jake Way

1 183 1:24 PM Sat, Mar 3 2007
In: Last PostDesperation (R)
By: James Dragich
The Shreaking Shack

3 174 6:14 PM Tue, May 1 2007
In: Last PostSpending the B-Day in A Lon...
By: James Dragich
The Owl Post

7 94 8:45 PM Mon, Apr 21 2008
In: Last PostA Letter To Draco
By: Harry Potter
The Hogs Head

7 86 3:51 PM Sun, Jan 6 2008
In: Last PostAn unlikely pair
By: Chloe Way

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
A small town just South of The Magid Accademy. The Ministry has no control so it is a mix of both dark magic and good magic. TMA comes here regurally, but the other schools come once in a while.
3 31 3:33 PM Sat, Sep 15 2007
In: Last PostSign-up...
By: Draco Malfoy
The closest town to Drumstrang. Kinda small. Has both good and bad magic as well as allowing Muggleborns.
1 62 5:49 PM Mon, Dec 11 2006
In: Last PostMeeting some friends
By: Draco Malfoy

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
In here, explains everything about the DEs, and where they are.
1 0 11:13 AM Sun, Jan 15 2006
In: Last PostInformation
By: Draco Malfoy
Hang Out
DEs come here to relax and hang out/talk with each other. What an odd consept.

1 11 5:12 PM Mon, Nov 26 2007
In: Last PostGetting to know each other
By: Chloe Way
DE Meeting Room
This is where the DEs hold meetings.

1 56 11:21 PM Thu, Nov 22 2007
In: Last PostServitude to the Dark Lord
By: Jake Way
Tourture Area
Cells, tourture devices, the basics, are down here.
4 205 8:03 PM Sun, Nov 18 2007
In: Last Post(R)Capturing Veronica(R)
By: Draco Malfoy
Other DE places
DE hide outs, hang outs, whatever.
2 93 10:15 PM Fri, Jun 6 2008
In: Last Post(R)There's a First Time...
By: Draco Malfoy

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
The Long Black Train
The train that takes everyone to The Magid Accademy. Located at platform 9 3/4. Leaves on September 26. Stops at more that 200 stops and takes 5 days to reach the accademy.
Forum Led by: Veronica Porter
3 198 12:55 PM Mon, Jul 16 2007
In: Last PostA Date?
By: Gabrielle Delacour
Other Places
Anything that doesn't have anywhere else to go goes here for now. ^^
14 476 6:52 PM Sun, Mar 2 2008
In: Last PostSw...ish?
By: Draco Malfoy
Important Papers for Students to Know
Here will be posted a number of things students should know, such as Quidditch matches, Town trips, School competitions, ect.

CHECK HERE REGULARLY!!! That is YOUR responcibility. I will NOT tell you.
4 0 2:58 PM Sun, Jul 1 2007
In: Last PostQuidditch/Specialis
By: Draco Malfoy
A Special Room
This room is for Tutoring. Trent will come every Tuesday at six to help James. If you want to tutor or be tutored, post in the topic designated for signing up.
Forum Led by: Veronica Porter
4 25 12:56 PM Sat, Jul 28 2007
In: Last PostNeed Tutoring?
By: Kate Shields
Oldern Section of the Castle
This section hasn't been used in many years. It is more a storage area or a place many mystical and unknown things can be found. No one knows what exactly is in this section, but many know of certin places, like the fountain room. Students are discouraged from going in this section.
Forum Led by: Veronica Porter
6 165 4:38 PM Wed, Jan 30 2008
In: Last PostA Dark Night (w/ Millie)
By: James Dragich
Halls and Empty Class Rooms

Forum Led by: Veronica Porter
13 469 10:03 PM Fri, Jun 6 2008
In: Last PostThose who wander are not al...
By: Veronica Porter
Entrance Hall

24 857 10:36 PM Fri, Jun 6 2008
In: Last PostArrival
By: Demen Oslar
----House Points

1 2 5:09 PM Thu, Apr 19 2007
In: Last PostHouse Points
By: Draco Malfoy
The Brass Hall
This is where everyone eats at. The kitchens are also down here.
12 358 10:08 PM Fri, Jun 6 2008
In: Last PostLunch Time
By: Demen Oslar
The kitchens are located under the Brass Hall, but can be gotten to through a corridor.

Magids come down here to prepare meals. NO HOUSE-ELVES!
13 220 9:21 PM Wed, Jun 4 2008
In: Last PostA Midnight Snack
By: Gabrielle Malfoy
The Grand Library
This library has more than one-million books in its posession.

Miss Granger is the librarian and sorter of these books.
23 719 2:08 PM Sun, Jun 29 2008
In: Last PostFinding Out
By: Harry Potter
The Magid Tower
The Magid dorms and class are positioned here.

We have coated the tower with silencing charms, but if you hear explosions coming from it, don't be alarmed.
28 543 12:01 PM Sun, Jun 8 2008
In: Last PostByee Draco!
By: James Dragich
The Seer's Tower
A tower for the seer's of the school. Their dorms are here as is their main class.
40 912 12:34 PM Wed, Jun 4 2008
In: Last PostIn the Commons Room
By: Demen Oslar
The 'Special' Students Tower
The dorm and a class that they must take.
Forum Led by: Veronica Porter
26 464 8:55 PM Sat, Aug 23 2008
In: Last PostI guess I'm dead
By: James Dragich
The Norms' Tower
The dorm and a class that they must take.
1 12 7:39 PM Sat, Nov 17 2007
In: Last PostGetting Your Dorm(Read!)
By: Brent Holmes
The classes haven't started yet, but when I decide which classes to have and I get teachers for them, they will be opened.
35 216 2:34 PM Mon, Apr 14 2008
In: Last PostLesson 1 COMC
By: Holly Love
----Teachers' Rooms
Only teachers and staff are allowed in here. PW protected. All staff, PM me for the PW!
2 0 5:53 PM Sun, Aug 19 2007
In: Protected Forum
By: Crystal Manihan-Way
Lots of things out here. I'm not putting specifics yet, so post what you want.
39 1,200 2:44 PM Sun, Nov 9 2008
In: Last PostSunshine
By: James Dragich
Where the Magids(and some others) one.
6 88 1:21 PM Fri, Apr 18 2008
In: Last PostOneing Demo
By: Chloe Way
Dueling Chamber
For those that would rather Duel than One.
3 24 12:35 PM Fri, Jan 26 2007
In: Last PostBored...
By: EvilAngel1990
Where they play Quidditch and Specialis.
8 360 12:30 PM Wed, Jan 16 2008
In: Last PostWhat's wrong with me?
By: EvilAngel1990
Healing Centre
Come here to be healed or to get healing potions.
17 383 3:08 PM Wed, Apr 23 2008
In: Last PostCatching Up
By: Veronica Porter
Come here to compleate your detentions!
3 146 8:15 PM Sun, Sep 30 2007
In: Last PostChloe, Veronica, and Draco...
By: Veronica Porter
Heads' Colorful Room

Differently colored room depending on who's within where the colors follow them.(Sometimes based on their moods, sometimes House, just depends.) Compfy room with beds up the stairs. Meetings held within.

If you aren't a SH and are caught posting in here you will be /severly/ punished.
1 20 6:02 PM Sat, Nov 24 2007
In: Last PostFirst Meeting
By: Jake Way

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Talk about anything here! Strictly OOC though!
35 76 4:52 AM Fri, Aug 7 2009
In: Last PostEmma's random Fanfic mo...
By: Harry Potter
Make sure you read the Rules up top!
0 0 --
In: ----
Games Room
Come play games here!
2 62 6:51 PM Thu, Dec 6 2007
In: Last PostThing you'd never hear ...
By: Chloe Way
Harry Potter Discusion
Talk about anything to do with Harry Potter here!
9 59 6:44 PM Sat, Jan 12 2008
In: Last PostThings I Am Not Allowed To ...
By: Chloe Way
Post your fanfics here!
10 16 9:12 PM Tue, Oct 23 2007
In: Last PostDraco Dromiens By Cassandra...
By: James Dragich
If there is a roleplay you want to do, post it here!(Or talk about it here.)
5 42 6:08 PM Wed, Oct 17 2007
In: Last Post<R> A Sultry Encounte...
By: Veronica Porter

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Rule-breakers' List
A list of those that have broken the rules, and what they did will be posted here.
0 0 --
In: ----
Banned List
List of those that are Banned and why.
1 0 10:32 AM Sat, Apr 8 2006
In: Last PostBanned List
By: Draco Malfoy
Banned people have their own cells here. They may continue to RP here, and if they show they can behave, we MIGHT(very doubtful) unban them.
0 0 --
In: ----

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
IC Celebrations

5 327 9:53 PM Sat, May 10 2008
In: Last PostA real wedding
By: Harry Potter
OOC Celebrations

6 11 5:03 PM Sun, Sep 9 2007
In: Last PostName selections
By: Chloe Way

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Harry Potter Pics

13 23 2:05 PM Sun, Oct 21 2007
In: Last PostAvatars I Found/Made
By: Jake Way
Rated PG 13 and up
Get PW from Draco through PM.
2 0 7:28 PM Sat, Sep 29 2007
In: Protected Forum
By: Chloe Way

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Vote for us!
A click a day brings visitors to stay!


Click Here to Visit Magid Bests

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ::Topsites Zonko's - (Zks):: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Sirius Blacks Topsites list ~ ~ Please Vote for Our Site! ~ ~
1 0 11:06 AM Mon, Feb 19 2007
In: Last PostVOTE FOR US!!!
By: Draco Malfoy
Want to be affiliated with us? Come here and tell us!
1 11 7:43 PM Sat, Apr 5 2008
In: Last PostApply here to be affiliated
By: Holly Love
Affiliated Sites
All(Includeing Guests) may post here.


3 0 10:04 PM Fri, Jul 6 2007
In: Last PostA few rules
By: Draco Malfoy

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Character Plots

26 3 12:43 PM Mon, Aug 25 2008
In: Last PostJames Dragich
By: James Dragich
TMA Staff

1 3 2:22 PM Mon, Apr 14 2008
In: Last PostTerm 1~Staff
By: Holly Love
Those students in Magid are listed here.
1 3 9:33 PM Tue, Nov 27 2007
In: Last PostTerm 1~Magid
By: James Dragich
All students in the Seer house will be listed here.
1 5 1:31 PM Tue, Jun 3 2008
In: Last PostTerm 1~Seer
By: Demen Oslar
All the 'Special Students' will be listed here.
1 5 9:34 PM Tue, Nov 27 2007
In: Last PostTerm 1~Special Student(SS)
By: James Dragich
All Norm students will be Listed here.
1 2 2:16 PM Wed, Oct 24 2007
In: Last PostTerm 1~Norm
By: Sumizome
Other Characters
All others shall be posted here for the time being.
1 3 6:33 PM Wed, Oct 3 2007
In: Last PostTerm 1~OC
By: Chloe Way

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