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 [Flawless] Lord Revan, Bringing back the dead!
Revan Ordo™
Posted: Apr 19 2012, 12:19 AM

Creator of the Dream...
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Revan Ordo

"Revan was power. Staring into his eyes was like staring into the heart of the Force..."

Name: Revan Ordo
Aliases: The Dark One, Mandalore the Great, The Lord of Dread...
Age: An exact age is unknown.
Gender: Male
Homeplanet: Unknown, though contrary to popular believe, it is not Deralia. Rumored to be Ambria, though in his later years, he spent much time on Mandalore, Rishi, and Coruscant.
Affiliation: The failing Mandalorian Galactic Order, himself.
Species: Although never given a name due most likely to its infrequent occurrence throughout the galaxy, the race of the Ordo's has been pin pointed to its origin, somewhere in the Xappyh sector...most likely Ambria. It is speculated that the species was conceived by the Force itself, while others say Revan did indeed have parents. Either way, those of the genetics most always have crimson hair, vibrant skin, and electrifying eyes. The force sensitivity of Revan's race is without comparison, those being born of the anatomy being highly attuned to the Force from birth. In most other aspects, the sacred race resembles that of a human's. Revan, in particular, contains more Mandalorian blood than any other of the genotype.

"Revan had a mother and father, parents, ancestors, like all Jedi do. And when he awakened to his potential, I was there to see it. But where he was born, where he came from, I do not know... anymore than I know where he walks now. Some said that Revan was born in the Outer Regions, beyond the Rim, and that's what called to him during the Mandalorian Wars... and after. It was the call of home..."

Height: 6'1
Weight: About 183lbs
Skin Tone: Vibrant, tan
Eye Color: A glowing silvery-crimson. However, in more intense circumstances, they change to a piercing yellow through unknown means..
Hair Color: Red
Hair Style: Naturally long and flowing. At times, it is tied back neatly in a pony-tail
Body Type: Athletical, Built
Other Information: Revan's entire right arm, and hand, were removed in the early stages of his life and are now replaced with a silver mechanical limb. In addition to this, one of Revan's trademarks is his infamous "X" shaped scar on his cheek, which he received during a painful lightsaber duel with an unknown opponent. Revan's overall appearance is full of confidence and understanding, and his face is solemn and hardened from the countless years of his existence, despite his seemingly young appearance. Another interesting fact about Ordo is his broad knowledge on many facets of life. Revan is bilingual in the fact that he can speak many languages and dialects, including Galactic Basic, Shyriiwook, Tusken, Ryl, Huttese, Rodese, and several others. This is a testiment to his incredible knowledge on life...and the Force, of course.

Normal Attire:
In every day terms, Revan normally wears a long black cloak that consumes his entire figure in its casted shadow, hiding him from the sight of passerby and the like. The robe itself is one forged from a time dating back more than four millennia, and its power is obvious as it often envelops an entire populace in its dark might. At times, though very rarely, Revan has been known to wear an old, ancient mask that completely covers his face in an eery fashion. The mask itself is known as the Masque of Darth Revan, and it too dates back to a time long ago...

Battle Attire:
In combat, Revan normally keeps the same black robes about his figure, though in battles he deems worthy, he strips the cloak and reveals what lies beneath. An exquisite red and golden armor composed of various Mandalorian metals is then revealed. The armor itself is both beautiful and protective, in the fact that it has endured countless assaults and prevented any damage from befalling its master...for the most part. The grand gold-crimson Mandalorian armor covers Revan from head to toe, seperated into several parts; Greaves, a Cuirass, and several other categories exist, as well. Finally, in Naval combat, Revan wears an immaculate white uniform with a Mandalorian insignia adorning its right breast.

Personality: For the most part, Revan's personality varies depending on the situation. At times, he may seem extremely cold and cruel. In other circumstances, he may seem warm and kind. In general, however, Revan is cool, calm, and collected. Ordo rarely hesitates, and once his mind is set on a goal he almost always accomplishes it. However, at times some may find him to be too confident in his own abilities. He is normally rather quiet, as he would rather prove himself with actions rather than words. Mandalorian blood runs deeply through his veins, and his pride and honor is great...as is his passion for a good fight, no doubt.

Weapons: The Dragonfang
Revan's personal lightsaber is an ancient custom-crafted weapon that he built himself many years ago, the entire process taking several days in total. Upon its completion, it had to undergo many intense tests before Revan was finally satisfied with the end result. Revan Ordo named his new type of saber 'The Sonic Phase Lightsaber', and his was the first of a very select few in the Galaxy. The saber itself has a golden Electrum Hilt that is curved in a similar fashion to that of Count Dooku's lightsaber. Naming his new weapon The Dragonfang, Revan's lightsaber soon became an emblem of his power, recognized by all, both in and out of combat. In terms of information on the saber itself, it has a Sonic Dual-Phased silver beam that can change its length and direction by pressing a mere button on its Electrum Hilt. Its golden, arched hilt has a red crystal in the center of it, giving it an ominous feeling that often permeates outwards to those facing it in combat. In addition to this, it also has three focusing crystals, instead of the standard two. The three aforementioned crystals consist of the legendary Heart of the Guardian crystal, the Mantle of the Force crystal, and a Kaiburr crystal, creating a perfect blend of crystals that make the perfect weapon for its master. All in all, Dragonfang is a weapon of immense power that is only matched by Revan's own ferocity and strength...

Lightsaber Form
Akushizen Mutori: The Akushizen Mutori saber form specializes in the use of speed and power to surprise and overpower one's opponent. Although based on the sword form Akushizen created by the fabled Assassin, Akushizen Mutori has been specialized over the ages by Revan for sole use with a lightsaber. Revan Ordo created and forged this form after extensive training and self-discovery, as it took him several years to master himself. The form itself mixes and combines many ancient sword and lightsaber techniques into the use of one seemingly invincible stance, one that only a single man has been able to wield in its full, unmatchable might...

The Akushizen Mutori form grants the user inhuman agility, both in and out of combat. In addition to the great speed, it also allows the swordsman to 'feel' the emotion inside their opponent, helping them to read the very soul of their foe. Because of this, the user is then able to use that emotion to anticipate his opponent's next move, making it that much easier to defend and counter. Revan has been able to lackadaisically defend countless attacks that would threaten the lives of even the greatest duelists, however, because of his tendency to predict attacks before they happen, he has been able to make even the most difficult of defenses appear easy, allowing him to overcome even the most talented of fighters.

While using this form, Revan often uses many jumps, flips, and other acrobatic manuevers to gain the advantage over his opponent. The form, however, does require high concentration at all times, and most Force Users cannot concentrate to the neccessary extent to use this form effectively to its full potential in battle. The mastering of this form requires constant training, vigilance, and practice, even after one has learned it...for complacency leads to forgetfulness, especially in this case. The Akushizen Mutori form is also refered to as the "Shadow Form", possibly due to the fact the user of the form moves so quickly that they often appear only as a blurr, or shadow, to the unsuspecting enemy...

Force Form:
Devil's Sanctity
Little is known regarding the Force Form known as Devil's Sanctity, for over the years, it has been one of the few secrets Revan has been able to keep regarding his several fighting styles. What is known, however, is that it is a style directly derived from Ancient Sith teachings that focuses on a perfect harmony between lightsaber, mind, body, and the Force. It grants Revan a nearly endless supply of Force ammunition, and it seems to be one of the highest plateaus of understanding ever known to man...

The History of Revan Ordo

Several Millennia Prior to current Happenings...

Revan's story begins.

A young Jedi whose potential was greater than the Council had seen in years slowly began his ascent to greatness about four thousand years prior to the Battle of Yavin. He became a Jedi Knight swiftly, and with a voracious appetite to learn more, young Revan began to forge his own path. Being trained by countless masters, Kreia, Kavar, Zhar, Dorak, and Kae, to name a few, Revan also visited several prominent Force havens, and he gathered all information relating to the force available. Because of all of this, Revan was able to accomplish a feat that none other could claim, even at such a young age; He had learned more about the force than any other being in the entire galaxy. With an unsatisfiable thirst for wisdom, Revan continued to grow and soon learned every facet of the force, both light and dark. Learning how to control the force, manipulate the force, and even create and destroy the force, Revan's power seemed to be insurmountable.

Revan soon discovered the Trayus Academy, an ancient relic of the ancient Sith Empire, in his search for knowledge and strength. What truly transpired in the heart of that dark place is unknown – what is certain is that there Revan discovered the continued existence of the Sith Empire, long thought defeated during the Great Hyperspace War, and the threat that they still presented to the galaxy. He came to the conclusion that the Republic as it stood was ill equipped to defend the galaxy from such a potent enemy and, as such, a new government would need to rise in its place, an empire founded upon the Sith teachings. He would attempt to save the galaxy through conquest. In that black moment, Revan fully abandoned the teachings of the Jedi, adopting the title of Dark Lord of the Sith and becoming Darth Revan...the Lord of Dread.

Leaving the Jedi Order behind in his new strength and knowledge, Revan turned to the Dark Side, winning the Mandalorian Wars for the Republic against the council of the Jedi only to return as an even greater threat, of Sith origin. As charismatic as ever, countless Jedi went with Revan to the Dark Side, serving their new Lord obediently. All seemed well for the new Dark Lord, as his influence began to spread throughout the entire Galaxy. His strength continued to grow until he became inhuman, almost, and it seemed as if none could stop the new, invincible Sith Lord. Revan's campaign, while bloody, was orchestrated to topple the Republic while doing little damage to its underlying industrial infrastructure. Revan's plan was to keep the Republic largely intact for the purposes of post-war rebuilding. As such, he could begin his rule with a relatively functional military and economy rather than starting from scratch. Also, had he failed in conquering the galaxy, the end result would be much the same; a stronger Republic, more capable of defending itself from the True Sith soon to come. But in a single moment, all he had built, his power, his plans, his conquest, came crashing down around him...and that lone moment would change his life for its entire remainder.

The Jedi, in a desperate attempt to end the Sith that were now pummelling their forces, sent a task force led by Bastilla Shan to try and remove the Dark Lord from power. The group reached Revan's flagship and began to fight him, yet soon learned the truth...they were of no match to Darth Revan, and with relative ease he began to assert himself in their duel, even though he was heavily outnumbered. If it were not for Malak, Revan's reign as Dark Lord of the Sith would never had ended...but nevertheless, it did. Betrayed by his apprentice, Darth Malak, Malak fired upon the ship where the duel was taking place in an attempt to kill both Revan, Bastilla, and the other Jedi all at once. It was only chance, or the Force, that kept Revan alive. Only two survived Malak's assault on the ship...Bastilla Shan and Revan Ordo. Revan was brought to safety by Bastilla as he was rendered unconcious by Malak's betrayal, and the young Jedi Knight fled with Revan in her arms. After capturing the unconcious Revan and bringing him back to the Council, their first act was to erase his memory, knowing that his power was too great to be kept in its full might. All the years Revan had spent acquiring knowledge on every aspect of the force had been in vain. The impossible had happened...the Revan that the galaxy had learned to love and fear was no more.

The Jedi, however, made a single mistake in their handling of the former Dark Lord. They attempted to use the new amnesia-filled Revan, thinking they would be able to control and manipulate his actions. Using him to defeat the Sith led now by Malak, the Jedi Council sent him on several missions with his brain partially washed. Following each, however, Revan was able to learn more and more about his past. Eventually, the past and present aligned themselves, despite the Jedi's wishes, therefore restoring Revan's memory, and along with it, his power. Revan regained the truth in his life, and nothing was a mystery, as he knew all that had happened to him. Revan was now faced with a galaxy altering decision. He would have to face his destiny and fight his former apprentice...

Revan, with his superior knowledge of the force and prowess with a lightsaber now returning, was able to best any in the galaxy with relative ease by this point. Being so, his ex-apprentice Darth Malak, current Dark Lord of the Sith, was but child's play. Seeking revenge on the new Dark Lord whom had betrayed him, Revan and a party of Jedi boarded the Star Forge, Revan's own weapon, and made their way to the Bridge where Darth Malak surely lurked. Aboard the Star Forge, Revan single-handedly defeated nearly endless waves of Sith soldiers and Dark Jedi, displaying his incredible power in the Force and mastery of the lightsaber he had built, The Dragonfang. Upon his arrival at the Bridge, Revan slaughtered Malak in combat, killing the Sith and bringing balance to the galaxy. Before his friend's death, Revan apologized for starting him down the dark path, even though Malak had continued down it willingly. Malak accepted his apology, realizing that he had no one to blame for his fate save himself. Thus Darth Malak, Dark Lord of the Sith, died, his life ending in darkness and regret, and the first Star Forge was destroyed...though Revan would create a new one many years later. However, after defeating the Sith and Malak, Revan never rejoined the Republic or the Jedi, nor did he claim the mantle of Dark lord of the sith. He instead chose to venture on a mission of his own...no, a mission for the well-being of the entire Galaxy..

Leaving for the Outer Rim, Revan knew none could come with him. Very few in the Galaxy were capable of understanding him, and he recognized such a thing quickly. The very reason he had become the Dark Lord so many years ago was to ensure victory over a new oncoming threat, and now, he would go to fight the True Sith himself far past the Outer Rim. In addition to wanting to destroy the threat to the Galaxy, Revan also vowed to one day become unbeatable, the greatest Force User of all time..and as such, Revan left all behind him, Bastilla, Carth, and all the Galaxy. With his goal of saving the Galaxy yet again, along with gaining even more power, Revan left the known systems, in his wake leaving chaos and confusion. Why or where Revan went is unknown, as is what happened to him during his journeys...

It is said he was able to accomplish his task after several years, his power reaching its apex as he destroyed whatever it was he went to demolish. Shortly after, Revan decided it best to leave this life, knowing he would come back in the future. Beginning a slumber that would last four millennia, Revan allowed the galaxy to alter itself, knowing he had no reason to return to the galaxy in its current state...

Several Thousand years later...in more recent times..

Christened Revan Ordo, Revan awoke to a galaxy full of disarray and turmoil almost four thousand years after his epic battle with Malak, in which he had brought unity to the Force and the Galaxy. Retaining much of his former power, Revan had returned to once again shape the galaxy itself...

Revan's re-entrance marked the beginning of the Clone Wars. During the many skirmishes that followed, countless people lost their lives. Deciding to make himself known after such a war, Revan returned to his confinement. Visiting planets such as Malachor V, Korriban, Dromund Kaas, Csilla, Rishi, and Ziost, Revan discovered more about the force and of himself, along with his remarkable past. In the process, he was able to further his connection to the force, a connection that already spanned thousands of years.

Upon his return, he found a galaxy divided. The result of the Clone Wars had affected the universes greatly. The Jedi had become all but extinct, the Sith gaining power. The Republic had been banished, and the Empire had taken its place. Overall, Revan found the new galaxy...disturbing.

The new age Sith held no responsibilities nor morals. Their lack of knowledge of their own past was laughable. The Sith now present, were, in summary, corrupt. Revan could not allow such a group to remain in power. Therefore, Revan's first task was to rebuild the Jedi order, and to help the Republic. It was, however, a contradiction of sorts for one to have formerly served as a Sith (yet also a Jedi) to rebuild the single order they despised. Nonetheless, Revan founded the New Jedi Order on Coruscant, disregarding his history with the Dark Arts. The New Jedi Order was a triumph, their numbers amplifying rapidly.

With his vast battle tactics he had learned as an Admiral in his prior life while fighting the Mandalorians, he was able to put his skill into use by serving the Republic as an Admiral once again. Revan quickly showed his extensive knowledge of war and battle techniques, climbing through the ranks. Eventually, Revan was awarded the title of Grand Admiral, the highest naval rank ever given to any Republic Admiral.

After several campaigns, virtually all proving victorious, the Empire and Sith soon fell, leaving room for the Republic and Jedi to return to their former glory. Now, the galaxy had been brought back to parity once again. The Sith and Jedi, along with the Empire and Republic, were all on equal footing. As the saying goes, 'The future is destined to be controlled by the past', and as such, Revan left the Jedi and the Republic for a second time, taking all by complete and utter surprise. Stating the two factions he once led too pure....a constant distraction from his true goals, he departed, in doing so beginning a self-implied exile.

...An exile that would not last long, however. Returning to his roots, Revan decided to lead the Mandalorians as their Mandalore. Going to the various planets and systems, Revan united all the Mandalorians in the Galaxy under a single banner, under his iron fist. In doing so, Revan was able to regain the Mandalorian race's former grandeur and unite them under a single force. Once more, the Mandalorian's were a force in the galaxy to be reckoned with...

The Mandalorians began their conquest of the Galaxy, with Revan serving as Mandalore and Kelborn Arcas, a fiery young General, serving as his right hand man. The two were able to bring chaos to the Galaxy as they took more and more systems in the name of the Mandalorians, and in little time, they grew large enough to rival even the Republic and the Imperial Remnant. Revan waged war on the Jedi and the Republic once more in his lifetime, and his former brothers felt betrayed as Ordo mercilessly ravaged their planets...yet their was nothing they could do. However, as the Mandalorian conquests continued, the Mandalore seemed odd...he seemed changed....

Suddenly, and without warning, the great Revan Ordo disappeared from the Galaxy, due to him forseeing something that was about to happen, and sensing the problem that the Force was having...something that very few could see, but all would know soon enough. The Mandalorians were left without their Mandalore, as the Jedi had been left without their Grandmaster just weeks prior. It wasn't until months later that Revan resurfaced in the Galaxy, this time, with a new, and unexpected ally, known as Naga Sadow. For reasons unknown, the two very different yet powerful Force Users had formed a group known as the Triumvirate due to what they sensed in the Force...

One by one, they killed off Force-sensitives, as they attempted to balance the Force after they had felt 'The Great Tremor'. Revan himself had felt the corruption of the Force due to its misusage, and felt the only way to purge it of its ailment was through affirmitive action. Little did they know that it was leading to Revan's eventual death, and an event that would leave their minds blown. For as they killed off force user after force user, the Force began to grow too powerful, and with the final showdown between Naga Sadow, Revan, and Kain Ossious, Revan unleashed a Thought Bomb which destroyed billions, strengthening the Force to the point it had to balance itself.

It was at this point that The Galactic Reset was set into place, and that a new era was ushered in, an era without Revan. The Factions of the Galaxy were erased, the Force was cleansed of any taint Revan had previously sensed, and all life started over anew...however, Revan's own life was not restored. To some, Revan seemed selfish, a senseless murderer who killed countless individuals by his Thought Bomb...however, to others, Revan had sacrificed himself for the greater good of the Galaxy, and he was the greatest hero the Force had ever known...Either way, one thing was certain; Revan Ordo, former Jedi, former Sith, former Mandalore, was gone.

Rising from his own ashes..

Caught in the center of his own Thought Bomb, it seemed assured that Revan Ordo's life had ended once and for all, despite his unlimited power. The greatest warrior the Force had possibly ever known was gone, yet the Galaxy still moved on. New Factions were formed, cities were rebuilt, and everything returned to its former greatness. The Jedi Order was rebuilt, as were the Sith, in addition to the Republic and Mandalorians. Several new groups were forged as well, and all in all, the Galactic Reset seemed to have brought the Galaxy closer together in its aftermath.

Yet little did they know that the creator of all this destruction, of all this unity, of all this chaos, and of all this peace was still alive...slowly but surely regaining his powers. His soul had been shattered by his own technique, splitting into a trillion pieces. Yet slowly, the pieces began to reform themselves, merging until, after several years, Revan had returned..

His mind spared through mental preparation, Revan now had his soul back, and his body soon was reborn as well. The three were now reunited, and Revan Ordo was back once more, for better or worse...for life or death. However, despite his rebirth, Revan's strength was still greatly diminished by the effects of the Thought Bomb. His power was sapped, and he was a frail soul.

It would take him many more years before he would return to his former strength, his former might...a might that the entire Galaxy had learned to both trust and fear. Training on Dromund Kaas, Ziost, and Revarr, Revan slowly began to regain his strength as the force once again flowed through his veins, pulsing through his soul and rejuvinating his body. Through constant effort, Revan regained his connection to the Force, and in doing so, his connection to power.

Now, in a time several years after the Galactic Reset, Revan is finally ready to make his return to the known Galaxy. Although his power is still effected by the Thought Bomb, he has returned nonetheless, and with great power still. His ties with the Force continue to be as strong as ever, and with time, he is sure to once again become the most skilled Force User in the Galaxy...and, when that time comes, he is sure to once more alter the Galaxy as he sees fit. Finally, Revan Ordo, the Savior, the Conquerer, the Hero, the Villain...

...Has returned.
Kenar Pavit
Posted: Nov 24 2013, 03:55 AM

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Thanks for submitting your character for the roleplay! Congratulations on having a character that will be envied, and creating a flawless backstory and biography for your character. Your character is now classified as flawless, and suitably will be moved to the Flawless Characters section.

The reward for such a deed? An increment of 50 posts to your post count, which will grant you credits for the RP and help to increase your standing with other members.

Great work! And thank you for choosing Star Wars Dominion!

Star Wars Dominion Staff
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