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 [Flawless] Zark Nosa, First Character : Sith Acoltye
Radiant Eclipse
Posted: Jul 30 2007, 12:42 PM

Professional RPer
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Group: Sith
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Member No.: 1,195
Joined: Jul '07

Name: Zark Nosa
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Homeworld: Korriban

Alignment: Sith


-Hair Zark's light-brown hair reaches down to mid-back. It flows relatively smoothly, save for a braids draping from his scalp. The braids are kept tight by red bands.
-Weight 178 lbs
-Type of build Zark has a lean build at an average height. His thin frame is packed tight by a well-defined physique.
-Facial hair, eye color, etc Zark has zero facial hair (save for eyebrows). He has brown eyes, and a series of piercings in his ears. The sharp, almost hook-like earrings reach from his lobe to the upper cartiledge in both ears.

Zark wears a personal suit of fiber armor inspired by that of the Echani from generations past. Starting from the top, the neck-piece extends to just below the jawline. It's made of the fiber material, and resembles a tight coil in appearance. This is charcoal in color. Branching out from there are the shoulder pads, also charcoal in color. The pads are part of the suit, and resemble foam covered in leather. The spongey protection crosses his shoulders from front to back in four thick strips.

Next are the arms. Zark has a polished ivory, rounded bangle on each arm, snapped into place where the shoulder meets the bicept on the sleeves. The sleeves themselves are divided by the middle seam. On the outside of the sleeves is a slick material, again made of a leathery material; black in color. Below the bangles are two more similar strips, crossing the arm, with about an inch inbetween.

On the inside of the sleeves is the same fiber material the neck is made of. This fiber is a faded red, and wraps from the gloves, to the armpits, down sides of his torso, finally ending at his belt.

The center of the chest is made of the same leather material the shoulder pads are made of. It is split down the center by a red seam, and connects to the red fiber on both sides of it. Latched onto the outline of this section are four brown straps. The straps (four to each side) form two crosses, one above the other, on each side, and connect to the spinal pad on his back.

Zark's back is relatively naked compared to his front. It features only the red fiber, striping across his back, save for one strand of the leather armor running down the spine of his back.

Zark's top set of attire ends with a red wrap at the waist. This thin, elastic material is pulled tight around the waist. It is slightly higher in the back, wrapping around to the front, where it dips into a V shape, meeting in the center of his body. Connected to this sash is a black cloth. The black cloth drapes down to mid thigh.

Covering his lower half is a set of tights not unlike his upper armor. The charcoal, leather pants are split unevenly, unlike his sleeves. The leathery armor covers three-fourths of the leg, with the fiber armor being split to the inner fourth. The fiber curves down to the knee, where it ends. Again, the fiber is the same faded red.

Next are the other materials that aren't as large as the rest of the suit, but no less important either. Starting with his boots, Zark wears a standard set of boots, commonly seen amongst Jedi or Sith. The boots, black in color, have a red heel and sole. Zark's gloves follow suit with his armor. They're mostly comprised of the red fiber. Covering the outside of the fingers and the back of hand is the charcoal leather material. There is space between the pads though, so as to increase comfort and manueverablity. Last, and possibly most important is Zark's mask. The mask is primarily the same ivory color as his bangles, save for the black slits he sees out of, and the red design on it. The design reaches up to the top of where his ears (Which are visible outside of the mask) are. It stretches along the jaw, following under the crease of the cheek, until it reaches the chin, at which point it juts straight up, across the eye-slits, to a focal point in the center of the forehead. There lies a solid red circle, surrounded by the three (Both sides of the face and a single stripe along the top of the head) stripes.

The mask, which is custom-fit to Zark's head, is only a half-mask in the back, leaving room for his hair to hang.
-Markings/Scars: None
-Anything else of importance: Zark has zero facial hair, a pet-peeve of his, he shaves everyday, refusing for his "perfect" face to be marked in any way.


-Likes/Dislikes: Zark enjoys brutally beating anyone that challenges him. A perfectionist by nature, he gets a kick out of trampling all competition, simple victory is rarely enough. Zark dislikes any form of failure. Considering his perfectionist habits (Overtkill, to name one) winning is never enough. He must embarass and destroy anything that isn't his way, failing to do so (Or do so adequately) sends him into a fury.
-Social/Unsocial: Zark dislikes any and all things social. He prefers to be the quiet one at any situation, choosing instead to watch, form strategies, etc. Even when he gets infuriated, his control over his outward appearance and persona are enough to keep his true feelings shielded from most. He suffers from silent rage...
-View on Life/others: Zark's view on others is simple. "Just another target." Anyone that isn't his superior is in his way. Zark strives to be on top, both when compared to others, and in the big picture.
-Opinion on other factions: Zark has a natural dislike for Jedi, or moral "good guys". He finds their compassion, their true strength, to be their weakness. He can't stand people in general, and would cut down an Imperial just as fast, if they were to strike his patience.
-Emotional traits: Zark can be very aggressive. His violent and cold demeanor are actually a shield for his insecurity and complete faith in his vanity.

"What's the point of existance? What's the point of growing up, only to die? To live a long, hard life, just to pass on to the next one.that's ridiculous. No.no. I'll live on forever. I'll grant myself immortallity! To live on in the success of your ambition.that will be my point.that will be my existance!"

The human named Zark Nosa was a cynical devil since he was old enough to form opinions. He focused on the negative side of everything, and since all too much we find that truth his subjective, Zark's constant strain on the unbiased truth crafted a spark in him. Finding something to hate in anything, this young deviant found himself slowly finding solace only in himself. Of course, at such a young age, he was incapable of truly channeling or even understanding what exactly he was doing...

Zark was born and raised on Korriban, a publically outed sponsor of the Sith. During a routine Midi-chlorian count, Zark was found to have a promising amount. Having been old enough to establish a fair relationship with his parents, the child was torn away, only fueling his loathing of the world.

The young boy was immediately entered into the Korriban Sith Academy. The young boy spent the majority of his time training physically, training his body, training with melee weapons, and even a little ranged diversity. The majority of his Force training was on manipulating himself physically, as he enjoyed the idea of physically beating his opponents down, as opposed to using the Force to do it.

Around the same that he reached his teen years, his basics training program was expanded, focusing more on the stragetic aspects of combat. He dabbled in things such as the various pieces of stealth and assassination, combat tactics, strategic analysis, and even psychology.

Advancing through his studies, he entered the final tier of his training: Advanced Combat and Force Manipulation. The course involved teaching the finer aspects to hand-to-hand, aerial, and even space combat, as well as an advanced (For acoltyes) Force Manipulation. Zark's niche in the Force continued to be accelerated physical attributes. Zark graduated from the academy with mediocre Force scores, above average physical scores, and adept combat psychological knowledge. Unfortunately, he has yet to be selected as an apprentice, and is currently preparring to embark with the Imperial army, aiding as a Lt. Commander until he finds a Master (Or a Master finds him).

Weapon: Though capable with many weapons, Zark prefers bladed weapons, specifically larger bladed weapons, such as vibroblades, which is what Zark carries currently; a Vibroblade.

Force Powers(if Force sensitive): N/A

Lightsaber Form: Form IX: Shien
Force Form: Force Potency
Galten Varo-Kressh
Posted: Jul 30 2007, 04:15 PM

The Vindicator
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Group: Jedi
Posts: 5,053
Member No.: 334
Joined: Dec '05

Very nice work. Dare I say perfect?
Radiant Eclipse
Posted: Jul 30 2007, 04:29 PM

Professional RPer
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Group: Sith
Posts: 111
Member No.: 1,195
Joined: Jul '07

:drools: Really? Thanks! Even if the others don't think it's perfect, thanks anyway!
Posted: Jul 31 2007, 09:22 PM



Thanks for submitting your character for the roleplay! Congratulations on having a character that will be envied, and creating a flawless backstory and biography for your character. Your character is now classified as flawless, and suitably will be moved to the Flawless Characters section.

The reward for such a deed? An increment of 50 posts to your post count, which will grant you credits for the RP and help to increase your standing with other members.

Great work! And thank you for choosing Star Wars Dominion!

Star Wars Dominion Staff
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