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Title: [Flawless]†Gray "Robin" Dickson
Description: Young...flexible...niave...pubescent...

Pard - July 6, 2009 02:04 AM (GMT) this is not some prostitution ad on CraigsList, you perv! This is the the story on the teenage human wonder, a nimble thief who has come of age and has found that there is more to him than what meets the eye...(0.o)

'ullo, my name is Gray Dickson, but all my imaginary friends call Robin. I am a 17 year old man, and I am a bit new at this. My friend JILL is really nice to me and says I am just fine, but ILLJ is always so mean and tells me I am terrible and slaps me, it really does hurt sometimes, but I kinda like it...

Anywho, I guess this is like my memoir, it would be an autobiography but I tend to lie and so i figured that if i call it a memoir i can lie all I want and no one will care. I am pale, like really pale. There was this girl I saw on the Galactic Web when I was at the library, before they kicked me out, and her privates were pale cause she always wore a bikini, or that's what she told me when I was IMing her, good deal actually I only paid two credits an hour for a web-chat with her. Anyways her privates were really pale, like I said, and that is how I am, but ALL over and not just my privates. I also got real pale hair, accept down there, that's like black as black can be, and my hair is about four inches long, my head, not down there. I got blue eyes, my mommy told me they were ice cold, and she always slapped me and called me her "Little Mistake", whatever that means.

I have been told I am a very proud looking person, my dad would whip me three times a day because I am so proud, and that is something I am very proud of! Oh he used to call me a sissy and told me that I should man up. I always tried to man up, like he said and I couldn't figure out how. Anyways I was playing this real good holo-game and the guy in it told me that I had to kill this guy to prove I was brave and that I was a man. I figured he was probably right, he is in that game after all, and to show my dad how manly I was I killed him. It was a bit messy, and my mommy told me to leave. The next day the found her body next to my dad's and she had been shot, I guess my dad was trying to show mommy he was a man also.

But I gotta go back now, the reason my dad called me a sissy was because my mommy was always dressing me up like a girl when I was little, she never wanted a boy, or that is what she always screamed at me. I really liked it, the dresses were SO very soft and they were very airy. She dressed me up like that everyday until I was about 13 when I wet my bed one night and it wasn't the pee kind of wetting your bed. After that she just kinda avoided me and began calling me her "Little Mistake", like I said before.

So back to a description of me, not that this is a deliberate description or a way of describing myself without being so creative or anything. I am short, but my granny always called me her big man, until she died last year because she couldn't cross the road quick enough, the Galactic Scout who was helping her had stopped to pick up a credit, it was heads up that's good luck, but it wasn't good luck for granny I guess. I am probably like a little over five feet tall, whatever a foot is. I was never very strong, but when I smothered dad with the pillow I was stronger than him, and he was a laborer for a shipyard, so I guess I don't know my own strength.

I am not a big fan of clothing, well not the boy kind, but that's all I got so I wear it, when I have to. I got this cool robe from this drunk guy, it came with a shiny metal toy with buttons on it, but it looked like mommy's toys, and she never let me play with them, so I left it with him. Its kinda brown and luckily it fits me just right, kinda I did have to steal knife to make it fit, but now it is perfect.

So now about the here and now. I am on this odd planet, apparently it is a city, like the whole planet is a city! I got here from my planet with these really nice guys, they had this big transporter, the kind that carry people to different planets, and it was real cool, everyone slept on one giant bed together and man they were cool, but than they got in trouble and I was sent to this home for orphans. The man in charge told me I was a sissy, so I killed him to show him I was a man, he called me that because I tried to sleep with the other boys, like we did on the transport ship.

I had to run because they tried to catch me after I showed them I was a manly man. So than I ended in this training place, they said I was going to be a soldier and that I was going to fight these bad guys who wanted to take over the whole galaxy! I was really really happy because it was just like this holo-show I used to watch at home, before I got my holo-tube taken away for looking at naked people. Anyways I was really happy, like I said, but than this man came and pricked my finger and than left. He came back two days later and took me with him. He wanted me to to some tests for him, like lift stuff and jump and stuff, but I didn't want to and he called me a sissy. I tried to kill him, I got this blaster from the soldier school, but he pulled out a shiny toy tube, like my mommy and that drunk guy had, he tried to kill me so I ran away.

Now I am here, in this building. It is ok, you gotta watch were you step because there are needles on the ground and people! Also it is hard to sleep because people keep moaning, they sound like they are in a lotta pain, but when I knock on their door they tell me to beat it, so I do...(o.0)... I got a job though. I told these guys at this shipyard that I was a soldier once and that I am kinda strong, like my dad, so they hired me for this job they called Odd Job. So now I am an Odd Job Jober, I guess, or something like that.

Well bye memoir, we must talk again soon, it has been a pleasure, maybe next time I can tell you how I got an A in my school, or how the principal at my old school and my mommy used to have meetings about me. He was such a nice guy, he looked a real real lot like me, and my dad always hated him. I sometimes wish he was around, but he wanted me to show him I was a man...

This is the story of a nubile, sensual, feisty young man, and his journey through boy and adult hood...

(YES, this is fuckin serious... This is my honest to god profile... And dont approve it yet, I think I might add something else...not sure what though.)

((Yes I will clarify any point that seems obtuse, also anything you think is a joke but don't lemme know I can clarify that too. And this is s'possed to be funny, SWD needs a dose of light-ness and not the Jedi kind, so I shall take that upon myself... always for the people you know how it is...))

Name: Gray Dickson (If you rearrange his name it is the name of Robin from the beloved comic batmam...)
Nickname: Robin
Race: Homo.............sapien...
Gender: Male-ish
Age: A nubile, fertile, 17...^.^
Homeworld: That big one with the moon and the land and the water, you know, ya that one... (AKA I dunno who cares...)

Alignment: Merc/Freeloader/Freelancer/Tweenie, he is a dolt, who wants a guy who kills people to show he is manly and who likes womans clothing, and such, really... thats to kinky even for the leather wearing Sith

-Hair Color Platinum
-Weight Approximately 124 7/56 pounds
-Type of build What happens when a child doesn't do anything but play video games? Ya that build...
-Facial hair, eye color, etc Pale blue... He just got his first pube, give him sometime for the facial hair, WTF IS ECT? I dont got one, anyone else got an Ect?
-Clothing: Some drunk jedi's robes, custom tailored to size, and no underwear, he thinks they are to restricting.
-Markings/Scars:um... take a look, he wont mind......... :)
-Anything else of importance: Nope...if it was important it would be in bold... i think...

Personality: homo/cross-dressing/sissy/murdering/pysco/sociopolitical/kinky/dolt
-Likes/Dislikes:Womans clothing is a like... on him... 0.o doesnt like man clothing... on him 0.o
-Social/Unsocial: really? really? FAG...murder...retard...
-View on Life/others: VERY VERY OPEN, if you know my meaning... you perv, i mean he likes everyone...
-Beliefs:Woman's clothing is heavenly...
-Opinion on other factions:"Whats a faction?" <--A quote from Gray "Robin" Dickson...
-Emotional traits:He kills his parents to make them proud... you draw conclusions you lazy arse
-Anything else of importance:Refer to last retarded comment like this above...

History:Ok, now who is the lazy one? A recap?... Mom makes him wear woman clothing... dad calls him a sissy... to prove he is a man he kills his dad... mom commits suicide...he ends up on Courscant... in an orphanage... kills head of orphanage... runs off and joins republic army... Jedi takes him away because he has force powers... he tries to kill jedi... runs away... now living in a crack/whore house and works as a Odd Job Jober...

Weapon:He has a blaster from the republic dudes... and a knife... um ya... he also has hands... and pillows... and stuff...

Force Powers(if Force sensitive): He is good at farting, is that a power? and the rest is a work in progress.. a very slow one...

Vehicle/Ship:(optional) LOL You wanna give this kid a ship? be my guest but I will be no part of that crazy shit lol... his granny told him he had a big ship... he never got the refference...0.o
-Picture of the Ship: Google it you perv, this is a PG site, Dak said so!
-Ship name: He calls it Charles
-Type of ship: o'natural
-Weapons(if any): one big gun in the front... has a charge time of like 2 min... LOL
-Size: how many inches are on a yard stick? now divide it... multiple it by .666666666 and add 1.... I dunno what you get cause I just made that up...
-Capacity: One at a time ladies...and erm men i think/guess/regret...
-Crew(if any):JILLY and ILLJ, granny died...
-Size of Crew: Um how big are hands?
-Capability of ship: four hours without enhancments
-Any other detail of importance about your personal craft: It is very personal LOL

Lightsaber Form: He still thinks light sabers are female sexual pleasure toys...
Force Form: read above...


I would like to introduce myself, I am a man of wealth and grace. I've been around for a long long time, stole many a man's soul and faith...

Name is none of your concern, but you can call me Pard, or I will kill you! And I am the narrator of this sad and true story. Many people will want to commit suicide upon reading this, I recommend it, it only gets worse. I have been called the John Cleese of RPing, the God of laughter, I have even been called A less redneck and skinny and funnier Larry the Cable Guy. I am a modest man and I put these rumors to rest, I am FAR better than any of them...

I am also know for my other works, The Book of Pard Lancer, an autobiography of sorts, although it tends to be to good to be one. Badden and the Chopping Block, this was a fictional story based loosely on a cousin of mine, although he was only a cousin through bad taste and worse beer. Life-Sucked, although seemingly a giant lie, this book tells the tale of a poor man destine to eat the soul's of others for a life time, tragic really. I have more than other books and tales, later this year another of my books is coming out, it is about the life of a poor man, lost in the turmoil and corruption of being the Admin of a once large and prosperous company. His Dominion is now not more powerful than an ant-farm, but he still carries himself as if it was the great and powerful company of yester-years. Some say he lost something deep within his heart, others say it is his soul that has gone missing. Still some agree he is missing his cerebral cortex, which makes no sense, but it is a goof laugh. In my book I unveil to truth, what this poor, small child, lost in the currents of political intrigue and power has truly lost. So look for my book later this year, anyone who is actually interested in it the book is called Hen Quack!.

Now back to this current story, Dickson and His Multicoloured Personality. I will take you on the tale of Robin, the weird-kid-who-got-picked-on-in-school-and-now-kills-people. And yes that is a title... I am his autobiographer, and unlike the memoir he wrote, I tell the truth, which is than twisted by my editors and changed into a monster that is far more entertaining and slandering, which is what it is all about, right? I will make points throughout Robin's story, and you will know because I will tell you to know...

Goodbye, I know you are not worthy, and yes it is just your lucky day and nothing more... remember commit suicide now to save yourself a long and painful death because that is what will happen if you read on about Robin, you will die a long and painful death of laughter...

Dyth - July 6, 2009 02:09 AM (GMT)
This is probably the most in-depth, well developed characters I have ever seen. I can't wait to see how Gray will evolve into a powerful Force-user. Flawless, I'm thinking. You'll have to wait for one of the mods to get on though... Anywho, great work!

Pard - July 6, 2009 02:13 AM (GMT)
Thanks, that was the angle I was going for. In-depth and personal. He reminds me of myself... just without the murder... and ignorance... and my parents never called me a mistake, my sister was the mistake... oh ya and the crossdressin... yup not me at all or anything

And I wanted to bring a sense of humor to the bleak world of SW and I wanted to try something new, and most importantly I just wanted to type up a character the way I talk and think and in the way I find funny... oh and this came on because me and Dyth were talkin bout how no one really reads profiles... well this is one oy umight actually wanna read... you will LOL

Bendak - July 6, 2009 03:27 AM (GMT)
I didn't lol.

And it doesn't fit the character creation guidelines. You have a history, but you're missing everything else. Consider using the template provided in the pinned Character Creation topic.

Pard - July 6, 2009 03:29 AM (GMT)
I have everything I need... Description. Personality. Name. Age. He is a dolt and he doesn;t know his planet, AKA this new timeline is messing with all the planet names I know... And ya he has it alland you didnt lol because you are misisng something deep deep inside you... some call it a heart. others a brain. some say it is a soul... but i know, i know........

Bendak - July 6, 2009 03:30 AM (GMT)
Use the template. It's not just for approval, it's for reference. Once you implement the template, I'll consider approving it.

Pard - July 6, 2009 03:31 AM (GMT)
Everyone else wants flawless... we shall await the judgment of the holy of unholy holys, also known as AMWAYS (dun dun dun)

Bendak - July 6, 2009 03:40 AM (GMT)
It's not getting flawless. It's not going to even be approved unless you put in the template. It would take five minutes and save a lot of hassle.

Pard - July 6, 2009 03:49 AM (GMT)
Done... Now dont you dare approve it I wanna have Amway read it... lol

Bendak - July 6, 2009 03:54 AM (GMT)
I fixed it up for you.

Pard - July 6, 2009 03:56 AM (GMT)
um, it actually made sense the backwards way... i will fix your unfix, one second

Damos Kaltarô - July 6, 2009 04:14 AM (GMT)
Oh my god I just spent the last five minutes laughing my ass off. Dak we have to approve this, for the sake of Pard spamming up one thousand topics a night. Overall I think this may provide and interesting take on a new way to play a rather troubled character in the Star Wars universe.

In short, let's give him a trial run.

Bendak - July 6, 2009 04:19 AM (GMT)
Statue has to approve this. I will have nothing more to do with it.

Dyth - July 6, 2009 04:22 AM (GMT)
At the very least Statue has to read it. I promised Pard I wouldn't let Dak kill it before then. :P Just messing. But seriously, Statue needs to read it.

Pard - July 6, 2009 03:30 PM (GMT)
Glad you liked it Damos, that was my intent. This place is in need of some humor, the spice of life. Ya I know that title is usually reserved for Viagra and condom commercials, but really humor is the spice of life... Anywho, this will only be a secondary character because I do not want to be invasive to others, I imagine a character like this simply cannot fit into many RPs out there, since most are dull and boring... Anyways, if you don;t approve it, w/e lol cause it had a shit load of fun makin' it and atleast three people had a good time reading it, maybe even Dak, although he is missing something deep deep inside...

And yes I do plan on giving the narrator in RPs with Dicky a voice greater than that of story teller, it would not be the same otherwise, Dicky is a scary dolt, the narrator adds the spice, that is what needs to be learned in this instance.

BTW, amway, i am thinkin Flawless, what do you think? It is long enough. It is FULL of detail, despite Dak's calculatingly ignorant mind, and furthermore it is just really that good...

BTWBTW, i added more if anyone cares, a new paragraph in the section about the narrator...

Dyth - July 6, 2009 03:44 PM (GMT)
Nice sig. We still need to see what Statue says. Any chance you'll make another, 'normal', character?

Pard - July 6, 2009 03:45 PM (GMT)
Workin on it now... was bout to IM you and you sign'd off...

Bendak - July 7, 2009 12:53 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Pard @ Jul 6 2009, 10:30 AM)
Dak's calculatingly ignorant mind

That was uncalled for and unnecessary.

Sad Statue - July 7, 2009 06:33 PM (GMT)

Thanks for submitting your character for the roleplay! Congratulations on having a character that will be envied, and creating a flawless backstory and biography for your character. Your character is now classified as flawless, and suitably will be moved to the Flawless Characters section.

The reward for such a deed? An increment of 50 posts to your post count, which will grant you credits for the RP and help to increase your standing with other members.

Great work! And thank you for choosing Star Wars Dominion!

Star Wars Dominion Staff

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