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Lucas Ray - April 13, 2010 12:12 PM (GMT)
Silent Hill 2 (Film) FAQS

When was 'Silent Hill 2' announced? What do we know so far?

On December 24, 2006, in an interview in, Silent Hill Writer/Director Christophe Gans announced that Sony has officially ordered another installment of Silent Hill. Gans also stated that he'd like to come back to the franchise, if his current commitment to Onimusha doesn't bar him from participating. In the event that Gans isn't available to direct the film personally, he recommended that it be helmed by another European Director, preferably a fellow Frenchman. Gans also confirmed that Roger Avary will be back to write the script. An English language translation of Gans' interview can be found on Gamespot.

In 2007, the sequel has hit a major production snag, Gans has stated that he cannot be a part of the Silent Hill 2 project due to his involvement with Onimusha and Roger Avary stated in an interview basically that no Gans = no Avary involvement with the movie project. So the movie is currently moving forward without a writer or a director.

However, in an April, 2009 interview on, it was hinted that Avary might be returning to direct Silent Hill 2. For details, see the FAQ item "Will Roger Avary be involved with the sequel?" below. It has yet been unconfirmed whether Avary will return, if a screenplay exists or when shooting begins.

On September 15, 2009 it was confirmed that Roger Avary and Samuel Hadida were working on Silent Hill 2, and that filming would begin in 2010 after Resident Evil 4 wrapped. Source:

Will this be an adaptation of the game 'Silent Hill 2'?

Though both Gans and Avary said it was their intention to adapt Silent Hill 2 prior to the release of the first film, at the present time, this hasn't been confirmed. Since the announcement of Gans not being involved with this project, the above information can be considered speculation.

Is Roger Avary involved with the sequel?

Yes. Sony has officially hired Avary to write the sequel's script.


Is Neil Gaiman involved with writing the sequel?

No. Neil Gaiman announced on his blog that this was simply an internet rumor. The rumor stems from a mistranslation on a Silent Hill Fan Site, in which Gans actually said Roger Avary would be returning to write the script for Silent Hill 2 when he was finished with "his project with his friend Neil Gaiman". Gans was refering to Beowulf.

Any news on returning cast members?

While Radha Mitchell joked in a previous interview that she'd like to come back as a creature, at the present time, there is no news about any returning cast members.

What year will the crew start filming the movie "Silent Hill 2"?



Anyone else excited for this sequel? The first film I thought was great (until they main characters started getting involved with the church cult... then it was just ok). I'm hoping this movie will do he same thing for the movie franchise that SH2 did for the game franchise: expand upon what the predecessor did right and make it even more awesome.

What do you guys hope to see from the sequel?

Lucas Ray - April 23, 2010 07:03 AM (GMT)
According to producer Don Carmody the sequel will be more accessible to the movie-going public, commenting,

"Silent Hill is not a blockbuster game like Resident Evil or the other games out there. It's a connoisseurs' game. It has its own, rabid fan base. They're not cheap, these things. You have to appeal not only to the gamers, you have to appeal to a wider audience."

Carmody also stated the film will be set 'years later' with the main character 'much older'.[38] This could be a link to the games, in which Cheryl Mason, the character that Sharon Da Silva was based on, was also much older than she was in the first Silent Hill when she returned as Heather, the main character of Silent Hill 3.


Oh yeah, you bet I'm going to be keeping this updated. :)

Lucas Ray - May 17, 2010 02:39 AM (GMT)
Don Carmody told Shock Till You Drop that Christophe Gans was unlikely to return for the sequel, and that they were going to make the sequel more accessible to a wider audience. Carmody stated that the film would feature a character from the first movie who is now older, heavily implying that Alessa Gillespie will be returning. Whether actress Jodelle Ferland will play her is unknown.

On May 5th 2010, Don Carmody stated in an interview with about the latest Resident Evil film that he was hoping to start filming by the end of Spring.

Porter Matthews - May 17, 2010 10:33 PM (GMT)
Coinciding with your thoughts on the film I found this lying around the web. Now I'm unsure of whether or not it's true but I think it holds some refrences to the previous film as well as the games.


The second installment of the Silent Hill series leads journalist Brett Cartland into Portland, Maine to work on a documentary about the abandoned mining town of Silent Hill. He finds himself trapped inside of a closing shopping mall with a mysterious young woman named Kara. The exits are blocked and a series of odd noises from an unknown section of the mall lead to an unimaginable terror. Kara and Brett go deep into Silent Hill during the second act of the film in the search of her true identity. He quickly learns that there is more to her past than she is letting on.

Now I don't know if Brett Cartland is supposed to be some kind of reference to Brett from the "Dying Inside" comic character Brett. Kind of the way that Rose Da Silva was basically the alterego of Harry Mason, but hey, it's however we're going to interpret it at the moment right?

Brett Cartland could also be a nod to Douglas Cartland from the 3rd game. As in the game he was a P.I. tasked with returning Heather to Silent Hill. It could be likely that Brett Cartland only plays along as a reporter in the same sense to return Sharon [Kara] to silent hill. Possibly basing the second movie off of the third game.

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