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trey98607 - September 5, 2006 12:40 PM (GMT)
170 million years ago, dinosaurs and humans co-existed. The humans worshipping the five beast protectors. Bandora's son was killed by a dinosaur. She sold her soul to a Great Satan, who wiped out all the dinosaurs. The Beast Protectors imprisoned Bandora and her henchmen in a magical canister on the planet Nemesis. The Zyurangers are placed in suspended animation and protected by Barza, should Bandora return.
In the modern day, astronauts explore the approaching Nemesis, but accidentally freed Bandora. Barza awakens the Zyurangers and gives them magical coins to henshin with their Dinobucklers. The space ship is shrunken by Bandora and captured by knight-like Dora Titan, until Zyurangers save the children inside. The Zyurangers retrieve the Weapons of Legend and soon form the Daizyujin. Bandora captures a pair of dinosaur eggs, but they are lost in the ensuing struggle.
A young boy from the prehistoric times, awakens his hero Burai. Bandora strikes an alliance with Burai, giving him the Helfriede Sword. Lammy is also revived and aids the Grifforzer and Burai against Daizyujin with the recovered eggs as bait, but are again lost at sea. During a celebration in the moon base, Bura tries to kill Bandora, but in then banished to Earth. Klotho gives Burai Juuzouken, which he uses to wreak havoc with the Dragon Caesar. During the battle, Daizyujin tells Geki to kill Burai, but cannot do it and Burai's tears destroys the Helfriede Sword.
Bandora discovers stronger clay to make Golem Hei, but Geki and Burai retrieve the Thunder Slingers during an encounter with King Brachion. Later Bandora resummons the Great Satan in Zyurangers form of Kyuukyoku Daizyujin to defeat Satan. The dinosaur eggs are later retrieved, placed inside King Brachion to incubate. Having learned the secret, Bandora targets Burai, destroying the Lapseless Room. Burai dies, passing on the Zyusouken and Dragon Armor to Geki. Kai arrives and is resurrected by Satan, pilots Doro Talos mecha with four hypnotized children. Dora Talos is defeated, not once, but twice. Kai dies in Bandora's arms and her tears rob her of her of powers. Daizyujin traps Bandora and her henchmen in a Golden Vase which flies into space, passing Satan. Zyurangers rise into heaven, where the Protector Beasts await.

mbozzo - January 15, 2013 02:59 AM (GMT)
It's a far different story than the one shown in Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. :D

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