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 Guidelines For Choosing A Build For Fighters, How To Build A Strongest Fighter!!
Posted: Apr 3 2006, 06:54 AM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 3-April 06

Since im so bored now, i thought of making this topic. Hope it would be able to help out those newbies who just started this game I will try my best to make this thread interesting. Forgive me if there's any error in making this guide but all suggestions can be said out

Topics :
1. Introduction
2. Equipments
3. Different Builds
4. Going Hybrid
5. Pk-ing With Different Builds

1. Introduction

The characters of combat section are hardly seen in other fantasy games, this is a character that fights base on their bare hands. By looking at the outlook of the characters, it looks like those modern day gangsters. By using their hands, feet and body as the fundamental skills, base on the form of development, players can become the Martial Expertise that fight with QiGong or just with bare hands & feet.
The Qi gathering time for the characters from the combat section are shorter, therefore it can perform higher dexterity skills as compared to other societies.When the character practice their [Fist] to be the mastery skill, those it can have a very quick attack mode, but the attacking power is lower. Whereby for character who master the [Leg] skill, though the speed is slower, but it can pr0duce very powerful attack; besides if a character develop to the stage that master the [QiGong], it speed of attack is slower, but the attack range and power are much greater and forcible. Another reason to play fighter is that i think fighter has the most build that one can imagine. From pow to int, from dex to vit. However, each build has it's own disadvantages and advantages.

2. Different Builds(most common)

i. Pow Build(leg) :

I think this is the most comman build for fighters nowadays. This build focus on pow and has the ability to unleash deadly combos and can deals a big amount of damage to enermies. Great use during PK's, duels and even clearing mobs. This build has very high damage and is high respected for it's damage. Normally a combo of makaze kick and power kick can easility take down an enermy. Pow build is easy for lvl-ing and is a great choice for those who wants power and can be able to PK once reach the lvl80+ mark. However, this build has low defence and is hard to lure monsters. Also, this build is slow is attacking. Among all 3 builds, this build reaches its 'power point' far faster then the rest by reaching lvl87.

ii. Dex Build(fist/hand) :

This build is i think the best and far most useful tankers in RAN. It has the ability to tank monsters due to it's high defences and has very fast speed especially the skills. Since it is a dex build, it is shortage of pow. So, this build is weak when is low lvl. For now, many players/parties are searching for dex fighters to tank/lure monsters especially in leonine and trading hole. It's hard to win a pow character using this character but it has good avoid rate plus the atk speed. I think this build has high potential for its speed combo's and defence. However, this build only shines well over lvl9x. It's hard to lvl for this build but with a party, it's easy to lvl coz this build has the defence but less pow.

iii. Int Build(head/body) :

Currently im building this build. It's gonna be a tough work but this build has it's potential once over lvl100. It is the hardest to train among all 3 builds but has many hidden potentials. If you are finding for a good mob clearer and good ranged damage, i think this build suits you. As for pk-ing and dueling, i have no idea coz my fighter is currently low lvl. I will try update this as soon as possible. This build is good for mob clearence due to it's high splash damage. However, it's weakness is having low hp and defence compared to dex.

3. Going Hybrid

I strongly suggest that if one would like to go to hybrid, wait till you are high lvl(above lvl 8x at least) coz going to hybrid at low lvl can spells disaster for many. If you are sure of hybridting, then go for it but u have to know a few things before doing so. Hybrid means u focus on 2 stats instead of 1. Therefore, u might have pr0blems choosing skills and stats to up. Hybrids are good in the sense that we can have the ability to have powerful damage and good defences(for instance) but we doesnt have the advantages of either the main stats. Another good part for hybrid is that you will get bored lvl-ing due to lack of skills. So the choice is yours.

4. Pk-ing With Different Builds

Every build has it own pr0s and cons during pk-ing. so have to get used to it if wan excel during pk.

Pow Build
This has high damage and the combo skill of lvl87 and 97 can take out the enermy easily. makaze kick is wonderful pk skill. With pow up or combo can really be deadly. Has low def thou. Try upgrade your armor to increase def or gef a jg and ec during pk for buffs.

Dex Build
My fren told me that only lvl117 skill is good for pk. 107 skill is abit less pain in damage wise(ignore pow up in this case). Many of my frens are going to leave this skill or just get it until lvl4 only. The choice in in your hands. Good def but slightly low damage.

Int Build
I would say this is a very deadly build once high lvl. It has very high damage(if on mobs can reach 1k but not sure wat skill coz its been sometime already). I seen my fren pk-ing with his int fighter. Good atk but low in def like pow. I think hybriding of int/vit is a good way(not yet tested out) to increase hp while killing.

Let's say you are a newbie and wanting some great time playing a fighter. What build to choose? Ok..here's what i think.

Pow Fighter :
Nice damage but low def. You gonna spend some money on pots and armor. Itsnt a nice character to start with at the moment if you got yourself mix up with stats and skills. If you have nice eq then it will be better off.

Dex Fighter :
This is what i call tanker. It's def is low when low level(but higher than others at same level). When high lvl above lvl80+, it will be nice. Usage on pots and less due to nice def. A good character to start off with if newbie.

Int Fighter :
I think only 1 word can describe this build. Nightmare. If you are below lvl97, it's lvl-ing will be pure uphill task. Real hard and low damage at first but when high level, you are the ultimate mob clearer.

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