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 Mathias 'Mat' Bourne-Devlin, -- NPC --
Posted: May 4 2008, 01:20 PM

The truth is out there....
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Is this your first bio on either Pollo loco site?: No

Designation: N/A

Name: Mathias 'Mat' Bourne-Devlin

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Marital status: Married to another Familiar

Physical description: Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 198lbs
Hair: Medium brown
Eyes: Dark grey

user posted image
(Mark Humphrey)

Cocktail: Familiar

Original, Clone or One off?: N/A

Unit / Solo Op: N/A

Training / abilities: Languages: Speaks 8 modern languages fluently + fluent in Minoan.
English; French; Spanish; Japanese; Russian; Polish; Cantonese & Arabic
Business, acrobatics, gunmanship/sniper, horsemanship, swordsmanship, knives, archery, martial arts (6 types incredibly skilled at all.), vehicle mastery (cars, bikes, boats & aircraft.), fine art, ski-ing, painting, sings, piano, violin, guitar, vehicle mastery (cars, bikes, boats & aircraft.), actor / con artist, dexterity, thief, stealth, general knowledge, expert with all types of weapons, Familiar training, law degree.

Stronger and faster than the average human, can easily leap two stories, with perfect memory. Ambidextrous.

History: Born of the pairing of his Familiar mother, Theresa Bourne, she had not shown skill enough to be in any of the specialised castes, and an Ordinary father, he was the third child born to that pairing, third after the miscarriages.

Those in charge of breeding liked each child at birth, and on regular checks, pre them being of age to go to the school, so his parents were expected to keep producing children until his mother was ordered otherwise, which she was after the birth of Mathias and his twin, or rather she was ordered to not have more by her husband, Familiars, when the marriage to either ordinary or Familiar, is for 'life' to suit political etc machinations, order females to allow 'cuckholding' or for the male Familiar 'affairs' if a new wanted match is found for them.

The cuckholder or mistress may be either a Familair, or an Ordinary, if Familiar, they are of course fully aware of why the coupling is taking place and of the others married status, ordinaries like always aree 'played' to suit the purposes of the Familiars.

Jonathan is totally unaware of being cuckholded for the last 3 children, since when one party in the marriage is an ordianry, those in charge of choosing breeding partners make sure that blood matched one parent and that colouring can be explained by either parent or a known ancestor...

While Jonathan is unaware that three of his children are not he's, as is standard, his children, those who passed the test, are told on turning 16, ones line is an important thing to Familiars, so they should know the truth, it is not seen as being wrong to thier society, but a needed thing to keep producing the best.


Unusually his mother is still with his father, even though she's long past breeding age, being 57 (world thinks she's 60) , the marriage continued, and was allowed to produce 3 more children after Mathias and his twin, (see above) because Jonathan Devlin was a rising politician then a senator, now one of those with the ear of the president.

Theresa was paired with him at the age of 16, he was 25 and already making his mark in the political scene, he thought the girl was 19, the breeders and Conclave did not want to wait 3 years to get him bred to the best candidate they had, and to get their 'claws' into him.

After the birth of his first child, a son Jonathon Devlin the 5th (JJ), with Theresa, he was allowed to find out, along with info that looked like he was the one to forge her age etc, that his bride had not been legal when he wed her. Theresa played as being totally in love with him, not a party to the 'set up', Jon got over it fast, since Theresa's family wanted what he wanted, him in power, so that was the start of them working together, him thinking he knows his wifes 'familys' motivations.

A daughter Victoria, was born 1 year after the son, then Mathias and his twin sister, she was younger by 29 minutes, Melinda, 2 years later another daughter Grace, then twin again, two girls this time, identical ones, Anne and Abigail.

Because of the need to keep Devlin sweet, for the long term plans they had, all the children were treated normally for those of his class, as well as for Familiar children. The children's nanny's and au pairs, were always Familiars.

At six JJ was sent off to the most prestigious of the US Familiar boarding schools, these are always set up as 'elite' schools, so getting it okayed with the Devlin family was not hard, not with the school's impressive record etc. He passed the test, Victoria followed a year later and also passed.

It came time for Mathias and Melinda to go, that was when the first 'problem' occurred, Mathias passed well, not the best, not the worst, without failing, passing, Melinda though, she did not pass, but she did not die, she became little more than a vegtable... as is the practice she was put into one of the asylums. Jonathan was quickly soothed with explanations of illness and it having infected her brain, highly placed Familiars in the right fields were bought in to confirm the diagnosis...

He believed the lies, because it suited him, he was not above using his daughters condition when needed. He was a man who did not see anything that could glossed over, like his wife's families thing for branding thier children on reaching the age of six, as a problem. He needed, and needs, the funding coming from his wife's family, he might have the name, and the 'blue blood' but his father had lost most of his fortune before Jonathan left college where he was getting his Law degree.

Grace, Anne and Abigail all passed the test, Anne, just passed, her left side is a little weak from it, but this was and is deemed an acceptable passing, since although a little weak from a Familiar point of view, she's still stronger on that side than 'humans', so not someone that needs weeding out of the breeding pool, a note is on her filestating pairings only with 'humans' with above average strength as a compensation.

He was selected for the warrior caste at the age of 8, he lacked the skill to be Phalanx, the elite of the warriors, but was skilled enough to make more than a very competent warrior.

Mathias lived the normal life of a Familiar child, and as the second son of an up and coming politician, it was allowed that he and his siblings be removed from school for campaigns etc.

As he aged his father gained in 'rank' a few days before Mathias entered Harvard, his father was sworn in as a Senator.

Upon graduating, top of his class from Harvard he started his career in the FBI, warriors are often placed in the police forces etc of the world, although CIA and their ilk are only used for Phalanx.

At 20 he was paired off with a 'human', one of the women at his college, she was also 20, and of good breeding stock, so as ordered he wooed her and married her, even though both were in college and his father was not happy, his father was only the 'head' of the family for show, he obeyed if his fathers wishes tallied with orders from The Conclave, if not then they were ignored.

After the two miscarriages, they had 3 sons, Thomas, Jacob and Simon, born when Mat was 21, 23 and 25, when Simon was 18 months old, Mat did as ordered and his wife had an 'accident', leaving a 'greiving' husband and children. Mat's father made some good political hay from the 'accident', so it benifited the Familiars in two ways, being rid of a now unwanted breeder and gaining some political advantages.

Because Mat is more of a public face, with being son of a high placed senator, he could not be remarried right away, why he killed his wife, before they had worked out whom to pair him off with next.

His older brother had in the meantime died in a shooting, wrong place, wrong time, so they needed to groom Mat to follow in his fathers footsteps, with JJ now dead. JJ had taken business qualifications, and the plan had been do well in that field then at the age of 50 run for the senate. They are still angling to have someone in the Whitehouse, even with The Coming not being far away.

So now all things are being geared with Mat's running for senate at the age of 50, the marriage with Josephine was and is part of that, its to be permenant, like his parents one.

At 32 he was finally paired off again, this time with another Familiar, Josephine Dupuis, 25, a psi, from one of the high ranking Swiss 'French' families, she was deemed perfect in all respects, as a breediung partner, the right power, JJ had also been paired with a psi a new idea with him and the right background and ability to be a perfect political wife.

Josephine is a high flying business woman based in Switzerland, her and Mat's children all live with her in thier Swiss chateau, the older children going to a nearby Familiar school. Mat visits often, and they vacation in the US with him for all vacations, he does not love Josephine, but the marriage is amicable, and works perfectly for them both, Josephine loves his sons like her own, and he loves her 3 daughters, Aeriann, Soleil and Llyssa, from her previous marraige to an ordinary whom she married at 17, like his own, they have a son, Marq, and a daughter, Eleanor, between them.

The reasoning for Mat moving his sons to Switzerland, not Josephine and her children moving to the US was given as being that she had a very succesful established business in Europe, she could not work so easily from the US, Mat could give up hia job, but did not want to stop serving the US, so they opted for a long distance relationship. (Mat's father had to put a 'good' political spin on it.) The plan being when he retired and ran for office, they would make a big deal out of her giving up her business life to support her husband etc...

Mat's eldest son moved back to the US to a Familiar college on recently turning 16, that is the plan for all the kids, step daughters as well.

With the latest FBI shuffling of people around, Mat's boss, as in Leader of the Warrior caste, Dante Templeton-Debonnaire, got him assigned to the Seattle office, as Specail Agent In Charge, of the small team placed there, he wanted one of his own in place, since the previous SAIC, had had a habit of hindering Ames White, even though the Feds had been told that Transgenics were the NSA's province, Hector Gomez continued to knowlingly go out of his jurisdiction to get Transgenics, and hinder the NSA due to feeling he should be the one getting them not some NSA jerk.

Family / Unit: Mat's children (bio & step) are: (all of age, have passed the test)
(Jeremy Sumpter) = Thomas = user posted image

Jacob = 14user posted image

Simon =12user posted image

Aeriann = 11user posted image

Soleil = 9user posted image

Llyssa = 7user posted image

Marq = 4user posted image

Eleanor = 2user posted image

Home:user posted image
Almost in the part of Seattle that's got all the estates. Set in 4.5 acres.

  • Wine Celler
  • Generator room
  • Freezer room
  • Utility room
  • Storage room
Ground floor:
  • Family room
  • Drawing room
  • Washroom
  • kitchen / Breakfast room
  • Dining room
  • Study
  • Library
  • Games room
  • Home cinema
  • Conservatory
  • Pool
  • Gym
First floor:
  • Master suite: double bedroom with en suite bathroom, dressing room (can easily take a super king size bed) (Mat's)
  • 4 double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms & dressing room. (can easily take a king size bed) (Josephine uses one of these as her own, does not share with Mat.)
  • 3 double bedrooms with en-suite shower rooms.(can take a queen size bed) (1 = Aupairs)
Loft floor: kids floor
  • 4 single bedrooms with en-suite shower rooms (can take a queen size bed)
  • 6 single bedrooms
  • Shower rooms
  • Bathroom
  • Playroom
Other buildings
  • 4 car garage
  • storage heds
  • greenhouses
  • Summerhouse


  • 4.5 acreas
  • Long sweeping circle drive to the house
  • Large pond
  • Play area (fenced in with large grass area, play equipment, large playhouse.)
  • Large lawned area
  • Veg garden
  • Kitchen / Herb garden (outside the kitchen)
  • Orchard
  • Formal gardens with large ornamental fish pond
  • Rose garden
  • Patio (with barbecue & gazebo)
  • Wildlife areas
Posted: May 4 2008, 01:34 PM

don't fear the Reaper
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