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Posted by: waterdancer Oct 28 2006, 08:08 AM
This is sort of a temporary holding thread for some of my info on the Secret Service until I can get it into a more polished form.

Archives of some LC threads dealing with the Netcom, the Netcom Heroes and Four Soldiers, Four Stories; 1108th Signals and Communications (Netcom) soldiers assigned to the Secret Service in NYC on 9/11 from was was was containing some relevant screenshots on this story (alternate)

Posted by: waterdancer Nov 5 2006, 04:51 AM
Added a new one: ( makes at least 3 confirmed (and probably 4) military units that I'm aware of assigned to the Secret Service on the morning of 9/11 in NYC for the UN General Assembly (in addition to the 100 extra Secret Service personnel in NYC on 9/11, of course).

1108th Signals and Communications (Ft. Detrick)
Justo Andaluz
Stephen Atha
Robert Curtis
Joseph Wall (deceased)

Air Force Protective Communications Support team (Scott AFB)
Shawn Haynes
Craig Walentowski
Mark Provo (audio interview links
Lonnie Wells

Jim Prewitt (and team) (Navy EOD MU 6)
(probable) Richard Spanard (and team) (754th EOD Ft. Monmouth)

I figure at least one or two of these guys might be able to answer Cynthia McKinney's question on whether 9/11 was a NSSE.

Posted by: waterdancer Nov 6 2006, 12:19 AM
I've updated my to include most if not all of the above information. Below follows a bit more which I wrote and posted (amidst a lot of other information). I'll try to cut out the duplication from the NYC blog post, so that this information can be read in addition to that. Additionally, the Complete 9/11 timeline has quite a bit of useful information and links as well in their Some will have been duplicated by my work, but there is enough information for them both to be worthwhile reading, I feel.

Secret Service had the ability to see what the FAA sees in real time, according to Richard Clarke, Dick Cheney and another source or two.

Tigerwall System. Tigerwall is an air surveillance system currently used by the U.S. Secret Service to ensure enhanced physical security at a high-value asset location by providing early warning of airborne threats. SSC San Diego has assisted the Secret Service in implementing and maintaining the Tigerwall system by providing expertise gained from other SSC San Diego surveillance and physical security programs.
from the internet archive page of for another source on Tigerwall (well, it used to be anyway- now all I get is a white screen which freezes, but for you; hope that doesn't go away as well, huh?)

In addition to the NYC information on my blog, we have:

An, yet Air Force one took off without a military escort on 9/11?!

The; sand filled garbage trucks blocked off an, beginning would that have prevented a plane hit?

A presence,1426,MCA_945_1300676,00.html before Flight 77 hit (Bush was scheduled to arrive there later in the day, they had the firetruck out by the helipad). ETA- this was probably a planned presence for later in the day rather than an actual presence in the AM hours based on rereading this...

Apparently, (more on Andrews AFB and and in the early AM, ordering protection over DC.

Posted by: JerryB9105 Nov 6 2006, 11:27 AM

Here's a link to something similar I posted back in July 2006 in the LC forum -- some folks added in some interesting things to consider. Hope it something you can use as well:


Posted by: waterdancer Nov 6 2006, 08:26 PM
QUOTE (JerryB9105 @ Nov 6 2006, 04:27 PM)

Here's a link to something similar I posted back in July 2006 in the LC forum -- some folks added in some interesting things to consider.  Hope it something you can use as well:


Thanks Jerry, the only problem is I get an error message saying I don't have permission to view it from that link. Any chance you could maybe copy it for me? Thanks.

Posted by: JerryB9105 Nov 7 2006, 08:11 AM
To WATERDANCER -- Gee, I'm not sure about that -- it's six (6) full pages and from past experience with doing something similar to this the photographs and the links never seem to completely work when I've copied and pasted in the past // surely this time would prove no different.

Maybe JDX can help with this if he feels it to be truly important to furthering your research -- might want to ask him. Sorry. Hope you don't consider me doing this // asking you to do this // to be a 'cop out' my forum friend.

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