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Posted by: johndoeX Sep 1 2006, 02:29 PM
AA77 FDR NTSB Parameter Readout
comma delimited text
Revision: January 28 2002 January 29 2002 National Transportation Safety Board
Date Printed: January 29 2002

Simple text list of Parameters plotted

Posted by: UnderTow Sep 13 2006, 03:59 PM -- 22MB

If you have any technical questions about these files please ask.


Posted by: johndoeX Oct 3 2006, 07:39 PM
user posted image

Posted by: johndoeX Oct 22 2006, 10:44 AM

Posted by: Havey Dec 20 2006, 10:36 AM
Thers one thing I want to understand.

You say that the animation is provided by NTSB.
Where is the animation to be downloaded from NTSB?
If I go to the links abow I find PDF files, text.
Where did the animation come from?

As I understand it you guys have checked the information in the FDR and established that the animation is corect acording to the information?
And that there is a abnomality in pressure and real altitude?
And perhaps somtthing wrong with the accelration with the plane compared to the flightpath if it is to have stroke the poles?
Most importantly I would like to know where the animation comes from and to know how I can be sertain it is corectly displaying the flightpath acording to the FDR.

Posted by: johndoeX Dec 20 2006, 10:47 AM
Snowygrouch, a researcher from the UK, received the animation through the Freedom Of Information Act. It was supplied to him on DVD and he sent it to us. The paperwork can be found It matches the information we have that UnderTow received through the FOIA from the NTSB (except for the blatant cover-up of the altimeter not being set on descent in the animation to make the animation aircraft appear lower than it actually is.. will be explained in full in upcoming documentary.)

It is not available for download anywhere (that i know of.. .its a really big file)... but i do offer it for free on the Pandora's Black Box - Chapter One DVD along with the other research videos which you can order

or.. you can order it directly from the NTSB through the Freedom Of Information Act by calling (202) 314-6000 or going

Unfortunately i cannot offer it for download on the site as it is a HUGE file and will eat up bandwidth. But i can send it to you within a few days if you pick up a DVD. The NTSB might take a few months to get it to you... or perhaps years...

I apologize if this doesnt help you much.

Posted by: UnderTow Dec 20 2006, 02:01 PM
QUOTE (Havey @ Dec 20 2006, 10:36 AM)
Most importantly I would like to know where the animation comes from and to know how I can be sertain it is corectly displaying the flightpath acording to the FDR.

It comes from a piece of software built to read FDR files and recreate the plane performance as it's recorded in the FDR.

For Example

But for the NTSB they most likely contracted to this

Or they could have done it internally.

There are great essays and long conferences about the pros and cons and hows of doing these animations.
The Tabular Read Out is also produced by this same type of software which directly reads the FDR Raw file.

By comparing the data displayed in both, it can been seen that they share the same source. Namely the FDR reportedly recovered at the crime scene. However, the Alitmeter Baro Setting in the animation, and hence it's readout, is in conflict with the same data point in the Tabular Readout.

Do you require more.

Posted by: dsmith Oct 12 2007, 12:22 AM
How did snowgroch, in Britian ge ANYTHING pn a FOIA requst to the US gov't?!
That's supposed to be for US citizens, I thought.


Posted by: UnderTow Oct 12 2007, 09:00 AM
I think your keyboard is broken.


Posted by: dsmith Oct 13 2007, 01:19 AM
In the letter on this topic, the person asked for and got the Flight Data Report. They did not specify the Flight Data Recorder file. Both could be refered to as FDR.
I'd like to see the reply to the FOIA requst for the raw Flight Data Recorder file.
If they admit, in that letter, that what they sent IS Flight Data Recorder, ( as opposed to Flight Data Report, or Flight Data Record,) that might just be evidence of cover-up, because the goverment Boxes" for flight 93.
Awritten reply to a request for something they SAID didn't exist, Referencing the requsted data, and stateing it is included, SHOOULD fly in court, if need be.
Can someone upload both the FOIA Request for the raw Flight Recorder Data, and the reply letter to this topic, Please?
Just the anser to the Request for the Flight Data Report proves nothing, as a Flight Data Report could be made from Radar, and eyewitness data, excludeing the supposedley un-recovered Flight Data Recorder.

Who ever has the above documents, make many copies, and also scan them!
Keep the copies in different locations, and the scans on Phisicly seperate computers, both at your location, and elsewhere.
This may sound paranoic, but proof of coverup of 911 is to hot a potato for them to leave alone. Locking the house or office, where they are kept, wont do much good, niether will a securitey system.

Putting thise documents here, would go a long way to preserveing them. You'd have LOTS of wittnesses to their existance, and what they that case.



Posted by: dsmith Oct 13 2007, 01:44 AM
I made a mistake. The above letter asks for Flight Data Records report.
Flight Data Records might not include the Flight Data Recorder data.

Even though it meentions the SSFDR, An DFDR, that might not be an admission of the existance of AAL77s Flight Data Recorder.
Posting the Reply to the request for the raw Flight Data Recorder file would be most helpfull.



Posted by: rob balsamo Oct 13 2007, 02:24 AM

Note the dates on the above posts. Then download the actual data and look at it.

Posted by: Dave C Oct 14 2007, 02:46 PM
QUOTE (UnderTow @ Sep 13 2006, 03:59 PM) -- 22MB

If you have any technical questions about these files please ask.


Is it true that the altitude is entered to the flight data recorder every .5 seconds? If that is true, then the last 3 entries which were 416, 352 and 273 would mean that flight 77 dropped 143 feet in one second. Given it was an airliner and not a dive bomber, how was that possible?

Posted by: UnderTow Oct 15 2007, 01:23 PM
Which entry are you discussing?
Radio or Baro height?

Both are recorded once per second anyway.

Radio Height to determine descent rate is not accurate because the ground could be rising up, thus making the descent rate artificially high. If you however are able to line up the correct topography under the plane in sync with it's location and timing of the Radio records, then an accurate calculation can be made.

Otherwise, I believe it has been basically confirmed the descent rate was between 4000-6000 feet per minute, which is within reason for a 757, but also fails the "damage path" test if we maintain the "time of impact". Among other problems.


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