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 A Beginners Guide to Joining, Just Getting Started? Help Is In Here
Uchiha Satori
Posted: Jan 2 2006, 09:13 PM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 9-June 05

The idea of this topic is to make it as simple as possible to join and become an active member here at Naruto Jiyuu. So here is a step by step guide on what you need to.

Step 1: Registering
-Obviously.. if you are a guest who is planning on joining, you should of course register. This isn't a hard one.. if you found your way here, you can certainly manage this one. After registering please stop in the Hello thread and post introducing yourself.

Step 2: Reading & Understanding the Rules
-Reading this topic alone proves you're on the right track. The rules really aren't all that hard to understand. They're just there to help guide you when you first start, kind of like this topic. The RP rules should probably be read in this order.

1) General Rules

2) Chakra

3)The (New) Jutsu System

4) Fighting, Duels and Missing Nins

5) Character Application

Step 3: Creating Your Character
-Alright, now that you've read over the rules, it's time to create your character step by step. If you have mozilla firefox, it would be helpful if you opened two tabs (besides this one), one for the ninja registration forum, the other for the Accepted Technique Chart Forum. (Note: Press Ctrl+T to create a new tab)

-If you don't have Mozilla, or another browser with tabs (like internet explorer) you should open a new window (Ctrl+N) and open a word processor or notepad. Obviously keep this topic in one window, and open the other to ninja registration.

-Open up the character registration topic, and copy the blank template. If you're using a word processor, paste it in there. If not, just copy it, click back, and click post a new topic. Post it in there.

-Now we're just going to go straight down the character application.

Step 3a) Setting Up Your Character's profile

Name:- Now personally I don't think this is all that important, but I have people telling me all the time about how they can't think of a name. Really it doesn't matter as long as you're comfortable with it. It doesn't have to be japanese either.. it could be Calvin for all I care. If you really have a problem here.. save it for last.

Rank: This is what will decide a great deal for your character, the type of things you'll do here on Jiyuu, and the type of potential your character has. Here is a break down of the ranks. If you're already dead set on which you want, feel free to skip this, but it's certainly worth a read. Remember that you'll always have chances to move around in rank, be it through chuunin or jounin exams, or by joining ANBU.

Genin: Probably the most recognizeable rank. A genin is a the lowest rank in the shinobi hierarchy (discounting academy student). They start off rather weak compared to the other ranks, but also go through a great deal of improvement. Genin often exist in specific teams, usually lead by a jounin or chuunin. They are allowed to do only D and C rank missions. D rank missions can be performed by a solo genin, but they must have at least one other partner to be assigned a C-rank.

If you start as a Genin, your growth will be much higher than that of the other ranks, and your potential will be much higher as well. Those who begin as genin have the potential to raise their chakra to 100,000. The level of the Villages' Head Ninjas. Genin begin with one technique chart along with their academy/village chart.

Chuunin A rank that's very inbetween. They have comperable growth and potential to genin, but also some of the jounin responsibilities. Chuunin can take on C and B rank missions solo or with a team. If they wish they can take a group of genin on a B-rank mission. Chuunin have a max chakra of 75,000, making them the second best growth wise.

Other Chuunin duties include being an examiner at the chuunin exams, or teaching academy students. Like Genin, Chuunin will have only one technique chart, coupled with their village chart.

Jounin One of the most elite ranks among shinobi. These ninjas are very powerful, and can take on B, A and occasionally even S Class missions. Having reached the highest rank among ninja besides that of Village Kage, the Jounin are almost at the height of their potential, and only have but so much more to increase. The max jounin chakra is 50,000. In addition to taking on dangerous missions, Jounin also serve as field teachers for genin, making sure to aid the genin on their way to becoming better shinobi. Jounin start with two selectable technique charts

Hunter-nin and ANBU If you see yourself doing mostly missions here on Naruto Jiyuu, these two ranks could be for you. ANBU and Hunter-nin are special ranks directly under the control of Uchiha Satori. ANBU and Hunter-nin are known for their secret and covert missions, usually involving assasination, retrival and spying. They are quite the mysterious group. They have a potential a bit below that of a chuunin, but are a bit more powerful at the same time. These mission specialists are allowed two selectable technique charts

Age: These are the average Ages of the ranks.. straight from the series. Now, some wiggle room is there.. like you could have a 10 or 11 year old genin, but at the same time he can't be a taijutsu master with better physical skills that someone at 14 or 15. Also don't try and make your character some genius 14 year old jounin. I know Itachi and Kakashi might've been that good.. but yeah, that's them. And a 16 year old genin probably would've given up by now.

Genin: 12-14
Chuunin: 14 and Up
Jounin: 18 and Up
ANBU and Hunter-Nin- 16 and Up

Character Height & Weight: Not hard. Just don't make them disporpotioned for their age..

Starting Village:Just a choice really. Diffferent villages have slightly different village/academy charts, and different bloodline clans. Remember that certain villages specialize in certain things.. so a fire user in the Mist Village (Water Country) wouldn't make much sense.

Character Appearance What your character usually wears. Not too hard..

History Now, this is where people have some trouble. By no circumstance will a character be accepted with absolutely no history. Everyone has something that's happened to them in the past, that has made them into what they are in the present, and will guide them towards the future. You can't say your character has no past, and was just born a 12 year old shinobi out of the womb.

Also, don't always go for the cliche.. not every character has to have a dead family, family members, etc. It's fine for your character to have a normal family life and things. A character can have a normal family and still be interesting. Look at a character like Shikamaru.. his family is all together, and he's still and interesting guy.

Through your history, try and give us a feel of what your character is like in personaliy... their hopes, dreams and goals. It's all up to you.

Step 3b: Deciding on your character's Starting Techniques

-Once you've gotten to this step, there isn't much left. Now is the time to go back to that spare tab/window you have and go to the accepted technique chart. I suggest that you spend some time looking over the different clans and charts. Remember that you need to pick one main chart if you're a genin or chuunin. If you are an ANBU/Hunter-nin, you must pick both a Main and Secondary. Remember that you can add jutsu onto an already made chart.

-If you find a chart(s) that you're interested in, and plan on using, you can skip to Step 3c

-If you can't find a chart, or want to make one of your own, you can find an application to create a new one in the New Jutsu System topic. If you still need help, PM me for assistance.

-If you choose to create a chart, make sure to have it accepted in the technique chart registration forum when you are finished.

Step 3c: Finishing Your Character Application

-Once you have your technique charts selected, it's simply a matter of copying and pasting all the techniques that are at or below your chakra level.

-Remember to copy and add your village's chart as well.

-Fill out the animal companion chart if it so fits you.

-Add any pictures or comments that you may wish.. and you're done! Post and wait for a admin or mod to get back to you. I suggest looking through the item shops while you wait, so you can purchese weapons once your character is accepted.

Once all that is done you're ready to go! Enjoy your time at Naruto Jiyuu!
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