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 The (New) Jutsu System
Uchiha Satori
Posted: Dec 31 2005, 06:45 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 529
Member No.: 1
Joined: 9-June 05

Some of the original members here are Naruto Jiyuu probably remember the old style of learning and using different techniques.. but that system has been almost completely revamped. Now, instead of learning random techniques, characters will now follow more unique paths using different technique charts, or trees.

In the technique chart and bloodline forum, you'll find several topics, each devoted to a certain type of jutsu. When creating a character, these charts are what will outline the type of fighting style your ninja will have. The ones you see are only a few options of course, there are almost limitless possibilities. If you want to create your own, there is an application in the next post. Bloodlines and technique charts are created in the same manor.

When you first begin choosing charts, you must take your rank into consideration. No matter which chart you choose, you will only start with the techniques that your character has enough chakra to learn. If your character is a Genin, (s)he will have all the techniques with "N/A" (not applicable) . If he or she will have all the techniques with a chakra of 10,000 or less. For ANBU and Hunter-Nin.. it's 15,000. And lastly for Jounin it is 25,000.

As you grow stronger and gain the chakra needed to learn more techniques on your chart, they will be automatically added into your character profile by the moderators. It's suggested however, that you make some kind of post showing your character learning, creating or practicing the move, so that it doesn't seem like she/he just magically learned it.

For characters in the genin and chuunin ranks, they can select one tree from the start as their main tree. ANBU and Hunter-nin can select a secondary tree. Genin can choose a secondary tree if they pass the chuunin exam. Chuunin can choose a secondary after passing the jounin exam, or joining ANBU.

Now, every character may learn all the jutsu on his main chart.. but when it comes to the secondary chart, they may only learn jutsu that cost under 15,000 chakra, regardless of rank or strength. Don't worry though.. there will be opportunities to learn jutsu outside of your chosen charts, by using scrolls, and through certain events.

In addition to main and secondary trees, every character will have their village academy chart, which can be found under what ever village you're in. All these techniques are availible to everyone in the village.

Oh, and on a last note.. if you pick a bloodline, it's gotta be your main chart.. and obviously you can't add a bloodline after you character has been made. If you wish to be a jinchuuriki.. you must create a special chart for your character, including any jutsu he will learn, and any transformations. It will be STRICTLY reviewed however, so make it good or it wont be accepted. If you do decide on a jinchuuriki chart, make sure to PM it to me, don't post it on the board.
Uchiha Satori
Posted: Dec 31 2005, 09:07 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 529
Member No.: 1
Joined: 9-June 05

Alright this is the format in which you should submit a technique chart.

Name: (The Name of Your Chart)
Type: (Specify if your chart is Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, or A Mix)
Rank: (If you only want a specific rank(s) to use your chart. I.E Only ANBU can use an assasination technique chart)
Special Items(What items the users will receive. I.E. a sword for the sword chart)
Description: (What your chart is all about).

After that you should list techniques. The techniques should be listed in this format.

Type: Taijutsu/Ninjutsu/Genjutsu
Chakra: (Amount Needed to Learn)
Description: Describe how your ninjutsu or genjutsu works.. or if it's taijutsu, the users abilities at that level.

You may post as many or as few jutsu as you like in your tree, just know that it will be reviewed by mods before hand. Post it in the registration forum when it is complete. Here is a blank template for you all.


[b.]Special Items:[/b]

[*](Name of Jutsu #1)


Naturally, take out all the periods in the BB code.
Posted: Dec 14 2006, 11:12 PM



You pick two elements when you make your character. (You are born with two) You may start using one element right away but you are not allowed access to the second one until you are a chuunin. You cannot mix elements though until you are an elite chuunin or jounin.


Well we have a interesting new rule here...! If you have kept up in the manga you will see a new elemental system that explains such things as how elements can counter each other and what not. More importantly though is that you can mix these elements to form even well newer elements. We are going to apply these rules to the new jiyuu so you can expect some fun stuff with this.

The five basic elements that everything is made up are as follows -






Upon creating a character you are to choose one of these elements and that will supply you with the basic elemental list you can take. If you choose fire as your element your shinobi will be capable of using katon jutsu or some random taijutsu styles, and other such similar things. Now keep in mind you will be unable to choose another elemental chart such as water if you choose fire as your element... that would just be stupid.

Upon reaching chuunin rank the shinobi can choose another element to play with. This allows them to use another elemental chart or taijutsu style as their secondary tree if they wish. Pretty basic right? So you get two elements to mess with!

Now this is where the fun comes in... after some discussion the admins and mods have decided to allow our roleplayers to mix basic elements to create their own unique jutsu. You heard it here folks, you can mix your two elements or taijutsu styles or hell both and make some nasty techniques.

For example lets say Kintaro takes water as his primary style - he can now use the suiton list or any taijutsu style. Let us just say he has taken the suiton list. Upon becoming a chuunin he learns that he can also control the wind element so I have now taken that is my secondary element! Hey I can use wind ninjutsu now... but wait a second as a bonus I get to mix them. So I mix wind and water and get ice. I now have a THIRD - that is right third chart - where I can make my own new jutsu.

Now there are limitations and rules you must follow for that too... this wouldn't be a rp without rules! Or a good one at least... if you want one of those go back to gamefaqs you damn noob. So learning new jutsu takes time and you just can't pop them out of your hat like they are nothing.

-You can combine your new jutsu or style to perform new techniques with your new element.

-You can take your new combination of elements and apply them to old techniques and basically revamp them.

-You can create totally new techniques with this new element but this is much harder to do then the other two. This would be the same as Kakashi creating Raikiri(Spelling?)/Chidori and just like that it takes a lot of time to both create and master. If you choose to learn a technique like this it may be quite powerful but don't expect it to be a one, two, three thing.

The basic elements may be combined to make new elements but they don't always have to be the same. If you think of something that works then water + wind can make something else... just don't make it stupid.

Also on another note clans get even more out of this system. Clans are allowed to start with combination element as their basic element! So they can start off with ice or some other element and can continue as stated above. Cool right?

Yes this is super informal... but I like it this way.
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