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 Uchiha Clan, Original Bloodline Trait
Posted: Sep 16 2007, 04:41 AM


Name: Uchiha
Average Height: Normal
Hair Colour: Varies (All Dark Colours)
Eye Colour: Black

Bloodline Limit:

Sharingan I
Description: The Sharingan can only be activated after the age of twelve. Only the older Uchiha who are full blooded have reached it sooner. When activated, the eyes turn red, and one black dot appears in the iris of the weaker eye, while two dots form in the dominant eye’s iris. The Sharingan allows you to see things a bit better. You can see high speed movements easier, making it possible to predict actions through subtle movements. The Sharingan costs nothing to activate it, but to keep using it, can be costly.
Effect: Increases your characters attention to detail by 50%.
Requirements: Bloodline = 5
Cost: 3 Every Post with it Active.

Sharingan II
Description: The Sharingan’s second stage, where a new dot appears around the weaker eye’s iris. When activated, the eyes turn red, and two black dots appear in both of the eyes iris. Actions become easier to predict compared to its predecessor.
Effect: Doubles your characters attention to detail.
Requirements: Bloodline = 20
Cost: 4 Every Post with it Active

Sharingan III
Description: The Sharingan’s third stage, where a new dot appears in each eye. When activated, the eyes turn red, and three black dots appear in both of the eyes iris. Sharingan III is another upgrade, and even better than Sharingan II. Actions become even easier to predict through even more subtle movements.
Effect: Character is able to see the outline of movement, and can make a tight prediction on movements.
Requirements: Bloodline = 50
Cost: 5 Every Post with it Active

Magenkyou Sharingan
Description: The Sharingan’s last stage, but most dangerous. It has been very rare to acquire this form of Sharingan because of it’s difficulty. When activated, the eyes turn red, and the three dots connect into a spiral. Eye sight becomes very black and white but incredibly accurate at depiction of shape and detail. Being unable to interpret colour may pose a problem though when up against an intelligent opponent.
Effect: Perception of time is slowed down, and the body seems to feel sluggish. This effect may take some getting used to. This effect plus the other predecessors may prove handy.
Requirements: Bloodline = 125
Cost: 10 Every Post with it Active

Bloodline/Clan Jutsu:

Mirror Wheel
Description/Seals: [Must have Sharingan I or above active]
Effect: Allows your character to learn a witnessed non-bloodline or non-clan(Besides Uchiha) Jutsu without any prior training, the only thing is that they must meet the Requirements of the skill or they simply wont be eligible for it. One Jutsu per week and the limitations of the Intelligence Stat still apply to the Uchiha.
Cost: 10

Nullify Genjutsu
Description/Seals: [Must have Sharingan II or above active] Using the Sharingan, the Uchiha will focus harshly on the details of their surroundings to pin-point the form of Genjutsu in it's Chakra form.
Effect: Once used, a Uchiha is able to see through Genjutsu or at least weaken it. This effect lasts as long as the person is willing to spend the Chakra.
Cost: 2 Every Post with it Active

Magen: Kyoten Chiten (Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change)
Description/Seals: [Must have Sharingan II or above active] Utilizing the copy and counter abilities of the Sharingan, the Uchiha clan member can reverse the Genjutsu cast on them and use it against the original user.
Effect: Nullifies a Genjutsu and then uses the same one on the enemy.
Requirement: Nullify Genjutsu; Genjutsu = 40
Cost: 3 + Genjutsu used on opponent

Hypnotic Suggestion
Description/Seals: [Must have Sharingan III or above active] Using eye contact to send subtle genjutsu waves into the oppositions mind, the Uchiha is able to trick an opponent.
Effect: When the Uchiha and their victim have made eye contact, the Uchiha is able to send hypnotic suggestions through the connection. These can only be simple though, depending on the targets Will-Power and the Uchiha’s mastery of their bloodline.
Cost: 5 Per Suggestion

Tsukiyomi (Moon Reader)
Description/Seals: [Must have Magenkyou Sharingan active] A versatile Genjutsu where the Uchiha is able to create an illusionary world where the dimensions of space and time are controlled by the user. Even able to make the victim relive memories and act out of their own free-will. All what is required is eye contact with the intended victim.
Effect: This Genjutsu is instantaneous and is therefore devoid of Dispel, the target is able to be manipulated at the Uchiha's leisure, although the amount of time the user is able to keep the target under their control is dependent on their mastery of Genjutsu. Gen X = X/10 posts (Rounded down).
Requirement: Bloodline = 165; 10 Genjutsu
Cost: 50 per use

Amaterasu (Shining Heaven)
Description/Seals: [Must have Magenkyou Sharingan active] A jutsu manifested by the reflection of the eyes retina creates black flames that have been said to burn for seven days and seven nights. It is also said that the first you time you touch these flames is also your last – a depiction of the jutsu’s power. It affects the first thing reflected on the eyes retina.
Effect: Acidic Burning Effect
Requirement: Bloodline = 125; Fire = 50
Cost: 40

Rank: Chuunin
Name: Chidori
Requirements: strength 7, chakra 11, stage 2 sharingan
Description: A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja using it grabs their wrist, and then collects enough chakra into their hand that it becomes visible to mere human eyes. With enough chakra collected into one focal point, that point becomes powerful enough to destroy an entire cliff side, and would easily decimate even a powerful opponent. The sound produced by focusing so much chakra sounds like a flock of birds, which is where it gets the name Chidori. This technique can only be used twice a battle as a chuunin, three times as a jounin, and four times as a kage/sannin.

Description of Clan:

The Clan usually is slim and tall, all of them with Dark hair and black eyes. This is of course before they activate the Sharingan. With the Sharingan activated, their eyes turn red with small fire droplet looking things around their eyes. They usually have the Uchina family crest on their clothes somewhere. Many of the watered down Uchihas now have multi-colored hair and eyes.. but this is because there are no Full blooded Uchiha's anymore.

History of Clan:

Sasuke had raised a family with Sakura, and had many children, all holding the traits of an Uchiha. They had all had families with other people when they grew up, and merged in with a rebelious Hyuga clan, which purified the Uchiha traits seeing the two were so closely linked together. A new Uchiha clan was born and they bred within their own once again, just like before. Many Uchiha's seem to be born with Pink hair now, but it isn't as common as one would think. Soon, because of all the traits flowing through them, they began to have many different traits than the original Uchiha. This is what the Uchiha is today
Posted: Sep 17 2007, 02:29 AM


I'm not really sure why you put this in here. We have a Uchiha Clan bloodline already set up and that is the one that will be used. This is closed.
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