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 Hari Bloodline, Revamped and...Slightly Better?
Posted: Jun 22 2007, 03:00 AM


**Editing still in process.**

Clan Name: Hari
Name of Bloodline Technique: Kakushigei Hari
Village: Hidden Leaf
Primary/Secondary Element: Fire/Earth

Within this clan, all members are born with a "crystal eye" as their right eye. As they develop, this eye allows them to heighten their vision when activated. It also allows better vision of the leftover shattered crystal from their attacks as it appears purple to this clan, and nearly invisible to most others. If it develops far enough, the left eye will slowly grow into a "crystal eye" as well. With this, when activated, the crystal eyes will enable users to double how far they can see and correct their vision to better than 20/20. Another use for this eye is it allows the user to commit the crystal techniques and control them.

A long time ago, a not very well known clan had a member that gave up for lack of talent. Soon after, he wandered around and just fiddled around with whatever ability he had. The clan, known as Saitou, was very forgiving with others in their clan, so they would be there to welcome him back. Upon fiddling, he accidentally mixed a crystal like substance and because he had not expected this, there was not enough control to keep it from bursting and part of it had infused with his right eye.
From that, the clan member had gone temporarily blind. Two months later, his vision returned and it seemed slightly better. A year or two later, however, he was married and had two children, a girl and a boy. Something strange had happened, though and they both had a crystal eye. They both ended up wanting to be ninja, so the father had taught them all he knew about the crystal, since it amazed his children the most.
Over the decades, this clan had grown to like the use of crystal techniques, but could not manage to develop very many. Even with this drawback, some had managed to break the limits on this and reach a second level of the crystal eye. With it, their vision heightened and they were able to come up with more techniques. The clan eventually changed its name to Hari.
They moved on further and further through the generations. In a century, one had managed to reach a third level that changed, slowly, both eyes took a crystalline look and increased their vision beyond 20/20. Currently, it is unknown if there is a level beyond the third rank of the eyes.

*Assume all of these shatter, unless stated otherwise.*
  • Kakushigei Hari Stage 1
    Type: Doujutsu
    N/A Chakra
    When activated, the right eye of the user's vision increases how clearly they may see an object within their field of vision (Sort of like a magnifying glass at 1.0x. Obviously not very far.), allowing them to describe it with moderate detail. From this stage on, any crystal that is within sight appears purple to the user while active.

  • Recycling Crystal
    Type: Ninjutsu
    N/A Chakra
    Learned early in their growth, the user may take crystal shards, or crystal they form, and reform them into a projectile weapon of their choosing. Projectiles the size of the fuuma shuriken cannot be made. These crystal projectiles are about the same strength as the considered real projectiles.

  • Sickle Weapon
    Type: Ninjutsu
    1,000 Chakra
    Learning to form crystal, the user is able to create a sword with a sickle shape to it. It is not too durable and lasts for three hits, be it the user hitting the opponent, or the opponent hitting the sword. The sickle shape helps it be used as a projectile itself, but its accuracy is low and is really used in the instance of having to go close combat.

  • Crystal Wall
    Type: Ninjutsu
    5,000 Chakra
    The first Hari technique that really seems invisible to the opponent. It is noticeable, but not right away. Either running into it or looking through it long enough to see the color come out slightly better in this 5'x8' wall will give it away. The thinness of it is three-fourths of an inch and is used mostly for escape tactics.

  • Hari Bunshin no Jutsu
    Type: Ninjutsu
    10,000 Chakra
    This clone technique divides the user into a max of three clones, each made of crystal. The clones rise as crystal, then can take on the shape and condition of the creator, as well as attack. When the clone(s) are destroyed after about three or four hits, however, instead of disappearing, the clones become clear and shatter into a pile of crystal where they stand.

  • Kakushigei Hari Stage 2
    Type: Doujutsu
    10,000 Chakra
    Advances the stage 1 in the right eye by (Again, like a magnifying glass at 1.5x) advancing how clearly an object appears in a slightly farther range.

  • Crystal Dome
    Type: Ninjutsu
    15,000 Chakra
    Extra Requirements: Kakushigei Hari at Stage 2 active.
    A thicker layer than the Crystal Wall, being about 3 inches, but creates a dome shape (about 30 meters in diameter) where the user activates it. The dome shape is created where the user intends basically. Can be used for escapes, but I think using it as a trap would be more fun...though it would not last very long. Any jutsu at the same chakra level or more has the strength to take it down easily. Or monstrous strength at stage 2 or up.

  • Spike Trap
    Type: Ninjutsu
    20,000 Chakra
    Extra Requirement(s): Kakushigei Hari at Stage 2 active.
    Technique used to raise spikes made of crystal from the ground. Not a very accurate move unless the enemy is trapped (like...trapped in the diameter of this attack, which is about two feet.), as the spikes raise directly from the intended area the user has in mind and come straight up. The spikes raise about four feet and stop from there.

  • Kakushigei Hari Stage 3
    Type: Doujutsu
    25,000 Chakra
    Extra Requirement(s): Tedious study of the user's right eye, eventually followed up with infusing chakra into the left, leaving a permanent effect of having the crystalline properties in both eyes.
    Both eyes now with those crystalline shades over them, and more balanced, the vision of this user will be 20/20 as long as it is active. Of course, improves upon the Kakushigei Hari stage 2 and the user can double how far they can see, and can clearly describe everything within 100 meters.

  • Crystal Glade
    Type: Ninjutsu
    27,000 Chakra
    Extra Requirement(s): Kakushigei Hari at Stage 3 learned.
    Strongest jutsu created by the only one who achieved rank 3 Kakushigei Hari. A crystal javelin formed in the hands of the user and lengthens to be one foot shorter than the user. The distance the javelin can be thrown accurately works in conjuction with the Kakushigei Hari rank 3, meaning it is accurate for 100 meters. Whether the target dodges it or not, the javelin fades like chakra and leaves a mark about five centimeters in diameter where it hit.
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