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Posted by: Vox May 1 2007, 01:19 AM
Clan Name:Hirano
Name of Bloodline Technique:Kigawari (Mind-changing)
Description: A person's brain and nervous system are basically complex systems for transmitting electrical signals. Most can only transmit these signals internally, but the shinobi of the Hirano clan have discovered a way of broadcasting such signals to other people, a skill which has made them invaluable as interrogators, spies and negotiators for the Mist village. While powerful, the Hirano ninja choose to operate in the shadows, never taking power for themselves. The mere existence of their ability is a closely guarded secret in the Mist Village.

Clan Appearance: The clan's skin has an odd, almost artificial look to it. All members of the clan who become shinobi keep their heads shaved at all times, and usually have a tattoo of the clan's mark on their forehead.
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Also, all shinobi of the clan wear a focusing device to help control their powers. This device also helps control them, giving them a severe electric shock if they try to use their powers on a Kage. The part the device that is on their head resembles a half-open bear trap, with one band going behind their head and the other going over the top. Another piece of metal is attatched to the back of their neck, and the two parts are connected by thick wires. They usually wear a light brown version of the village's standard uniform.
  • Eikyou (influence)
    Description:The most basic ability of a Hirano shinobi. This technique lets them subtly influence another person's mind. They cannot use this to make someone do something they wouldn't consider anyway, but it can tip the scales during a difficult decision.

  • Hanasu (speak)
    Description:Allows the user to speak telepathically to someone.

  • Housou (broadcast)
    Description:This allows the shinobi to channel any of their mind-influencing abilities through any type of direct electronic communication, such as telephones or radio.

  • Haibun (listen)
    Description:Allows the user to hear other people's thought. Maximum range: 1 yard per 5,000 chakra.

  • Kensaku (suggestion)
    Description: A stronger version of Eikyou, this allows the shinobi even greater control over others. With this, it is possible to make people do things that they wouldn't consider otherwise. Often used for bypassing checkpoints. (These aren't the droids you're looking for.)

  • Bakasu (confuse)
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: 10,000
    Description: The Hirano can cloud people's minds, making it nearly impossible for them to remember any specifics about the shinobi who used this. (Appearance, voice, gender, etc.)

  • Geji (command)
    Description:Allows the shinobi to control a person's mind. This takes an incredible amount of concentration, making combat difficult and Ninjutsu impossible for as long as they maintain control. They must stay within 100 feet of the person that they are controlling.
Note: The control techniques can't be used to cause someone to hurt or kill themselves. The self-preservation instinct is too hardwired for even a powerful Hirano to just waltz into someone's brain and override it. Also, due to the intense concentration involved, these jutsus can't be used in combat.

Posted by: Omega2042 May 8 2007, 06:43 AM
This chart is overpowered. There is no way to dress it up, it just is. Once you get 10K chakra with this, a kage couldnt take you. At 15K you are just a god. You can kill someone just by getting close to you. For the exact reasons why, look below.

Eikyou: OK, not too bad. Its a bloodline so a strong start isnt so bad. Nothing about this that jumps out as being overpowered.

Haibun: This is where the chart goes downhill. It might seem like this is a harmless jutsu, but it allows you to read a person's thoughts. I would hate to fight someone who knew exactly what I was planning. You would have to fight on reflex alone, which wouldnt work too well. Apart from all that, this is also an N/A move. Thats way too low for something that lets you read a person's thoughts.

Hanasu: Nothing wrong with it persay, it just strikes me as odd.
Although starting with three jutsu is a bit much.

Housou: Basically the same as the previous, only without the last part.

Kensaku: OK, this is just plain strong. Jedi mind trick indeed. "You want to quit this match and let me win." There, you just won your chuunin exam fight. Before the fight even started.

Kurushimeru: This is just invincible. No matter what level the person you are fighting is, they cant defend against this. You just win. You know how they will attack and you can stop them at a seconds notice. Combine this with the previous jutsu and you will never lose. Not only can you read their thoughts, but you can control them and cause them extreme pain on command.

Bakasu: Compared to the previous jutsu, this is nothing. There really isnt anything wrong with this jutsu.

Geji: As if strong suggestion wasnt enough, this just takes control of someone. Why bother to fight when you can just take control of their mind? This is very similar to Ino's jutsu, only without the drawbacks.

Shikku: Example of what it would be fighting someone who can use this: "You're dead." Opponent dies. Thats it, you can now kill someone on command. No defense against this, its just death.

Hagyou: Just like it says, its a stronger version. Everything that was previously said still applies.

Sanka: Another, you're dead, attack.

Posted by: Vox May 8 2007, 01:31 PM
Changed, now none of these can be used in a fight, and the seizures have been removed. I also made Kages immune to the mind tricks.

Posted by: Omega2042 May 23 2007, 11:44 PM

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