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Posted by: Togomi Jul 9 2006, 06:40 AM
Clan Name:Unachi
Name of Bloodline Technique: Demon Souled
Description: Long ago the Unachi clan had a demon in the form of a black panther. Somhow its blood merged with the Unachi mambers and lives inside each one, giving a uniqe power to see demons sealed away and the ability to talk with animals. Usually, there will be a special member with green eyes that can actually summon his or her demon to aid them in battle. Few live.
  • ( Frozen Fire#1)
    Type: Hijutsu
    Description: Lets the user controll blue fire which is said to burn like ice.

[*]( Dragon's mark#2)
Type: Taijutsu
Description: A black, red or green mark to spread on the skin. It increases Chakra, speed, strength and endurance 25%.

[*]( Shadow Dragon#3)
Type: Kinjutsu
Chakra: 12000
Description: A Black Dragon emerges from the palm of the user. It will kill the user if it doesn't get enough chakra from the user. If it gets enough though, it has a 50% chance of completely burning the foe's body with nothing left.

[*]( Death's Illusion#4)
Type: Kinjutsu
Description: This jutsu looks into the mind of the foe and projects them to life, usually copying their worst fear into reality where the creature is actually alive.[/LIST]

[*]( Demon's Comeback#6)
Type: Kinjutsu
Description: An Unachi clan member with green eyes can controll their inner demon to do their bidding.

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