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Posted by: Vox Mar 22 2007, 01:50 AM
Character Name: Jason Hasdrubal
Rank: Non-shinobi
Age: 47
Character Height: 5'6"
Character Weight: 135 lbs
Starting Village: Outsider
Primary Element: None, no shinobi training.
Appearance: Skin is tanned and weathered from years of living in dry, desert regions. Has thinning dark hair and a full beard. Usually dresses in old stolen combat fatigues, with the insignia torn off and replaced with his mark, a bronze globe with three daggers above it and two scimitars beneath it. Has been known to use a wide variety of other stolen uniforms in his work.

History: An Outlander from well beyond the shinobi nations, Jason grew up in a war-torn part of the world. His home country hadn't had a government in decades. Instead, dozens of bickering factions struggled constantly for dominance, making and breaking new alliances on almost a daily basis. It was because of this chaos that many called this region "the Kaleidoscope." Growing up in the constant mayhem, Jason came to love the chaos and decided that humanity would be better off if the whole world were in a similar state of anarchy. This seemed like just a pipe dream until he began to study chemistry. By the time he had finished his degree, he had started a militant anarchist group called the Global Liberation Army.
This was when Jason's dream becam the world's nightmare. His little army was far more resourceful and numerous than anyone had thought possible. Riding on the fanatical devotion of the Army's members, Jason plunged his entire part of the world into a brutal war that lasted five years. Eventually, splinter factions arose within the group, ones that wanted to rule countries rather than simply destroy their governments. Weakened by internal bickering, the GLA was almost completely destroyed. Jason escaped, along with some of his most trusted aides.

Thirteen years have passed since then. Jason's new army is beginning to recover a shadow of it's former strength, and he decided that he was no longer needed there. He had heard rumors of a new, undiscovered land, one which he believed "needed his help." So he handed the operation over to his most trusted assistant, and set out for the shinobi nations, intent on continuing the war there.

NBC (Nuclear/Biological/Chemical) Biohazard suit
Extensive notes on some of his old "work." (Recipes for explosives, etc.)
Laptop containing extensive video files from the War. (He often has these projected onto a wall behind him during his speeches.)


Chemical expertise: Jason has recieved extensive training as a chemist. Because of this, he knows how to turn seemingly harmless household substances into deadly weapons.

Improvised Weapons: Fighting a war on a shoestring taught Jason to make do with very little. While they are far less effective than manufactured weapons, and some of them may be almost as dangerous to the wielder as they are to his enemies, they can come in very handy in a pinch. (Note: These weapons are often hastily made and seldom last beyond the first few uses.)

Starting Yen: 250Y

Posted by: Kintaro Apr 23 2007, 11:33 PM
Uhm, I think he needs a Japanese name and the main thing I am worrying about is your skills and item...

Man, if you want to use those you need to register a chart, you can't just suddenly have a skill to mix chemicals. If you did that, you would have endless possibilities. Go make a jutsu chart for non-shinobi that involve mixing chemicals then come back.

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