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Posted by: Mazrith986 Jan 23 2006, 11:36 PM
Clan name: Clan Sugi Mokushi (Past sight)

Clan Village: Hidden smoke village

Clan attributes: The members of the Sugi Mokushi (Sugi for short) all seem to have a mysterious aura around them. No the aura is not visible but anyone engaged in combat with them seems to have a feeling of un-easiness, this may because of the look or abilities of the clan but it really won’t affect combat all that much.

Another thing that stands out about this clan is that each member seems to be perfect in physical appearance. At the age of eight all members are to take a trial which would decide the direction they would take. Upon passing the trials they receive one of four marks upon their forehead. Each symbol represents the direction they will take.

Note: All marks are colored black and are placed directly on the center of the forehead.

Fugou Seshin (Mark of leadership): These marks are extremely rare, only one appears every fifty to sixty years. The member who receives this mark will be the head of the clan when they reach the age of thirty. This allows the user to choose any jutsu tree he desires. (This will be explained later.)

user posted image

Fugou Bachi (Mark of retribution): This mark means that the user exceeds in offensive jutsu. The person with this mark usually has a very low temper and can break out in a tantrum more often then others. This user is forced to take his path with the offensive jutsu.

user posted image

Fugou Konton (Mark of soul): The receiver of this mark excels in defensive spirit jutsu. All members jutsu revolve around the spirit and chakra. This user is usually always calm and caring. They are the ones in the clan that are usually the nicest to outsiders.

user posted image

Fogou Omi (Mark of mind): This user is master of genjutsu. They must take the clan’s genjutsu tree, but other then that they are the most intelligent of the clan. They think things through before doing anything.

user posted image

Other info
Clan housing

The clans housing complex lays just outside of hidden smoke village, on the edge of a large frozen forest. The trees are covered in large icicles and snow covers the area year around. The houses themselves are made of wooden planks that are encrusted in chakra so that they can withstand the harsh weather. The inside of the houses are rather nice, the houses themselves are of moderate sizing and the walls are covered in pictures and the clan symbols. The inside is actually warm due to the chakra in the wood.

The housing complex is separated into four different areas. The northern area is the entrance to the complex. The whole complex is surrounded by a large cement wall to protect the area from outsiders. Along with the entrance is the normal housing. The houses are of moderate size and the outsides are painted white and black for the clans colors. The houses are also connected by a moderate sized hall way or path way to protect the members from the harsh snow.

The southern complex is the mansion of the clan head and his family. The house is much larger then the normal housing and even the outside is decorated with large jewels and clan symbols. Chakra is infused into the wall of the building as well to protect the elegant decorations from the weather. The inside is also covered in jewels, the clan itself is a rather powerful clan, it is actually known as the dark storm of the snow.

The eastern complex is a large dome like structure. Inside is a rather small arena. It consists of thirty seats in three rows at the upper most part and small platform over head. This is where the members take their first test. The test is explained later. There also happens to be a very large underground labyrinth for the final test that they would take.

The western complex is a rather strange part of the housing. It is a large hot spring but the weird thing is… well that the hot spring is in middle of a snowy area not to mention that all the snow in that general area is melted and there is grass. This area is used for celebrations such as passing exams, or becoming an ANBU or so on.

Clan clothing and colors:
Well let us begin with the basics eh? The clan colors are white and black. See the above pictures for your symbols.

The clan wears different clothes depending on what tree they have taken. The person who receives the tree of leader ship is required to wear a long black robe (YES A ROBE!) that has a long white strip that drapes down their front. At the center of the robe are the three symbols all combined and on the back is the symbol of leadership. Under the robe they can wear what they wish. The robe is NOT to be used in combat.

Those who take the retribution tree wear a black kimono and a pair of black pants that reach down to their ankles. They also wear a pair of white sandals. On their back is their clan’s tree symbol made out in white.

Those who are in the soul tree wear a white Kimono and a pair of white pants that reach down below their ankles. They also have a pair of black sandals and their clan symbol etched in on their back in black.

Those who follow the path of the mind wear a white kimono and a pair of black shorts that reach down just below there knees. They also have a pair of white sandals and their clan symbol etched in on their back in purple.


(Yes I said NPC’s! These characters will be controlled by me and will only be used for Trials and other such things. These characters will NEVER EVER EVER Be rped on a daily basis. Maz is also allowed to control them.)

Name: Gosu Sugi Mokushi:
Rank: Elite Jounin (Yea… I know you can’t achieve this in this rp) / Clan head
Age: Sixty
Gender: Male
Tree: Fugou Seshin
Role: The head of the clan. He often speaks with the younger ones of the clan and holds all the meetings. He also declares when the celebrations and trials will begin.
Personality: Although Gosu can be strict at times he is a very kind and caring man. He loves his clan, and his family and will do anything to keep them safe.
Users: Kintaro / Mazrith
Jutsu: Unimportant

Name: Mitsu Sugi Mokushi
Rank: Jounin/Clan elder
Age: Fifty-five
Gender: Male
Tree: Fugou Bachi
Role: Appears at all celebrations, meetings, AND trials. He has the second to final say and all trials. He has seniority over all Fugou Bachi.
Personality: Mitsu is the strictest of the clan. He goes by the book and believes strictly on rules. Messing up in front of him will cost you your dignity, he will mock you for weeks.
Users: Kintaro/Mazrith
Jutsu: Unimportant

Name: Genkai Sugi Mokushi
Rank: Jounin/Clan elder
Gender: Male
Age: Forty-seven
Tree: Fugou Konton
Role: See above… cept he has seniority over all Fugou Konton.
Personality: Genkai is the oldest and most well known of the clan elders. He is very kind and will help those who are struggling.
User: Kintaro/Mazrith
Jutsu: Unimportant

Name: Ayane Sugi Mokushi
Rank: Jounin/Clan Elder
Gender: Female
Age: Thirty-six
Tree: Fogou Omi
Role: See above except she has seniority over all Fogou Omi.
Personality: Ayane is the youngest of the clan elders. She is also very kind but just like her father, Gosu she is very tough.
Users: Kintaro/Mazrith
Jutsu: Unimportant

Nindo (Way of the Ninja!)

“The sands of time always leave its markings. It is you who chooses what those marks are."

Clan trials, meetings, and celebrations

Trial of passage: At the age of eight all clan members are taken to the eastern complex for their first trial. This trial is easy and in no way can one fail. The four judges or clan elders sit up top while the participant stands in center of the arena. A single piece of paper is passed between the judges and they infuse a very small amount of chakra into it. The paper is then taken down to the participant and placed on their forehead. After one minute the paper is removed to reveal the clan symbol.

Trial of age: Upon receiving Chuunin all clan members are again taken to the eastern complex. Again like before all the judges sit up top and the participant stands in the arena. But unlike before the clan head is to summon Garabushi the clan’s main summon. The summon (Explained later) judges the clan user by releasing a burst of chakra. If the user’s spirit is strong enough they move on to the next level. If they fail they must wait another two weeks. (Note: The user MUST be confident with their abilities)

Trial of time: Upon reaching the rank of Jounin the clan member is again to make their way to the western complex. The judges then infuse some chakra into a necklace and hand it to the participant. The necklace is more of an eye then decoration, it is so that the elders can see what the holder is seeing. The holder then descends into the labyrinth for the final test the clan offers to normal members. The user is to make his way through the maze until they reach the end where again they confront Garabushi. Upon meeting Garabushi he is actually forced in to combat with it. Beating it results in victory and the usage of the stronger clan abilities. The user also receives a single weapon of his choice from the clan elder.

Trial of the king: This test is for the member with the mark of leadership only. This test must be taken twice in the member’s life. At the age of thirteen they are to read from a scroll that contains the clan’s ancient scriptures. The scroll is written in a “dead” language. (The words will be PMed to the participant) Upon passing it they receive their robe but along with it comes a price. The ancient language forces the user into an extreme amount of pain. This pain continues for two days straight without rest. The last hour of the pain is the toughest. This is to see if the user is strong enough to lead the clan. This test is given again at the age of thirty.

Celebration of passage: This is a simple celebration help when any member passes something. This includes academy student to genin, genin to Chuunin, and Chuunin to Jounin. The celebration is held for one day and tournaments are held with in the clan. Food and drink is also provided.

Celebration of justice: This is held when a Jounin or Chuunin becomes an ANBU. Being an ANBU is a great deal for the Sugi clan because the Sugi clan were the original ANBU of Yuki. The celebration takes two days with constant drinking and eating. After the second day the person who becomes an ANBU receives a black and white necklace symbolizing his victory.

Celebration of Garabushi: This celebration is held once a year on March fifth. (<-- My birthday!) The celebration is held for fifteen days straight. On this day a centaury ago Garabushi had pledged his allegiance to the clan if they allowed him to be released for fifteen days once a year. On this day his soul is released from its prison and he is allowed to roam the world as a free spirit for fifteen days. You do not need to be at the celebration the whole fifteen days.

Celebration of Hallows end: Once every five years (Again this year) the clan members gather at the western complex near the labyrinth. The door is opened all members above the age of fifteen precede into it. A door at the far end of the maze is opened and reveals a large alter. Here the members must offer their pray to Minzou the founder of the clan for originally sealing away Garabushi. This is held October thirty-first.

Celebration of the head: This celebration his held rarely. It is held once when the new clan head is found, and once when the clan head is inaugurated. The celebration lasts for one day only. The current clan head offers his prayers to the new one and the second time it is held gives him the clan key to the altar of Minzou.

Meetings: Meetings are held once a month unless changed by the clan head. All members above the age of eighteen are to come to the meeting. You are allowed to miss the meeting if you are
1. In a mission
2. Sick
3. In a tournament
4. Or in an exam

• Custom sign up sheet:

Character Name:

Character Age:

Character Clan: (Must be in clan sugi)

Character Gender:

Character Villiage: (Must be Yuki)

Main Weapon

Main Weapon Description:

Short Biography:

Eye color:

Hair Color:



Character Picture:

Clan tree:

Trials complete: (PM me or maz about this)

Normal Jutsu:

Clan Jutsu:

(PM me or maz before signing up)

Clan summon

Garabushi the spectral dragon:

This summon is copyright © to Sugi Clan and Kintaro. All rights reserved.

Creature name: Garabushi the spectral dragon

Creatuer gender: Male

Creature species (if not an animal, state exactly what it is): A large dragon. I have read the rules so the dragon that is summoned is no larger then that of an elephant and ways no more then that. The Garabushi that is fought in the trial is much larger then this though.

Creature description:

Creature weapon (if any): Claws, teeth, and tail.

Creature jutsu(s) (if any): The dragon contains all the jutsu of the summoner. While it might be more powerful then the summoner it can only use the jutsu the summoner has along with:

Supekutoru Kokyuu: Garabushi takes in a full breath of air. He then releases the air to form a purple flame which sticks the ground. The flame does mental and spiritual damage (Like to the moral) but not physical. Takes one whole turn to receive the right amount of air.

Other: You MUST be a Chuunin and have passed the trial of age. At the Chuunin level Garabushi is only the size of the student. Upon reaching Jounin and passing the trial of time Garabushi reaches its full size. The dragon may only be summoned for about 4 turns even at the Jounin rank. Garabushi also feeds off the spiritual force and chakra of the summoner. (The turn rule is void if you are the clan head.)

Things to know:

Chakra Aura The chakra aura is created through the use of jutsu. This aura is always with an enemy except it is never visible and it can not be sensed unless certain jutsu (I.E: Chidori, or things like the demons). But using certain jutsu the Sugi can actually see this aura.

Flaws in the chakra aura: These flaws are barely visible swirls in the aura. This is just so that members know what to say when they are trying to look into them.

Clan abilities:

Universal Clan Jutsu:


Shinkouteki Mokushi (Rank one) (Spiritual sight):
Chakra: N/A
Type: Genjutsu
Upon completion of the trial of passage the user receives Shinkouteki Mokushi which is a Doujutsu. The users eye turn pure white except for four black triangles that are placed carefully around where the iris would be. This jutsu must be activated first by completing the hand seals then channeling chakra to the users eye. This jutsu allows the user to see his enemies in chakra aura in black or white. The chakra aura is a glow that surronds the enemy. This glow is created through using jutsu so even a genin has an aura. If the person does not have an aura that means that they have never used a jutsu. At this rank it is very weak and does not work to its fullest. The color changes from black and white depending on what the enemy’s intentions are. If the enemy is colored white his intentions are good. If he is colored black it is bad. (The enemy MUST be truthful and post this…) The downside to this is since it is not perfected the enemy is only in black and white and nothing else. If his intentions were in the middle or only slightly bad he would still be colored just white or black. This can be countered with a Genjutsu kai from a higher rank enemy and one of the same rank. But the enemy of the same rank must be touching the Sugi clan member while using genjutsu kai.

Sugi vijon (Rank 1) (Past vision):
Chakra: N/A
Type: Genjutsu
Every person has a chakra aura which is always present. The users of the sugi clan can see this aura and any flaws or marks in the aura. These flaws or marks are created by great events in the user’s life. These events can be anything from killing his father or receiving a pet, as long as it leaves a large impression on the enemy. Sugi clan members can see this aura and can tap into it using Shinkouteki Mokushi which reveals something about his enemies past. (The other rp must post or PM this to the user of the sugi clan, their choice.) When the user of the Sugi clan does this it happens instantly and he receives all the data from that scene but the thing is it seems to take longer for the user. The user becomes almost like a spectral spectator. This means he can sit on the side and watch the events unfold. At this level the user can only see the outer most flaws. These events will not be too big and the user might “disconnect” while watching it. (Keep in mind they unlike the Hyuuga CANNOT see inside the enemies chakra lines.) (Can only be used once every three posts)

Chakra: 10,000
Shinkouteki Mokushi (Rank 2):
Chakra: 10,000
Type: Genjutsu
(The user must past the trial of age first) At this rank the user can now see a third shade in the enemy. This shade is gray and removes some of the previous flaws so that they can now see if they have an intention in the middle. They also see the world around their enemy in black and white. This slightly throws off balance when fighting at night making it a tad harder. The four black triangles that were placed around the Iris meet at the center now. This can be countered with a Genjutsu kai from a higher rank enemy and one of the same rank. But the enemy of the same rank must be touching the Sugi clan member while using genjutsu kai.

Sugi vijon (Rank 2):
Chakra: 10,000
Type: Genjutsu
The spiritual aura around the person is now more visible and deeper before. The user of this jutsu can see more flaws then before and dig deeper in to his enemies past. Unlike before though, the user is forced into a dazed like state for five seconds while they watch it. (Can only be used once every four posts)


Shinkouteki Mokushi (Rank 3):
Chakra: 20,000
Type: Genjutsu
(The user must past the trial of time first) At this rank the user can now see every shade of black, white, and gray. He/she can now distinguish what the enemies intentions are going to be like. (No not see them but good, evil, in the middle and so on.)Another thing to note is since more shades have been added fighting at night or in the dark becomes MUCH easier... even so much that you have an advantage. Fighting at night and in the dark is easy now. Two extra triangles are added on a diagonal line and meet with the rest at center of the pupil. This can be countered with a Genjutsu kai from a higher rank enemy. Enemies of the same rank or lower cannot counter it.

Sugi vijon (Rank 3):
Chakra: 20,000
TypeL: Genjutsu
At this rank the user can now see almost all of the flaws in the spirit. He can now see the largest visions with out disconnecting or going into a dazed like state. (Can only be used once every five posts)

Clan head only:

Shinkouteki Mokushi: (Rank 4):
Chakra: 40,000
Type: Genjutsu
At this rank the clan head can now see every single color available in the shades between black and white. The detail in the shades are so fine that he can actually make out a small part of the enemies intention. (Example: He plans on killing something or someone…) There is now eight total triangles in the users eye and they meet at the center of the pupil. Genjutsu Kai does not work now.

Sugi vijon (Rank 4):
Chakra: 40,000
Type: Genjutsu
The clan head now taps deep with in his enemy’s spirit. He can now unlock hidden secrets that were long forgotten or held so valuable that they remain at the center of his heart. When this is activated both the user and the enemy are sent into a state of shock for five seconds. This can only be used once every six posts.

Tree one: Fugou Bachi:

Genin: Level one:

After completion of the trial of passage the clan member is allowed access to these jutsu.

Kontan Bushin no jutsu: (Soul clone):
Chakra: N/A
Type: Genjutsu
The user channels chakra to his own heart and allows the chakra to flow freely through out his body. After about four seconds a clone of his soul is formed. This clone looks just like the user but flaws may accrue if the full amount of time is not taken to create the clone. The clone may perform genin level jutsu only. He cannot hold items and he can only take two hits from less powerful jutsu and projectiles. Only two may be on the field at once.

Chakra Koumyaku no jutsu: (Chakra streak):
Chakra: N/A
Type: Ninjutsu
The user channels chakra to his feet which increases his running speed by little over 10%. When running he leaves behind a white streak of BARELY visible chakra. Touching this chakra causes minor burns.

Nenshou kasai iki no jutsu: (Burning fire spirit):
Chakra: 1,000
Type: Ninjutsu
The user channels chakra to his mouth and causes the chakra to heat up. He then uses a bit of his spiritual energy to call forth a spirit into the flame. The fire becomes a light blue color when it erupts from his mouth. The flame leaves behind a very cold sensation instead of burning. (Can only be used once every four posts)

Chuunin: Level two:

Chakra Shoudou no jutsu: (Chakra Impulse):
Chakra: 5,000
Type: Ninjutsu
The user channels chakra to his own spirit aura which takes a little over three seconds. He then sends pulses through the ground which cause the area to shake slightly. After about another three seconds a pulse of black chakra emits from the ground. If it touches anything it deals a small amount of damage but acts like a stun. (Can be used three times a battle because it might cause the users heart to become unstable.)

Oni Shikon no jutsu: (Demon Fang):
Chakra: 5,000
Type: Taijutsu
The user channels chakra to their weapon and slashes towards the ground. The chakra hits the ground and sends a wave of purple colored spirit energy towards the target.

Iki Dageki no jutsu: (Spirit Shock):
Chakra: 10,000
Type: Taijutsu
The user concentrates a small amount of chakra in his hands. The chakra acts as a beacon that pulls the users spirit aura to his fingers. A light white haze becomes visible in front of his finger tips. The user can then thrust his hands forward and cause a static shock to his enemy’s chakra aura causing minor damage but a unhealthy increase in his heart beats. Also note since it hits the chakra aura it depletes some of the chakra forcing them to lose chakra. This means they need to use more stamina to replace what they lost.

Chuunin: Level three: The user must pass Trial of age

Iki Hou no jutsu: (Spirit gun):
Chakra: 10,000
Type: Ninjutsu
A rather basic technique that absorbs a large amount of chakra. The user concentrates his chakra to the front of his finger tips just like in Iki Dageki but unlike before he concentrates a LARGE amount. The chakra draws forth a VERY large portion of the users spirit and causes a ball of swirling white haze. The ball is then rotated till it shoots off of the users hand at the target. If it hits it will cause direct physical damage. (This eats away at the user’s spirit energy and deals damage to him. The user cannot attack or defend next turn because he needs to regenerate the lost spirit.)

Chakra ame no jutsu: (Chakra rain):
Chakra: 15,000
Type: Ninjutsu
The user concentrates a large amount of chakra in to his mouth. He then condenses some of his spirit energy into the chakra and unleashes a rain of small chakra balls. These balls are very small and cover a moderate area. If you escape the area the target is open for attack since he cannot stop the jutsu on command. Can only be used once every three posts. (User posts)

Iki zanzou: (Spirit after image):
Chakra: 20,000
Type: Genjutsu
The user actually uses his own spirit to form another body of himself around him. Then when the user attacks using a melee attack his spirit follows assuring double damage if it hits. The spirit lets off a black glow as it follows the users every move. (So it is not visible unless he swings his hand… his spirit then follows his movement.) This lasts two posts.

Jounin: Level four:

Iki Tsurara no jutsu: (Chakra Icicle):
Chakra: 20,000
Type: Ninjutsu
The user concentrates a moderate amount of chakra in a small space in front of his hands. The chakra then concentrates to form a small black sharp point of spirit energy. This energy can be shot forward from the users hands and can easily pierce an enemy’s skin.

Iki Heki no jutsu: (Spirit burst):
Chakra: 20,000
Type: Ninjutsu
The user uses his own spirit as a weapon. He charges a large quantity of chakra into his spirit and actually launches it towards his enemy. When it strikes the enemy it forces the enemy backwards due to the force it hits with. The user takes damage as well and needs one turn to recover.

Jounin: Rank five: Must pass trial of time

Iki Suboi no jutsu: (Spirit collapse):
Chakra: 25,000
Tye: Ninjutsu
The enemy forces a very VERY large quantity of chakra into his enemy’s spirit. The enemy’s spirit aura then actually starts to squeeze the opponent. The force that it squeeze’s isn’t extreme like enough to kill them. But if the jutsu is not dispelled with Genjutsu Kai the bones can break. Do note that this may only be used once a battle and it hurts the user a great deal due to the amount of chakra it consumes.

Iki Chakra Bakunda no jutsu: (Spirit chakra bomb):
Chakra: 30,000
Type: Ninjutsu
The final technique of this tree that doesn’t deal damage to its user. The user mixes pure chakra with his own spirit energy. This forms a swirling ball of purple and white energy. This ball can then be thrown at the enemy, and when it makes contact with any object it explodes. Keep in mind it is only as powerful as an explosive tag. It is meant so you are suppose to throw more then one.

Chakra youshiki no jutsu: (Chakra form):
Chakra: 35,000
Type: Ninjutsu
The end all technique of this tree. The user concentrates all of his chakra to the surface of his skin where the spirit energy attaches on to it. This creates a large white visible aura of the user. This causes the user to become a walking bomb. When ever he wants to he can release the spirit energy holding his chakra in causing a wave of pure chakra out. This is a very damaging technique to both the enemy and the user. This can only be used once in the user’s life. After the jutsu is used the user becomes paralyzed. (<-- This technique is on the line with Kinjutsu. Don’t even think of using it with out permission from the enemy, me or maz, and FAB. I have very little toleration for this technique. If you use it you will be banned from the clan.)

Iki Kyanon no jutsu: (Spirit Cannon):
Chakra: 30,000
Type: Ninjutsu
The user summons a large amount of chakra to his hands which are placed on top of each other towards the enemy after the hand seals are completed. The chakra then forms a small spinning ball of purple chakra which again acts as a chakra beacon. This pulls forth a large amount of spirit and after about four seconds launches forward and deals damage to all things in its way. The user must rest for two of his own posts after using this.

Tree two: Fugou Konton

Genin: Level one

Iki Bushin: (Spirit clone):
Chakra: N/A
Type: Genjutsu
The user uses his own soul to create multiple clones. These clones unlike the Fugou Bachi clones can hold and toss items but not use jutsu or take much damage. That is why more then one can be made.

Iki Tate no jutsu: (Spirit Shield):
Chakra: N/A
Type: Ninjutsu
The user uses his own spirit to form a small circular shield. The shield is about the size of a sewer cover. The shield can only stand weak jutsu and projectiles but anything like Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu will break the shield. It can also block a few melee attacks. If broken it has a two turn cooldown. (Enemy and user)

Iki Soushi: kunai: (Spirit creation: Kunai):
Chakra: 500
Type: Ninjutsu
The user uses his own spirit energy to form a small kunai. The kunai is just as strong as other kunais but can perform just a bit more damage because it also carves through the enemy’s chakra aura. This means the enemy has to replace what they losed using stamina.

Kontan Kuxo-Ta- Sou: (Soul quarter phase):
Chakra: 1,000
Type: Ninjutsu
The user uses chakra to phase about 10% of his cells into a spectral form. These spectral cells can not be moved once they are in place. After they return to normal a numb feeling is left in place for two posts. These spectral cells do not take damage but instead decrease his weight and increase his movement speed. At this level it can only barely prevent any damage.

Chuunin: Level 2:

Iki Soushi: Katana: (Spirit creation: Katana):
Chakra: 5,000
Type: Ninjutsu
The user uses his own spirit energy to form a medium size Katana. The katana is either made of white metal with a very very faint purple glow due to the spirit energy. Like before it can cause damage to an enemy’s chakra aura.

Chakra hanpatsu no jutsu: (Chakra recover):
Chakra: 5,000
Type: Ninjutsu
The user creates a glowing ball of white chakra. This ball contains a small portion of the users soul. It is then placed directly over an allies heart and heals minor wounds.

Chuunin: Level 3: Must past trial of age

Iki Soushi: Bladed Spear: (Spirit creation: Bladed spear):
Chakra: 10,000
Type: Ninjutsu
The user uses his own spirit energy to create a long slender spear that has a katana like blade at the end. This is meant for fighting while keeping a range, but unlike before the weapon can phase out into pure spirit energy and deal full damage to the enemies chakra aura.
Iki Shouheki no jutsu: (Spirit barrier):
Chakra: 10,000
Type: Ninjutsu
The user uses his own spirit to create a dome like structure around himself. The structure looks kind of like an almost see through bubble. This bubble drains chakra when it is up but can block projectiles and melee slashes. Stronger jutsu, and smashing jutsu or weapons like a maul or doton jutsu can break it much easier. The barrier can be held up for two user turns max.

Kontan Bunbun Sou: (Soul portion phase):
Chakra: 15,000
Type: Ninjutsu
This allows the user to make larger portions of his body to become spectral. He can turn pieces like his whole arm or leg to a spectral state. This means that it will not take any damage and weigh much less but it takes a decent amount of chakra AND can only be used once every four turns. Also note when it returns to normal the limb made spectural can not be used for two posts.

Jounin: Level 4:

Iki Soushi: No Dachi: (Spirit creation: No dachi):
Chakra: 20,000
Type: Ninjutsu
The user, like before uses his spirit energy to create a pair of No Dachi. The No Dachi are two small swords that are both heavier and stronger then a Katana. They might do more damage but swing much slower and aren’t as sharp. Like before it can become full spectral energy.

Supekutoru Yaiba no jutsu: (Spectral Sword):
Chakra: 20,000
Type: Genjutsu
The user concentrates a large mass of chakra to his fist. He then allows his spirit to take the chakra and form it into a moderate sized purple sword. This sword is then used to damage the enemy’s chakra aura directly. (note this does more then the normal weapon creation) This is much like the chakra scalpel as it does not pierce the skin in any form. It just causes direct pain.

Chakra chiyu no jutsu: (Chakra healing):
Chakra: 25,000
Type: Ninjutsu
The user takes his own chakra and his own spirit and combines them to form a swirling black ball of chakra. This ball is placed on their own heart or ally’s heart and it heals large wounds.

Jounin: Level 5: Must pass the trial of time

Iki Chakra Shouheki no jutsu: (Spirit Chakra Barrier):
Chakra: 25,000
Type: Ninjutsu
The user uses his spirit to form a large black barrier. This barrier takes a very small portion of chakra but a large chuck of spirit energy. The energy barrier absorbs all jutsu that hit it and forms pure chakra which is delivered to those inside the barrier. This restores there chakra. This can be help up for about two posts, his own and his enemies. After that one turn is needed to rest.

Kontan Sou no jutsu: (Soul phase):
Chakra: 30,000
Type: Ninjutsu
The user mixes his chakra with his spirit energy and makes it so that his whole body becomes spectral. Their speed doubles not to mention they become void of all damage. This can only be used once a battle. After the spectral cells return to normal they cannot move due to a numb feeling. It lasts two enemy posts.

Iki Soushi: Buster sword: (Spirit creation: Buster soul):
Chakra: 30,000
Type: Ninjutsu
The user creates a large buster sword with this soul. The sword can turn into pure spectral energy. It can also be forced out as Spectral blast wave and damage all enemies in the way.

Fogou Omi

Genin: Level one: (NOTE! All genjutsu can be broken with EXTREME will force and genjutsu kai… the user must be on the same level to use genjutsu kai and touching the enemy. Or they have to be a higher rank.)This jutsu's power increases with rank.

Tengoku no jutsu: (Paradise):
Chakra: N/A
Type: Genjutsu
This genjutsu sends the enemy into their ultimate paradise. The one place they wish that they were. This can be so alluring that the enemy may never come out of it again. (This lasts for six posts unless broken)

Supekutoru Bunshin no jutsu: (Spectral clone):
Chakra: N/A
Type: Genjutsu
The user uses his spirit energy to create up to five clones. These clones can deal no damage and look just like the creator but cannot be killed. To remove them the user MUST have genjutsu kai.

Manako Joumae no jutsu: (Eye lock):
Chakra: 1,000
Type: Genjutsu
The user forces some spirit energy in to an object before casting the jutsu. This jutsu forces the user to look at the object with the spirit energy in it for about six seconds.

Chuunin: Level 2:

Souran Supekutoru no jutsu: (Spectral Disturbance):
Chakra: 1,000
Type: Genjutsu
The user traps the enemy in a genjutsu. This genjutsu causes horrible apparitions to form to the enemy. Tends to cause mental breakdowns if used for to long.

Supekutoru Konpaku no jutsu: (Spectral ghost):
Chakra: 5,000
Type: Genjutsu
The user creates a pink ghost out his own spirit energy. The ghost can take on any form even that of a person from the enemy’s past which can be looked at through other jutsu. This ghost assaults the enemy and says sly and hurtful remarks. The enemy actually takes damage to the chakra aura but feels double the pain then just the chakra aura being attacked. (The ghost last two posts)

Shinkouteki Annai no jutsu: (Spiritual guidance):
Chakra: 10,000
Type: Genjutsu
The user sends a stream of spirit energy (It is light purple and barely visible…) towards the target. If the energy strikes the enemies ear a loud shrieking sound develops in his head. (Only he can hear it) The sound is very loud and if held out for too long can break an ear drum. This lasts for four posts.

Chuunin: Level 3:

Shinkouteki Wana no jutsu:(Spiritual trap):
Chakra: 10,000
Type: Genjutsu
The enemy under this genjutsu feels as if his body is being constricted. Through their eyes they see themselves being lifted in the air by multiple large razor sharp purple chains. (This lasts one post)

Chakra Enjin no jutsu: (Chakra ring):
Chakra: 20,000
Type: Genjutsu
The user sends a large ring of visible chakra at his enemy. The chakra wraps around the enemy from head to toe. If wrapped up complete the enemy begins to see visions of themselves begin eaten alive by a large bone dragon. (This lasts two posts)

Hateshiganai Ankoku no jutsu: (Eternal Darkness):
Chakra: 15,000
Type: Genjutsu
This genjutsu plummets the opponent into eternal darkness. They can see nothing as if they were blind. (This lasts three posts)

Jounin: Level 4:

Shinkouteki Kagai no jutsu:
Chakra: 20,000
Type: Genjutsu
(Spiritual assault): The user summons a large mass of spirit clones which can be in any shape (They all have to be the same shape). These ghosts assault the enemy. See Supekutoru Konpaku no jutsu for effect. (The ghosts last one post)

Hade Shinkan no jutsu: (Loud silence):
Chakra: 20,000
Type: Genjutsu
Just like the screeching jutsu this is the exact opposite. A small purple beam hits the enemies ears and forces them so they can not hear anything. This lasts for two posts.

Chakra funka no jutsu: (Chakra eruption):
Chakra: 25,000
Type: Genjutsu
The enemy is forced to believe that all of his chakra is pouring out of his skin and that he is losing all of his abilities to act. This lasts one turn.

Jounin: Level 5: You must pass the trail of time

Supekutoru vijon no jutsu: (Spectral vision):
Chakra: 25,000
Type: Genjutsu
The enemy’s eyes are altered so that they see everyone around them as ghosts. Their allies appear as ghosts, their enemies, even small things like rabbits look like mini ghosts. These ghosts can be altered by the caster. This lasts two turns.

1000 Toshidoshi Makai: (1000 Years of hell):
Chakra: 30,000
Type: Genjutsu
The enemy is trapped in the worst genjutsu of all. Time becomes distorted and slows down incredibly to them. Every second seems like a year. They are then subjected to their worst nightmares in succession. Specters are also used in the jutsu.

Garabushi’s Ibukuro no jutsu: (Garabushi’s stomach):
Chakra: 27,500
Type: Genjutsu
The enemy is forced to believe that they are being digested alive with in the bowel’s of Garabushi… (When he was alive) This lasts three turns and is extremely painful. The user must summon up a large amount of chakra for this.

Universal Kinjutsu (NOTE: I have very little tolerance with kinjutsu. If I catch anyone using it without permission from FAB, myself, mazarith, and the enemy they will be booted from the clan. Thank you…)

Soul Reaver –
Chakra: 125,000
This is a Kinjutsu known by very few of the Segi clan. In fact, it has not been actually seen for ages. It is only referred to in the clan writings of the past. This is a forbidden Technique that has devastating consequences. The user channels some chakra into their hand. They then draw the symbol of the leader in the air. They then put a circle around it. Where ever they write the air begins to glow. When they are finished they focus an insane amount of their chakra into there hand and then thrust it into the symbol. Their hand seems to disappear into another dimension. When they withdraw their hand from the seal, the seal disappears. The hand will then be glowing brightly pure energy will flow around it. The energy will then form a spectral blade. The blade is unbreakable by almost any means. The blade strikes at the enemy’s soul instead of their flesh. If their soul is damaged enough the blade will then absorb the soul. When the battle is finished the blade will disappear, but if the one who summoned it was not worthy they will loose their soul as well.

Shinkouteki Mokushi: Manako Otokooya Jikoku: (Spiritual sight: Eye of Father time):
Chakra: 20,000
A very new technique, first invented by Hidoi Sugi Makushi. This technique is only obtainable through pure torment and pain… and only by clan members. After this the user must then be proven worthy by Garabushi himself. The users eye becomes pure black with nine white triangles in it that meet at the pupil. This eye allows the user to see the enemies aura in full color, light colors like pink for good and dark colors like purple for bad like before. This also eliminates darkness from their view. The main new feature is that the user is actually allowed to touch the enemy’s spirit aura. This means that he can alter his enemies thoughts almost, make him believe that his past was different then it some how is. This can lasts for one week up to a month before the spirit aura returns to normal. It can also be fixed with extremely powerful healing jutsu. (Note: In order to do this they must sacrifice a shard of their own soul to Garabushi, and eventually they would only become a pawn to Garabushi’s will. I AM NOT HANDING THIS OUT! No one is allowed to receive this power, you must be an ANBU anyway.)

Fugou Seshin Kinjutsu:

Consuming spirit:
Chakra: 100,000
The user forces his chakra into the spiritual aura around the enemy. The aura then blazes until it is extremely bright and visible to all. The aura then begins to eat away at the enemy’s skin eventually totally devouring them. This takes an extreme amount of chakra and actually causes their own aura to devour themselves due to chakra leakage. It will only devour them just enough so that they cannot fight for one week. This jutsu can be stopped by knocking out the caster finding the EXACT amount of chakra sent to the spirit and double it. This would exhaust the curer so much that they would be near death though.

Fugou Konton kinjutsu

Soul defiance:
Chakra: 100,000
The user makes it so that the enemies soul is ripped from their body. The soul is then visible standing outside the enemy where it can be absorbed into the casters spirit energy. If the soul stands out for too long it will dissipate or return to the user. This needs an EXTREME amount of chakra and can only be used once every two months.

Fogou Omi kinjutsu

Souls of hell:
Chakra: 100,000
The user is made to believe that their soul is being carried away in to the depths of hell. This lasts a total of four turns. If held out for all four turns the soul actually detaches from the body and causes the user to suffer a massive heart attack. This always results in death but the downside is that the caster sees what the enemy saw before their death. They there for must be stronger then the enemy in order to survive.

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Clan History:

(Sorry but the clan history is kind of short. I am so tired and I want to get the clan out finally. This is just enough information to get it started history whise.)(Yup real short bud. =P)

Ancient History

Long ago a large blue dragon by the name of Garabushi terrorized the land around Yukigakure. The large dragon assaulted many villages and feasted upon the innocent for quite awhile before the Kage intervened. The dragon’s reign of terror lasted one decade exactly, or in other words till the Kage was fed up with losing to many good ninjas. He assembled the best ninja’s he could fine, and four of them happened to be in the same family known as the Sugi Makushi. These ninja’s were experts with spiritual jutsu, the most powerful of them was known as Minzou Sugi Makushi.

::Flash back::

The field in front of the large cavern was covered in large ice crystals. Dark clouds hung over head like always, this cave never saw any light. Some would say that this place was cursed, other said that the souls of the dead wandered aimlessly searching for revenge. Either way this place was unholy ground, a mass burial ground if you will. A cold rush of air came from the vace. It was where the unholy abomination slept.

“Well we are here…” said a large ninja, he had a grimace look on his face. There were six left now… the other four had met a gruesome fate at the hands of the beast. The growls and snores of the slumbering monstrosity could be heard at least a mile away.

“Indeed… let us precede.” Said another man. He wore a black kimono, it had several white markings on it. “Today the beast will fall…”

:: End of Flash back::

The beast was slain that day… but at the cost of five of the six warriors that fought. The battle was a glorious one, but each fell one by one, not harming the beast at all. When it came down to Minzou himself he was forced to use a technique he swore never to use. He had summoned the soul reaver, a blade of pain and torment. He severed the soul of the dragon from its body and trapped it in a crystal which he held in his palm. He swore he would start a clan in the name of his dead comrades.

Minzou married and had four children. He placed a mark upon each ones fore head and taught each one a separate type of jutsu. He knew that it would take to long to teach them all of the jutsu he knew… and to the strongest and kindest of the all he taught the soul reaver. After his death the clan had turned bitter, they judged people outside of the clan as insignificant and unworthy. The jewel which held Garabushi’s soul was hid deep in a dungeon that was sealed off from the rest of the clan.

Eventually it was found by Garoshi Sugi Makushi, the new leader of the clan. When he found the jewel he was tempted by its evil power… a voice spoke to him. It told him that it would serve him and his family if it was given freedom once every year for a set amount of days. The foolish new leader agreed with out hesitation and Garabushi was not a clan summon of the highest rank. Years later the beast’s soul had become weaker and the Chuunin of the clan were allowed to summon it.

The clan remanded like this until years later when Garabushi’s evil plans had started to take place.

Recent events

Recent Event 1: Happened six years in the past.

Log entry:

Dangerous deals: The date is erased but by the writing it is about six years old.

Today I finally came into contact with the master mind of this plan. The new bon child of Hinto is suppose to be the new fuogo seshin of the clan… or that is what the clan elders say.

This clan I belong to is disgusting, the members do not care for ower. Our clan could be great, but these fools do nothing about it. That is why they must all die, my hirer’s clan is far better then this feeble clan. They promise me power when this clan is done with. The Sugi Makushi are the only things standing in their way.

The plan is quite simple. Another genin is going to be taking the trial of passage. The guards will be at the ceremony, all except three, two at the gates and one with the child. My job is simple… All I am require to do is kill the two guards that are guarding the gate and open it. This will allow the assassins to enter the compound. The first group is required to grab the child… the other ones are heading for the clans head house. This will seal the fate of the clan. After the old clan head is assonated the clan will fall fast… no new leaders will be here to take his place.

---- ---- ---- ---- ----

“The sands of time always leave its markings. It is you who chooses what those marks are."

“Well dad, are you happy? You better be… I finally am choosing my own path.”
A tall slender man stoof by the gate, he wore a black jacket, with his black pair of pants and boots. His hair was pulled back in a pony tail and he wore the Yukigakure head bang/ His skin was extraordinarily smooth, he was beautiful even for this clan. His hand was clutched around necklace he received for becoming an ANBU. He let his hand release the small amulet in his hand, as it fell to the floor the name "Hidoi" became visible. The necklace hit the floor with a thud, it had cracked open revealing a shreaded picture. The pictured had been ripped in half, the small boy in it was barely visible. The boy in the picture seemed only to be about eight years old, he stood with a huge grin on his face in front of another person... who wore the cloths of the Fugou omi. The boy held a large trophy that read "Zinthou winner of the annual gennin clan duels. Hidoi placed his foot on the locket and gave pushed down breaking it into pieces.

"It doesn't matter... both of them were from my past... I am a new person now. I am sorry... Zinthou..." he said to himself. He knew that the person standing behind Zinthou was himself, that was how he wanted it. He looked down at the poor jounin guard sitting agaisnt the wall rolled up in fear. It was obvious that the guard was trapped in some type of Genjutsu. Hidoi pulled a kunai from his back pocket and knelt down behind the guard.

"I am sorry cousin..." he said with a malicious grin. His eyes looked as if they were dead now, he showed no emotion, no remorse. With a quick twitch of his hand the guard laid dead next to the other, both with blood pouring from their sliced necks. He stood up placing his right hand on to the gate that was in front of him. He pulled back slightly revealing a small white stone that came out with easy. The stone rested gently in the middle of his gloved palm... it was to late now, there was no turning back.

"The deed... is... done," he said sighing. The gate made a loud creaking noise as it shifted across the snow covered stone. He turned his back on the gate and began walking back to his house, this would be the last time he would be able to rest with ease.

---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Log Entries:

The deed is done: The date again is erased…

I have done the deed, I know the consequences now. I was never originally attended to receive this power… by doing this I have sealed my own fate. They have already found out that the child is missing and that the guards are dead. Everything has gone wrong… at least they have the child. The other assassins are dead… they didn’t last long, they under estimated Gosu’s ability.

I already know my family will suffer… from what I have done. But I could care less! I hate them all… I hate everyone in this family.

It seems that… they have come… I must end this now.

Day of execution:

I was correct, I was never attended to receive any power. They have abandoned me here… my soul is to be condemned to the deepest bowls of Gurubashi. I have no regrets though, this is the beginning of the end for this family. May the Devil feast upon their souls…

Note: Note that not long after this he was brought down to Garabushi's layer by force. No one has seen him or the guards that had brought him down there since.

Recent event 2:

What can I say there really isn’t much to tell about me. My parents are just like any other parents in the clan. My father was a master in the Fugou Bachi and my mother was a master in the Fogou Omi. Now that I think about it though they were both very surprised when my symbol was revealed to be Fugou Seshin, the mark of the leader.


“Hasashi it is time to go!” I was quickly preparing for the big day for my family. Although our whole clan is one large family, I am my parents’ only child. They were both very excited for me. The Trial of Passage, the trial that marks the beginning of your story in the clan.

The three of us took off toward the complex in which the trail was held. I was separated from them at the entrance since I needed to go into a different part of the building. I waited for about twenty minutes before my call finally came.

I slowly entered the room. I was actually really nervous, the only time in my life. Apparently it didn’t show though. I looked up to the Elders in the balcony and awaited the trial. They began to pass a small sheet of white paper around. Each of them touched the paper. I remember wondering what they were doing back then. I now know that they each infuse a little chakra into the paper and that causes the seal. Finally the paper arrived down onto the main floor. One of my uncles appeared and placed the paper on my head.

About a minute passed before they removed the paper. As the paper was slowly being removed, an uproar broke out in the balcony to the right. People started to go crazy it seemed. This scared me to death. I had never heard of such an uproar starting at the Trial of Passage. My uncle removed the paper and stared at my forehead for a moment. A smile broke out on his kind weather worn face. The uproar took to the entire room like wildfire.

Gosu the current head of the clan stood up from the balcony. “You will all be seated again. This child is a blessing to us from above. Our clan will have a future. A new leader has been found.” It hit me like a lightning bolt. “What…” My parents came rushing down from the balcony they were seated in. They both hugged me and told me they loved me. I left the room stunned for what I thought had just happened.


I didn’t fully comprehend what had just happened at first. It took me a few days before I realized that I was to be the new leader. It was a good thing I had shown up actually. The clan was in turmoil because the one who was supposed to be the new leader was murder by an enraged member of the clan.

All too soon my new training began. I was trained in all of the basic jutsu of the clan. Then the time came for me to choose my own path for jutsu. I was fortunate for the fact that my mother and father were in different branches of the clan. I was able to learn the basic ins and outs of their two branches. In the end though, I chose the second branch Fugou Konton. With my choices made I was now forced to wear that ridiculous black robe. Actually I’ve gotten used to it now. I can wear whatever I want under it.

Despite the fact that the second branch offers you spirit weapons I chose to take up training with a broad sword. I quickly took to the art of battle with it. I’m the best swordsmen the clan has at the genin rank so that must say something. Hmm… Is there anything else about me that you need to know? I think I’ve told you all you need to know. Now please excuse me I have things to attend to.

Recent Event 3: Took place one week ago from the current date.

“So the dark storm of the Yuki will be here soon eh?” said the rather tall shadow. The shadow made its way into the light and began to look around. He was rather tall, his face was covered in scars. He wore a black vest over his light gray shit which also matched his pants. His black hair was clicked back and despite his appearance he was still quite young.

“Yes… and we want you to handle them… We are leaving this to you, Zinthou Sugi Mukushi.” said the other shadow. Zinthou gave a slight nod then held out his hand.

“Give me my cash now then…” he said, no emotion came across his face. He watched as the shadow turned around and headed towards the door.

“All in due time my friend…” he said chuckling. “The kid is in the back locked in the shed… make sure he doesn’t escape. Get going they will be here soon.” He head the door close through the shadows as his masked hirer left.

“Very well...” he said spitting on the ground. “It can wait, I will be receiving pleasure out of this anyway,” he said chuckling. He walked to the door he could hear the floor boards creek under him with each step. A storm was brewing over head now, in a couple of minutes it would start to snow much harder.

He removed his forehead protector revealing the Fugoi Bachi. The sign looked as if someone had tried to burn it off but with no avail. “Shinkouteki Mokushi” he shouted. His light brown pupil began to warp colors until it was fully white. One after amptjer six small black triangles began to form in his iris. The triangles then all shifted towards the pupil and slowly began to grow and met in the center of the pupil.

He reached to his side and pulled out the large sickle that was strapped to his waist. He then placed his left hand over the roll of chains that he attached to his belt and pulled some forth. He attached the front of the chain to his sickle and formed a tight knot. After he wrapped the hard metal chain to his fist, the hard metal was freezing to his touch and actually almost stuck to his skin.

“Mugg-mff-mmm,” he heard coming from the shed behind him.

“Heh… don’t worry kid. You won’t need to suffer much longer. It will all be over soon.”

The snow was falling much heavier now, all that could be seen in every direction of the house was white. It took another five minutes but they, well more like he, showed up. A skinny, slender man showed up, his face had no scars. His eyes were already transformed. He wore a white Kimono and a pair of white pants that were barely visible under the Kimono. The sign of the Fugoi Konton was embedded on the back of his Kimono in black. His hair was a shining white, almost silver, and it extended down to his shoulders.

“Zinthou… stop this non-sense. RETURN MY SON!” He bellowed. “Iki Shoushi: Buster sword!” he shouted as he started to perform the right hand seals. A wave of purple energy rushed to his hand and gathered into a handle. After about four seconds a large white buster sword became visible through the harsh snow. He pushed open the gate as his sword was held over his shoulder. Each step he made left behind a fresh foot print next to the old half filled ones that the masked man had left before. “Who left these foot prints here? It obviously wasn’t you based on its size.”

“You don’t need to know anything from me…” he said, anger was visible in his eyes. He lifted his heavy sickle and threw it towards the new comer. “NOT AFTER WHAT YOU I WAS PUT THROUGH HINTO!”

“Don’t follow in your brothers foot steps… it will only lead to despair.” He quickly lifted up his great sworf so that the sickle would ram into it. The sword of solid spirit energy vibrated in his hands as the two metals made contact. “Stop it… you have great potential. You’re only a chuunin but you are just as strong as a jounin!” He shouted. “Don’t throw your life away! Your brother did… there is no need for you to!”

“My brother did not throw his life away… It was you, YOU ARE THE ONES THAT CONDEMNED HIM! And for that I will punish you! Iki zanzou!”

After standing still for several seconds it seemed that no changes had occurred. Zinthou grabbed his sickle at his side and tossed it into at the large wooden house we were standing next to. The sickle caught on to the gutter at the top of roof. The house was rather old and looked a mess, it looked as if it could barely hold his weight. He jumped towards the building catching his feet on to the wall before dashing across the wood. Each step he took broke pieces of the wood into sharp splinters which fell to the floro quickly after. As he came closer to Hinto he pulled hard on his sickle. The metal tore through the wood gutter causing the whole section of the house to actually collapse. He released chakra to his feet so that he was crouching perfectly still on the wall and with a quick push of strength he flew off towards Hinto. A black shadow could be seen following him as a blur. As he came near his enemy he drew his blade back and brought it forward landing it directly into his chest. A second later a blur of blackness flew from his arm and swung too smacking Hinto right in the chest. He lifted off the ground flying straight into the building where the part of the building he had torn off finally collapsed on top of him.

“I will kill… YOU ALL! Every single one of you damn bastards!” He shouted to no one in particular. As he turned to walk from the area and leave the kid in the shed to freeze a rumbling noise could be heard from under the rubble.

“Ergh… STAY DEAD!” He shouted. “Chakra ame no jutsu (CHAKRA RAIN!),” He shouted opening up his mouth as he completed the hand seals. A small ball of white energy formed in his mouth until small balls of chakra poured out of it smashing into the pile of rubble. After several seconds of being pummeled by the chakra balls the rubble exploded into every direction but not from the Chakra ame no jutsu. Instead a purple semi circle shaped barrier stood in its place.

“No… I won’t die…” He said through the bubble. His Kimono was ripped into many pieces now, the cold of the snow was getting to him. “I WILL NOT STAY DEAD!” He shouted letting the barrier fall. He heaved his great sword up and tossed it towards Zinthou. The blade warped the air as it flew at an immense speed before actually splitting into a large wave of blue chakra. Zinthou hadn’t had enough time to react, he tossed his hands up completing several seals before the wave hit him.

He shouted in pain as he lifted off the ground and flew head first into a small log fence that surrounded the now damaged house. His clothes had been ripped to pieces by the wave, his body felt numb… all thought he had amazing skill with ninjutus he could never take many hits… that was one thing he would have to train for. He heaved himself up, wounds now covered his body due to the logs that he had flew into.

“Heh it looks like I win anyway…” he said spitting up some blood. The shed had been destroyed completely, the boy inside laid on the floor curled up into a ball. Zinthou could tell, his aura was gone, the boy was dead.

“Like father life son…” he said laughing as he turned around to leave.

“Why… how could I…” and with that Hinto’s life ended. The chakra icicle that Zinthou had released before being pummeled with the chakra wave had pierced Hinto’s vital organs. It had gone clean through both lungs as well. He had mastered a Jounin level technique as a Chuunin and released two at once.

Ancient scripture of leadership

(Note I switched each letter with something else so if translated again it should come back out in English)

Translated version: I swear with my life that I will guide this clan. With my heart, soul, and power I will not let this clan perish. With all of my strength I will live to server the clan, lead the clan, to protect the clan. Enemies of the sugi beware you will not roam the mortal realm any longer.


Member limit: The member limit of the Sugi Mokushi clan is 10.

Clan Members:

-Hidoi Sugi Mokushi
-Hasahi Sugi Mokushi
-Yumi Sugi Mokushi

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