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Posted by: Omega2042 May 8 2007, 10:32 AM
As the title says, I am making this because this forum has had too little activity. So as such I shall ask a simple, yet oddly not asked, question: Who is your most hated Naruto character? Important, this is hate, not dislike.

For me, its very easy. So easy that I shouldnt even have to say it: Sasuke.

Why do I hate him so? Why do I hate him to the point where I rant like an angry nerd? Well, there are countless reasons to hate this little bag of crap, but I shall mention one that you dont see much.

The back of his head is a duck's ass. There I said it. His hair style is based off the backside of a duck. I mean, what else can I possibly say that could be worse than that? Forget the fact he is incredibly stupid, stuborn, has the sense of a lemming and that he thinks the world revolves around him, his hair style is based off an unsavory feathered animal!

Posted by: Vox May 8 2007, 01:31 PM
Sasuke. He always complains, but does he ever try to change his situation?

Posted by: flamento May 8 2007, 02:53 PM
ooooh, from naruto, there are so many characters so easily hated. One of the many characters i hate, would be the 3rd hokage, but thats not my least hated.

My overall hated character from naruto, would be the bitch of the series, sakura (from now onwards, assume i'm talking about the sakura pre-shippuden)

She's nagging, arrogant, and her hairs crappy to boot. She does nothing apart from wait for either naruto or sasuke to help, and she just over all in annoying.

As said before, this is the pre-shippuden version of sakura. The shippuden version proves herself useful though incredible strengh and healing abilities, so, she's sort of alright.

Posted by: Ds14 May 8 2007, 10:47 PM
I think Itachi is cool, but I still hate him. He's way overpowered. In trying to make him look cool, they blew the power scale way out of proportion. Now you can't really compare two characters, but you can just say, "Itachi can kill him anyways."

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