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Posted by: Kazuma Apr 14 2007, 05:03 AM
Name: Arashi Hadou [Storm Surge]
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: All
Special Items: N/A
Village: Universal

A 'storm' chart starting off with the simple elements of Water and Wind. As the user develops their way through and slowly gains mastery of each, the Water and Wind can eventually become more complicated as they start to combine.
  • Mizukabe Level 1 [Water Wall]
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: A defensive-only water jutsu that brings up a wall on one side of the user. It can block simple physical attacks and reduce the speed of oncoming projectiles such as kunai. At this level, a water source would be required.

  • Kaze [Breeze]
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: A light breeze is conjured by the user, but at this stage, the breeze does not move very fast and is not a very good offensive or defensive technique. If used, it may help slightly throw projectiles of their course.

  • Ame Level 1 [Rain]
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 1,000
    Description: The user conjures up a light rain onto the field for two posts. One post prepares the rain, and the next the rain continues to fall. After that, the rain clears out, leaving a max of three puddles, about an inch deep and six meters in diameter, in the area. If Mizukabe is used, a puddle is used for each wall needed. If the preparation fails, the rain evaporates before it touches the ground.

  • Kazetou Level 1 [Wind Sickle]
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 1,000
    Description: If a breeze is near the area, the user can 'catch' it with their chakra, and redirect it towards an opponent. At this level, the user would not be skilled enough to redirect it at the same speed or faster. When redirected, it would go towards the opponent at half speed and would almost always need to be at point-blank range. The damage this can leave is a simple cut across the skin, or maybe a small tear in clothing.

  • Hitofuki [Gust]
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 2,400
    Description: Just like Kaze, except the user conjures up a stronger breeze. The same in not being a good defense or offense, however, it can surely redirect projectiles off their course. When using this, the wind conjured does not move away from the user, it instead circles around the user.

  • Ame Level 2
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 3,000
    Description: A slightly heavier, longer lasting rain than Ame Level 1. This one lasts for four posts; one being the preparation, and it rains in the duration. Puddles becoming evident by the third post, and after it rains, a max of six puddles are left in a circle. This time, the puddles are two inches deep with the same diameter of six meters. If preparation fails, the rain only lasts two posts after the attempted preparation.

  • Mizukabe Level 2
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 4,000
    Description: When this level is reached, the user may create up to three walls to protect that many sides of themself. This can block physical attacks slightly stronger than what Mizukabe Level 1 can, and can can block all projectiles, except needles. In the case of needles, the speed is only reduced. Similar to Mizukabe Level 1, a water source would still need to be required.

  • Boufuu [Gale]
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 6,000
    Description: Finally, the user can start getting a little more offense with their wind jutsu. With this, the user again conjures up a breeze with a bit more aggression than Hitofuki. The wind, again, spins around the user, but this time can be directed in an intended direction. This can block about as well as Mizukabe Level 1, but is not meant for physical attacks. Boufuu can block most projectiles, sending them off course, but may still end up sending some at the user. The winds move faster and because of that, it may end up holding the projectiles for some times.

  • Tatsumaki [Tornado]
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 10,000
    Description: Aside from Kazetou and the slight ability of Boufuu, this is the first real offensive Wind jutsu learned on this chart. When conjured, a funnel-like wind, comes up around the user, and heads towards the opponent at wind speeds of 30mph counter-clockwise. At this, the opponent can be knocked up in the air a max of 40 feet. Aside from that, unless this carries any kind of knives in it, not too much damage will be done to the victim. Maybe a scratch or two on the clothes and skin.

  • Teikiatsu Level 1 [Cyclone]
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 12,000
    Description: This would be the first sign of the user being able to mix both water and wind together for a jutsu. A tornado of water apparates around the user being held together by wind, of course, rotating counter-clockwise, like Tatsumaki. At this level, it is meant to be a defense against medium-powered physical attacks, multiple projectiles and weaker jutsu. [Genin and some Chuunin ranked] As it is, the funnel does not go very high, about 20 feet, and can be easily penetrated due to this being a fresh move. About two jutsu can break through, regardless of what it can defend.

  • Taifuu [Typhoon]
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 15,000
    Description: It takes one post to prepare and lasts for two more posts. With this, winds blow that are strong enough to push an enemy back, but not far. The winds may also leave scars on the oppponent. Not many, though, as it is rather weak. Rain also falls to the ground at the same time the wind blows, and may leave puddles of the same dimensions as Ame Level 2. If preparation fails, Taifuu lasts for one post.

  • Mizukabe Level 3
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 20,000
    Description: When this stage is reached, the user most definitely has control over water well. This is the highest level of the Mizukabe, and can create a shielding all around and above the user who conjured it. This can block almost all physical attacks and can block all projectiles. A water source is not needed, but if used without, the user will not be able to bring the shield up above them and will be vulnerable to aerial attacks. Either way, this lasts five seconds. If the user has other plans, they would need to think fast.

  • Kazetou Level 2
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 24,000
    Description: This one, unlike Kazetou Level 1, does not require a little breeze. It can be formed with the user's chakra. At this level, the user can make two sickles and throw them, one at a time, at the opponent. With their control of wind as well as their control with water, the user can throw this at a speed three times as fast as a normal breeze and it is sharp enough to leave a long cut in the opponent's skin.

  • Dust Bowl
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 28,000
    Description: A technique used by the user in which they gather chakra and mingle it into the air and wind a radius of 20 meters in front of them and to their sides in a semi-circle around them. The infused material is then slammed down into dirt or sand and kicks up a blinding cloud that can be pushed in the direction of the opponent to temporarily blind them. This takes one post to prepare and the next post, it can be set off. If preparation fails, the dust or sand is just a cloud that rises and will not do much to anyone. With the exception of maybe filling their mouth with sand or dust if they spoke while it came at them.

  • Teikiatsu Level 2
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 32,000
    Description: This rises in the exact same manner as Teikiatsu Level 1, but is twice as high and just as durable against physical attacks. This can block almost all jutsu from Genin to Jounin. However, the stronger the opponent, the easier it is to penetrate. Genin probably would not be able to break this, unless they are some kind of crazy, Chuunin have a chance if they can land about eight direct hits with their jutsu, and Jounin can penetrate after four direct hits with their jutsu.

  • Shippuu [Hurricane]
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 60,000
    Description: Now, with hard work, determination, and masterful control of water and wind elements, the user will be able to conjure Shippuu. Much like Taifuu, except it is much stronger in both wind and rain, dropping temperatures and blinding vision in a greyish tone and has power equivalent to a category two hurricane. If the user hopes to use this in a battle, they better have foresight, or just be able to see that they will not be attack; or they better be prepared to be considered an outcast of their village as this takes three posts to prepare and lasts for six posts, and with that, might as well use it as an act of terrorism. If preparation fails, the user becomes exhausted for three posts and cannot use any jutsu over 10,000 chakra in that time.

Posted by: Nirubi-chan Apr 17 2007, 09:05 PM

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