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Posted by: Darkfireangel Sep 16 2007, 04:37 AM
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Character Name: Ryuuko_Tokage
Rank: Rp Legend / Chunnin
Character Age: 19
Character Height 6"2'
Characters Weight: 186
Starting Village: Hidden Leaf
Primary Element/Secondary Element Main/SecondaryL All But Ice
History: I am a former kage of the hidden cloud village n thunder country but I decided to kill my citizen's and ninja's for their moves and their souls. After kill my people I was bannest outside to the hidden mist entrances. Next my son zabuza momochi a rogue member die with my student haku. After the death of my son I wanted to faw revenge by killing the hidden leaf village anbu swats.
My best friend madara disappear after killing the 1st & 2nd hokage of konoha. Madara father of itachi uchiha promise to give my family the tokage's the sharingan but just up and left. Thats all of my story for now.

Starting Jutsu:Doton Kekkai Doroudomu (Earth Element Clay Barrier Prison)
Requirements: intelligence 10, chakra 8
Description: Technique which completely surrounds an opponent in a prison made of clay or earth. The user then is able to absorb the enemy’s chakra through the walls. This absorption of chakra, however, only causes the victims to feel a bit weaker. Once the opponent leaves the prison, he feels like normal again. Since the walls of the prison are infused with a user's chakra, any damage taken by the prison is capable of being repaired/regenerated by that chakra.

Katon Karyuu Endan (Fire Element: Fire Dragon Blast)
Requirements: intelligence 8, chakra 13
Description: A jutsu that sends a stream of fire towards the opponent in the shape of a large dragon from the users mouth. The intensity of the flame is enough to completely melt stone and the end result of this techniques rampage is an explosion enough to send an entire mountain aquiver.

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Animal Companion: Yes
Animal Name: Drake
Animal Species: Dragon
Animal description: He is the oldest dragon and with his age comes a vast about of knowledge and wisdom, he does not like to fight and often chooses not to but will tell you a way to bet your opponent,but when he does fight he will not use physical moves he will do it mentally or with the elements.

Posted by: Ds14 Sep 16 2007, 07:24 PM
Um.. you seem to have put a lot of work into your characters, but unfortunately I'm going to have to give this one a no.

Try reading the rules and get back to me. If you need any help, by all means let me know.

Posted by: Darkfireangel Sep 17 2007, 01:26 AM
I fix it now look.

Posted by: Mazrith986 Sep 17 2007, 02:37 AM
Well this character is out for many different reasons. For one thing the this RP is in an alternate reality where none of the canon characters existed. So I encourage you to go back and completely redo this character. And you can't have a dragon for a pet.

Posted by: FinalRagnarok Sep 25 2007, 07:13 PM
Not to mention the spelling and grammar is simply atrocious. It made my eyes burn to read that. So if you are planning on RP'ing regularly I suggest you remedy that ASAP.

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