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Posted by: Jenaisis Jan 18 2007, 12:49 PM
Please note that these are for the kumo-nenkin (golden spider thread, Kidoumaru's clan) clan's use only.

Name: Aran
Species: Spider
Chakra: (I'm waiting for someone to put up a summon template before I add this)
Description: A species of spider that is about the same size as the Jigumo (Spider Queen) but is capable of spitting poison. Also, it does not turn into hundreds of little spiders when struck. It is black with red markings on its abdomen.

Name: Kaizokugumo (Name means 'pirate web', as there's a type of spider called 'pirate spider')
Species: Spider
Chakra: See above
Description: Probably the most powerful spider summon, as it is capable of spinning webs within mere minutes and it delivers a powerful poisonous bite that can also induce paralysis. Note that although it is said to be the most powerful, it is not above using the one who summoned it for its own ends. It also eats other spiders. It is huge, silver and with a black abdomen.

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