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 Tribal Drugging, Can't think of a name for the tribe...
Posted: Mar 15 2006, 04:59 AM

Whoa. 1,000 posts. I'd like to thank the great King Turtle.

Group: Admin
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Joined: 22-January 06

Name:Indibinaotu Style
Type: Genjutsu and Taijutsu
Rank: All
Special Items: A spear made of wood with a stone or bone tip.
This technique chart was founded by a nomadic tribe that came from no specific village. The members regularly tried herbs and plants they found to see the effects they had on the human body. After years and years of experimentation, the tribe found a steady group of plants that caused effects that they desired and they began to use them for ceremonies. One day, a very old shinobi from an unknown village stumbled upon the tribe. After living with them for some time, he began to experiment with mixing the effects of these plants and ninjutsu. If a plant could make him feel a certain way, he theorized, that same feeling could be emulated by ninjutsu. After much research and training, the shinobi successfully learned how to do this and taught the tribe his newfound ability. Generations later, this simple practice turned into a full blown shinobi art.

In summary, this tribe uses powerful genjutsu and spears to fight.

Spear fighting level 1
The basic ability to fight with a wood and bone spear proficiently.

Stimulant level 1
Genjutsu on oneself
The user can move much more quickly and becomes much more alert.

Hallucinogen level 1
The user can make their opponent's vision lag. (I.E. See movement trails) Very disorienting.

Spear fighting level 2
The spear fighting becomes more powerful, fast, and accurate.

Stimulant level 2
Genjutsu on oneself
The user's reflexes become so fast that they seem twitchy and general speed increases. They also become more agressive to the point that it affects decision making skills.

Depressant level 1
Genjutsu on oneself
The user percieves everything as being much slower, making it slightly easier to dodge.

Spear fighting level 3
The user gets a new spear from the tribe that is made from a flexible root. Its fluid movements are unpredictale and very distracting to enemies. They can also use the spear as a javelin accurately.

Hallucinogen level 2
The user can make their opponent dizzy or take a completely different form in their eyes. If the user's chakra is 2x or less than 10,000, they will get a little dizzy after using this jutsu.

Stimulant level 3
The user's strength increases greatly, they can jump very high in the air, they can also move at extremely fast speeds. At this level, if the user's chakra is not above 25,000, they risk even more aggressive behavior and muscles may burst if used for extremely prolonged periods of time.

Depressant level 2
The user can view everything as slowed down to a crawl. Causes dizziness and vomiting(like they care, if they're in this state:rolleyes:) if under 25,000.

Spear fighting level 4
The user can use the spear as a vault and are very skilled. This is the most advanced form of spear fighting.

Hallucinogen level 3
The user can make the opponent see an entirely different world, in which they play the "dungeon master" and control everything that happens. Extremely powerful genjutsu. Time passes much more quickly in this world. One day in the real world is one year in the fake world, but no aging occurs. If more than one day passes and the user hasn't completely mastered this genjutsu, they risk being trapped in the fake world forever or for a VERY long time until they are able to kai out of it.

K, I'm from Nigeria, so I'll use a word from my language.

Indibinaotu(Roughly translates to bush people) Tribe will be the name.

No side effects for level 1. level 2+ side effects are: Hallucinogen can make the user confused and dizzy if it's used for too long. Stimulant can cause shrinking of the penis blink.gif , exhaustion, extra aggressiveness(against better judgement, uncontrollable aggression), and if used for too long, fainting. Depressant can cause vomiting, diziness, and narcolepsy(not in real life, but it sounds like it could happen.)

And ya, srry about the vague description. The hallucinogen level 3 makes someone see an illusion of pretty much a different world. It transports them to a world created and controlled by the person using the jutsu. Think of the tsukiyomi, except it can't cause physical pain. I used the term "dungeon master" because you're kinda like god or Chuck Norris or whatever, and you get to control whatever happens in that world. Until you pass out or they somehow kai out of it.

Sound good? Tell me any suggestions or anything.

Btw, thanks for being hard on tech chart submitters. I'm glad no retarded crap is getting in, and if I don't do a good job, you seem like someone that will let me know.... bluntly.
Edit again

This chart is not for members of the tribe only and is definitely not a bloodline. Anyone can learn it.
Posted: Mar 16 2006, 03:27 AM


Excellent, almost done. I still believe you should post a time limit on some of the stronger jutsu, or at least a general idea of how long they can use it. And the name, fix it up and you are finished.
Posted: Mar 21 2006, 08:13 PM



Your clan or bloodline has been reviewed and accepted by the moderating team. This bloodline now exists in the world of Naruto Jiyuu. If you have any other questions, please ask the moderating team.

Thank you

PM me the village it is in please!?
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