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 Shourai Clan, Divine Eye
Uchiha Mikyas
Posted: Mar 15 2006, 02:45 AM


Clan Name: Shourai Clan
Name of Bloodline Technique: Uranaigan(Divine Eye)
Description: Basically, the Doujutsu gives its user limited to absolute understanding of the near or far future. There is a limit to the amount which it can be used outside battle/threatening situations, unless the user possesses a great amount of charka and knows how to manipulate it to use this ability when he/she is not in battle. (OOC: Only the first 5 clan users will be allowed to be able to have the potential use Uranaigan outside of battleÖnot like itís THAT big a deal, just so that you understand thereís a special version which is shown below.) (OOC: Admins if I am not allowed to make this rule Iíll delete it)

*A little extra background info: The Shourai derived their powers from an astronomical phenomenon which was witnessed by Shourai Ruki. After watching a star actually implode on itself, Shouraiís eyes were in a way kind of rewinded in time, allowing him to be in the past, knowing what was to come in the future. After 10 years of developing his powers, he had realized it was genetic and would soon become an Advanced Bloodline, which would establish a new clan in Hidden Leaf Village.
  • Level 1 Uranaigan (Divine Eye)
    Type: Advanced Bloodline Doujutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: There is 1 blue ring around the pupil. Allows the user to predict the outcome of an attack from his/her opponent after having at least a few minutes of battle experience with that opponent. It is only helpful it comprehending how much damage he may do to you. (Can Only be Used in Battle)

  • Celestial Strike
    Type: Taijutsu
    Chakra: 2,000
    Description: Itís user delivers a swift blow from a predicted weak spot and has an 70% chance of critical hit. (Can Only be Used with Uranaigan)

  • Iiikagen-Uranai Bunshin no Jutsu (Gambling Strike Technique)
    Type: Genjutsu(First Part)/Ninjutsu(Second Part)
    Chakra: 2,000
    Description: The user creates an illusionary bunshin of his/herself, and starts changing positions with the bunshin, but rapidly so that it will be very hard to tell which is which. In the end, both the bunshin and real user will charge from opposite sides of the enemy. It is a 50/50 gamble-like attack because the opponent will not know which to hit. If the attack follows through, the opponent will have some slight pain, but his/her stamina will be cut in half (50%). (50% chance of this technique following through)

  • Level 2 Uranaigan (Divine Eye)
    Chakra: 5,500
    Description: With this tear are 2 blue rings surrounding the pupil. With this technique, the user can not only predict the outcome of an attack, but also when to dodge it and what else may come within the fight. This method works partly by being able to read charka use of your opponent and high probability. With this there is an 80% chance of evasion, and an extra 10% added to the chance of itís user striking his/her opponent. (Can Only be Used in Battle)

  • Celestial Bunshin no Jutsu (Divine Copy)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 10,000(With 1 Bunshin) 15,000(With 2 Bunshins)
    Description: The user creates up to 2 solid bunshins, which kind of all play seek and destroy. The Bunshin(s) use Celestial Prediction to find vulnerable points of the enemy. Those Bunshin(s) will run for a strike, while the real user uses Celestial Strike, creating multiple powerful strikes which may paralyze the enemy for a few minutes. (With 1 Bunshin, there is a 60% chance of a perfect attack) (With 2 Bunshins, there is an 80% chance of a perfect attack)

  • Divine Blast
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 10,000
    Description: The user builds up and channels charka through his eyes until it becomes a visible, clear grey within the pupils. The charka is released but as if it was a time bomb, the energy from within canít be released until the user chooses so. There is a 5 minute time limit on this jutsu, so the user must act as quickly as possible. The user can send the charka blast towards the opponent whenever he/she pleases.

  • Tenmon Ultimate Release (Level 2 Divine Blast)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 20,000
    Description: A rare attack, only a select few members of the clan can actually possess enough charka to comprehend this technique. This is the most powerful of all the attacks in the Shourai Clan. With this, the user gathers charka from his entire body and holds it within his chest. Astronomical powers then explode around the user, enclosing a 40 ft perimeter. In the end, this does severe damage to the body. This move can only be used once every other month on the 15th, when the stars are aligned in a specific pattern.

  • Level 3 Uranaigan (Divine Eye)
    Chakra: 35,000
    Description: This is by far, one of the most valuable Doujutsu abilities. With the final Uranaigan stage, there are 2 blue rings surrounding the pupil, but the pupil is not visible. The user can basically always strike and evade attacks from his opponent, since he would generally know all of his moves...unless they were inhumanly fast. There is a downside though, you can't use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. The user can use this technique anytime, but has an 1 hourís time limit when in battle. (ONLY A SMALL FEW MAKE IT TO THIS STAGE WITHIN THEIR LIFETIME[The first 5 members of this clan are the only ones capable of achieving this ability, even if others join after and have enough chakra for it, they won't be able to use it.])(It can be used both in and out of battle, always activated outside of battle)
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