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 Mimura Bloodline, Long work in progress
Posted: Mar 9 2006, 09:46 AM


Clan Name: Mimura
Bloodline Technique: Kikimasu
Clan Trait: All members of this clan are born blind. Their bodies are the same as a normal person except for two reasons. The first is that their eyes are a solid white. Because of this the clan keeps their eyes closed most of the time. The other trait is their hearing. From their loss of sight they have gained hearing beyond what any normal person could hope to achieve.
Bloodline Trait: Taking their already heightened hearing to an extreme the Mimura clan can hear even the slightest sound. Any ripple made within 60 meters will register to their ears. They can hear the heart beat of an ant within this range. Aside from that fact, most genjutsu is rendered ineffective by subtle sound waves. Once activated the user must open their eyes.
History: The founder of this clan was a man by the name of Nori. From his blindness at birth, he never thought of entering the ninja academy. At the age of nine though, his bloodline technique activated. At first he couldnít control when it activated and deactivated. He was also overwhelmed by the amount of noise he could hear. By the age of ten he had managed to learn how to activate and deactivated the Kikimasu.

It was at this time a local chuunin by the name of Haru Iwamoto learned of this new bloodline technique. He approached Nori and suggested that he join the academy and train his bloodline technique to help the village. At first Nori thought it would be impossible for him to become a ninja, but Haru promised to aid Nori. Not wanting to waste the kindness of this man, Nori agreed to join the academy.

Nori Struggled through most of his classes however. As it turned out he was visiting Haru almost everyday to pass his classes. Nori was a very quick learner, but he required more than just a lecture due to his lack of sight. As he trained with Haru he not only learned the basics of the way of the ninja, but he also learned how to better harness his hearing.

The remaining days at the academy were spent in this way almost daily. The biggest change in his life came when he was nearing graduation, Haru had become a jounin. This was the first good luck Nori received while at the academy. After graduating with average marks, he got assigned to Haruís squad.

Noriís starting days as a genin were typical. He did mainly D ranked missions with some C missions mixed in. It wasnít until the chuunin exam that anything of note happened. The exam was held in The Village of the Hidden Mist that year. The second stage was survival along with a search in a forest covered in a thick fog. The objects were hidden in the forest and a team must find them in order to pass, as well as get to the exit before time was up.

The low visibility in the forest made this stage great for Nori. He was able to lead his team through the forest without any problems thanks to his Kikimasu. The news of a team no one expected much out of passing without any trouble caused many to look upon Nori with great interest. After winning his fights in the third round, Nori became a chuunin.

He lived his life normally for many years after. He met his future wife shortly after becoming a chuunin. Due to this he didnít bother to train to become a jounin. When he was twenty and had two children. That was the last happy thing that happened to Nori. While he was walking through town one day he picked up Haruís voice. Using his Kikimasu, he could hear the conversation perfectly.

Haru: Donít try and bring me down! I have a bloodline in perfect control! That stupid kid Nori thinks I really care about him. I could have you killed without having to dirty my own hands.

With his already weakened mental state from not being able to fully control his bloodline, this news caused Nori to lose the remaining sanity he had. From all the times he had used the Kikimasu, he hadnít been able to filter all the noise he could hear. The worst time came when he had it activated almost all the time in the chuunin exam. Almost every time he activated it, he came close to losing his sanity.

Nori ran to the alley where Haru was. From a mixture of surprise and his bloodline he was able to kill Haru after a short battle. Without even pausing he then attacked and killed the man Haru had been talking to. Nori didnít know, but Haru was under an investigation for committing traitorous acts. It didnít take long for word of Haruís murder at the hands of a chuunin to reach the ears of the Kazekage. Wanting to try and keep this issue hidden, he dispatched a small group of jounin to kill Nori.

Outnumbered five to one, and only being a chuunin Nori didnít stand a chance. Although missing any rational thought in his mind anymore, he attacked. Even under these odds he still managed to take down one of the jounin before he himself was killed. Hearing the news of the power this young man held the Kazekage took an interest in the Mimura clan. More importantly the fact that Nori had two sons.

Not wanting to lose a bloodline for their village the Kazekage placed a seal on the two children to temporality seal the full power of the Kikimasu. They were told it was to protect the children from being overwhelmed by the power of the Kikimasu. The family was told that Nori died during a mission and was honored as a hero. No one ever learned the truth of Noriís death.

Members of the Kazekageís office placed the two sons, Keiichi and Tarou under constant supervision, while the family was never told. Being proud of their father, both entered the academy and upon graduation had the first seal released by their teacher. Both kept training their ability and upon becoming chuunin the Kazekage released the second seal. Both were exceptional shinobi and became jounin shortly after. Upon becoming jounin the Kazekage released the final seal and instructed them in how to both perform the seal and break it. From then on the Mimura family earned respect in their village as a strong shinobi clan.

The two sons mastered different types of fighting skills. While Keiichi mastered various taijutsu, Tarou mastered ninjutsu. When they both had children they taught them their own style of fighting, thus establishing the two branches of the family.

Culture: Out of all the bloodlines in the world, this one for the Village Hidden in the Sand is distinctive. Instead of giving its members a single advantage, it takes a sense away to heighten the rest. Since no members of this clan have ever seen anything, they have a gained a unique outlook on the world. The most notable is that most of this members are cool headed and thoughtful. Without sight it takes longer for young members of their clan to learn basic skills. This causes most of them to learn extra patience as young children.

At the age of two, all members of this clan are given a three-stage seal to keep them from activating the full power of the Kikimasu. From the ages of five until graduation they are trained in how to control the Kikimasu. Upon graduation the first level of the seal is released. This allows them to use the Kikimasu.

The second release doesnít have a set time when it is released. A test is given to any member who wishes they were ready. The test changes depending on which branch of the family the member belongs to. While both tests are different they both test ones complete mastery of the first release.

Taijutsu Branch: This test is a three-part test to demonstrate ones physical prowess while using the Kikimasu.

The first stage is a simple accuracy test. The examinee is given ten needles to throw at ten targets. The examinee must score at least 35 points with their ten throws in order to pass. The targets look like this:

user posted image

To assist the examinee in finding the targets, small bells are attached at random locations on the target.

The second stage is an obstacle course. There is no set formation for the course. An artificial wind is created in order to help the examinee make it through. Depending on the course will depend on how much time the examinee has to pass.

The final stage is a simple battle. The examinee must fight a member of the clan who has already had their second seal released. While the examinee doesnít have to win the battle to pass, they must prove to the examiner they have mastered the Kikimasu in battle.

Ninjutsu Branch: This is also a three-part test to demonstrate ones use of ninjutsu while using the Kikimasu.

The first stage is also an accuracy test. The member is given thirty seconds to destroy all ten targets. At least 90% of the target must be destroyed for it to count. If even one isnít destroyed the examinee will fail.

The second stage tests one chakra control and agility. The examinee must dodge incoming shruiken, while standing on top of water. Both falling into the water as well as getting hit will cause the examinee to fail.

The final stage is also another fight against a member who has already had their second seal released. As in the previous test the examinee doesnít have to win the fight in order to pass the test.

While most members wait until they become chuunin to attempt this test, there have been cases of genin who have passed the test. After passing the test the current head of the house the examinee belongs to will release the seal.

The test for the final release are held in as a joint exam. The test is again held in three stages.

Final Release Test: The rules for this test are incredibly strict. Making even the smallest mistake will cause you to fail.

Stage one is another accuracy test. The rules are the same as the taijutsu one, only you must score 38 points. The targets are all moving as well, without any bells.

In stage two the examinee must spend two days carrying out their normal business with the Kikimasu activated at all times. The strain the examinee faces while doing this can get extreme. Walking down a busy street with the level two seal released takes incredible concentration to filter out everything.

The final stage is a tournament with the remaining examinees. Since there isnít a set number of examinees this stage changes greatly year to year. With few enough examinees it can become an open tournament for almost anyone to enter.

Most members wait until they are jounin to attempt this test. There have only been two members who passed as chuunin. From the skill level of the ninja involved in the tournament, it draws a nice crowd. The winner will have their seal released, but the second and third can also if they preformed well enough.

The family itself has become respected within their village, but not as well known in other lands. People living in the Village of the Hidden Sand are always talking about the day when a member of the Mimura clan would face off against a clan like the Hyuugas.

Mimura General Techniques.
  • Kikimasu
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: The bloodline technique of the Mimura clan. This takes their hearing to a level most people cant imagine. At its peek power it can detect any sound wave within a 60 meter radius. As well as being able to determine the exact location where the sound originated.
  • Kikimasu Seal Release One
    Type: Seal
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: The first level that members of the Mimura clan receive. At this level the user only has 40% of the total power. At this level any movement can be heard. It is difficult to even approach genin who are using this. They can detect the location of where the sound came form within two centimeters.
  • Kikimasu Seal Release Two
    Type: Seal
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: After having the second seal released they gain the use of 75% of their total ability. At this level the user can hear the heartbeat of most small sized animals and up. They can detect the location of where the sound originated within five millimeters.
  • Kikimasu Seal Release Final
    Type: Seal
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: The full power of the Kikimasu has finally been unsealed. They are able to detect any sound wave back to its exact location.
  • Bell Circle
    Type: Taijutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: Using bells tied to needles, the user throws them in a circle around the fighting area. Using the sound from the bells the power of the attacks are increased.
  • Veil of Smoke
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 5,000
    Description: By taking a smoke bomb that has been mixed with their chakra the user is able to create a large cloud of smoke that will not dissipate until the user wills.
Taijutsu Branch:
  • Sonic Sword Level 1
    Type: Taijutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: The Mimura clan has developed a form of combat using two swords, normally katana. For genin of this clan they are given two Wakizashi. This is a style of combat only a member of the Mimura clan can perform. At level one the user can create a certain sound wave from their swords that creates an aftershock of force. The force of the aftershock isnít great, but it can knock someone off guard.
  • Flash Blade
    Type: Taijutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: By moving their blade into a light source a bright flash of light is created. By directing this flash into the eyes of anyone a state of temporary blindness can be caused.
  • Sonic Sword Level 2
    Type: Taijutsu
    Chakra: 5,000
    Description: At level two the user now concentrates chakra into their swords, thus increasing the strength of the shockwave. The strength can become strong enough to break bones.
  • Bright Blade
    Type: Taijutsu
    Chakra: 5,500
    Description: Much like the Flash Blade, only now using chakra in the swords. Thus creating a much brighter flash. The danger of this technique is that the flash can become bright enough to blind the user as well. The user can now use a katana and a wakazhi.
  • Sonic Sword Level 3
    Type: Taijutsu
    Chakra: 12,500 and second seal released
    Description: Now with heightened hearing and a better understanding of this style, the true form of this sword technique is learned. By using the sound waves emanating from their swords the user changes the sound waves already in the area into a frequency that is strong enough to physically cut almost anything. The size of the initial wave determines both how strong and wide it is. The user may now use two katanas.
  • Sonic Sword Level 4
    Type: Taijutsu
    Chakra: 25,000 and final seal released
    Description: The pinnacle of the Mimura sword style. At this level the user can now bounce the destructive sound waves once, thus making the attack much harder to predict. They may also make the destructive waves come strait out of their swords. While that takes more chakra than the normal wave, it is a immensely powerful technique.
  • Mach Three
    Type: Taijutsu
    Chakra: 35,000
    Description: A powerful, yet costly technique. When holding their swords at parallel at their side the user concentrates a good deal of chakra into their blades. Once enough chakra has been collected the user fires a highly charged destructive wave, with a few differences. The wave travels faster than the speed of sound creating a sonic boom at the time of release. After the wave has been released the user is unable to perform any Sonic Sword technique for a short while.
Ninjutsu Branch:
  • Echo
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: From the nearby sound waves in the area, the user is able to concentrate chakra into one and send it back where it came from at the force of a fourth of the speed of sound. Most genin can not perform this technique very accuracy though.
  • Redirect Echo
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 2,000
    Description: The user may now redirect the echoes, giving more freedom to the attack.
  • Second Echo
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 5,000 and second seal released
    Description: Much like the first, only much more accurate. By being able detect smaller waves, the attack has become more free as well. Finally from being stronger, the attack now has more force behind it.
  • Muliple Echo
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 6,500
    Description: The user may now use both hands to do the Echo attack.
  • Sonic Shield
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 10,000
    Description: By borrowing nearby sound waves the user can create a wall of concentrated sound. By holding their chakra in the wall of sound, it holds it shape. When the jutsu is canceled a small shockwave is caused from the escaping sound..
  • Final Echo
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 15,000 and final seal released
    Description: From being able to detect any sound wave in the area, this attack has become extremely accurate. The speed of this attack is now the speed of sound, causing great damage to whatever the target is.
  • Reverb Blast
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 25,000
    Description: By putting two bells in their palms, the user creates a large amount of waves between their hands. Each wave is also infused with the userís chakra. Once an immense amount of sound waves have been collected the user concentrates it all into a palm. The user than throws the orb at their foe. The force of the attack is enough to launch a person through a wall.
Extra: Anyone is welcome to join this clan, only you must contact Omega2042 before you may join. On a similar note, as far as your life in the clan is concerned Omega2042 is your emperor.

Instead of shuriken members are given needles.

If you start in the taijutsu branch you will receive two swords depending on your rank.

Genin: two wakazhi

Chuunin: one katana one wakazhi

Jounin: two katana
Posted: Mar 22 2006, 09:23 PM



Your clan or bloodline has been reviewed and accepted by the moderating team. This bloodline now exists in the world of Naruto Jiyuu. If you have any other questions, please ask the moderating team.

Thank you
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