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Posted by: Omega2042 Mar 5 2007, 09:51 PM
Just thought I would make a topic for the discussion of RPGs. I might as well start.

Before anyone asks my favorite is FF7, moving on.

Aside from that the best RPG that I have played recently would be Tales of the Abyss. Aside from having one of the greatest characters made in it, it also had a good story. The pacing was good and the multiple conflicts were handled well. The VAs for the characters worked great too.

If you have played a Tales game you already know what combat is like, only they added a 3D run to it as well. You had to hold down L2, or R2 its been awhile, to do it though. If you didnt it played like it was 2D.

The game has more secrets than monsters you will fight from start to finish. Really, its a massive list.

In closing, has anyone played this or the FF6 remake for the GBA?

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