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 Karinyu Clan
Posted: Feb 10 2006, 02:22 AM


Clan Name: Karinyu
Member limit: One
Village: Used to be Village Hidden in the Mist
Name of Bloodline Technique: Takusan Minzoku
Description: The members of this unique family have always lived in isolation, due to their abnormality of their bloodline. They are unable to turn their bloodline off, as the bloodline is what they are, it's just as much a part of them as one's brain would be to themselves. They are a collection of a micro species, very similar to ameba. Billions upon billions of these organisms of combined, forming into one person with unique characteristics.

Their bodies are in the basic shape of a human, but similarities between these two species stop there. Their skin color is semi-transparent, and seems to be made of a kind of fluid. Due to their fluid like body and elasticity, they can shape themselves in any form they choose, anything from another's appearance to weapons. Just like an ameba, they are able multiply themselves.

The most common use of this that when they are damaged, whether it be a cut or a missing appendage, the billions of micro-organisms multiply and take the place of whatever was damaged, successfully healing themselves. Members of this clan can also use this unique multiplying bloodline to be offensive as well. They can multiply the organisms of which they are made of, shape them into any form to create a weapon, and then detach the weapon to use in combat. But that's not the most interesting thing of their reproduction. The multiplying of the organisms and forming them into an object, is actually how they reproduce. Whatever they made is now akin to what a child would be to humans.

As a separate entity, the weapons they create now have minds of their own, enabling them to attack the opponent again and again. For example, if a member of this clan were to multiply enough organisms into a kunai and then detach it, the kunai could now attack the opponent, or even change shape to form something else to better combat the opponent. Although each child they create has free will, for the most part they do whatever the parent orders. If the parent is ever destroyed, any pieces left of him, such as even one of these organisms or some of his children, will combine to form a new entity that contains the parent inside of them, still a different person, yet they still have the feelings of the parent and the parents memories.

As the member becomes older and advances, they eventually become successful in multiplying and detaching so many of these microorganisms, that they now form into replications of their bodies, whole versions of their children, rather than just weapons. As each organism they multiply is technically separate, yet still a part of them mentally, there is no sharing of chakra. Chakra is produced with each organism created, allowing members of this clan to have a limitless amount of chakra, depending on how much they multiply and how often.

Members of this clan specialize in placing a microorganism inside of their opponents, such as through a cut, the mouth, etc. without their noticing.(as the micro-organism is naked to the human eye) The organism would then multiply, creating many large versions within the opponents body, attacking the enemy's inside while the organism on the outside battles them on the outside, successfully damaging them from the inside and the out.

The clan members specialize in water techniques, and more skilled members are able to contain water in their body to use in case there is no form of water nearby. Member's moves are very unpredictable, as the person really is just a large collection of many formed into one. Many times parts of the body won't agree with the rest, and will result in strange movement and random attacks that will suddenly change direction and speed.

Even bloodlines like the Sharingan have a difficult time predicting what members of this clan will do next. Of course, when the organisms disagree and perform different actions, this will sometimes result in the member messing up a jutsu at a very important time. Sometimes the member will have to stop what they're doing and pause for a moment in order for the organisms to agree, or the majority will vote on what to do quickly and either absorb the organisms or detach them from their body so that they can carry out what they want to do, while they carry out what they believe to do.

There are two things that this clan fears above all; fire and high frequency sounds. Fire is what is usually used against these clan members, and with a powerful enough flame they could totally incinerate the member and all of the organisms, ensuring that the clan member could not come back. If the clan member does not have a piece of himself hidden away to multiply and recreate themselves, then there's no way they could come back. Since the clan members are really just a large collection of microscopic organisms working together in total concentration, if a high frequency sound that is powerful enough is emitted, it will break the member's concentration and their body will fall apart into each individual organisms.

The clan member can piece themselves together again, but it would take a few minutes and would require a lot of energy and concentration, leaving the opponent time to attack the pieces before they form together. Physical attacks do not usually have much effect on them, due to their natural resistance to attacks such as taijutsu, making them difficult to combat for taijutsu specialists. Powerful ninjutsu attacks are the main way to defeat them, since genjutsu is even more innafective than taijutsu. Since the members are just a large collection of billions of organizims, there are way too many minds to perform an illusion on. With other minds making one person, the minds not affected by the genjutsu can continue to attack, or communicate with the minds that are effected, informing them it is merely an illusion.

Instead of the word "I", members of this clan refer to themselves as "we". All of the clan except for Sayuko Karinyu has been wiped out. The clan members were usually socially apart from the rest of society, choosing to stay in the comfort of their family except for the usual assassin mission. Their power was legendary as it seemed they could never die, which they couldn't if a piece of them was left behind. Their morphing power was also feared, as they could create any object they wanted.

Even the kages of the villages agreed with one another that the lcan was far too powerful and something needed to be done about it. And so the kages jojned forces, employing several ninja from each of their villages to seek and destroy the Karinyu's. The main leader was a ninja adept in fire jutsu, and was believed to be a Uchiha and ultimately the downfall of the Karinyu's.

There is a ritual of age in the Karinyu's, in which the son absorbs his parernts into himself, gaining their memories and feelings in addition to their own. Sayuko performed the ritual, absorbing the small organisms that were left of his various clan members, resulting in him becoming the entire clan.
  • Karada Rappu
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: 5,000
    Description: The user forms their body over the opponents, taking their shape and acting like a tightly wrapped suit. The user will then pump chakra all over the opponents body, destroying muscle tissue and damaging vital organs all over their body.

  • Inkou Raishuu
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: 15,000
    Description: The user will send organisms down their opponent’s throat, which will then multiply until they can't breathe and choke to death.

  • Hishou Yaiba
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: n/a
    Description: The user will charge at the opponent at breakneck speeds, then right before the point before contact, they split themselves apart into hundreds of kunai that are sharpened by chakra, impaling them. The kunai would then fly around the opponent at amazing speeds, tearing them apart.

  • Bakuretsu Rappu
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: 20,000
    Description: Starts out like Karada Rappu, in which the user wraps their body around the opponent, forming a tight fitting suit of sorts that constrict the opponents movement. Then, by multiplying and forming hands, the member performs several hand seals quickly, their body vibrating with an intense amount of chakra until they explode, blasting themselves into bits and severely damaging the enemy, if not killing them. The pieces left from the attack will regroup and then multiply to recreate the member.

  • Level One Takusan Minzoku
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: The user is adept at healing themselves, able to multiply and recreate their bodies from a single organism, though it would take a fair amount of time and energy. The user can also form into and create basic weapons and shapes. They are nowhere near the level of being able to make large version of children, replications of themselves, yet and won't be able to do so for quite a while.

  • Level Two Takusan Minzoku
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: 5,000
    Description: The user now is able to push chakra to the outside of the organizims to create their attacks stronger. Since their body is a kind of solid fluid (think of jello) their attacks generally dont perform bone breaking attacks, they have more of a whip like quality to them. The organisms can now concentrate enough to keep a steady flow of chakra around whatever their striking the opponent with to create the attack more devestating. The member can now perform more complex shapes and each organizim performs a better unity and work with each other better at this point, though they still disagree sometimes.

  • Level Three Takusan Minzoku
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: 10,000
    Description: The user is able to multiply faster and there is generally no disagreement between the organizims. They can now perform more advanced shapes and are more resistant to fire type attacks. The member can now carry water inside of their body to use as materials for water jutsus.

  • Level Four Takusan Minzoku:
    Type: Bloodline
    Chakra: 25,000
    Description: This is the highest form of the Takusan Minzoku bloodline. The user can make any shape he wants, and can now make full, life size replications of themselves. The member now has the ability to absorb basic micro-scopic organisims from the opponents body to cause their body to malfunction and to grow stronger. They can now easily form chakra around their body parts with little concentration from most of the organizims. The organizims have very little arguements, if any, with eachother. Their strength, speed, thinking, and defense are amazing at this level, and they have little problems with destroying an opponent.
Uchiha Satori
Posted: Feb 10 2006, 09:41 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 529
Member No.: 1
Joined: 9-June 05


Your bloodline has been checked and accepted by the moderating team. Your character will now be allowed to roleplay. If you have any other problems, please ask a member from the moderating team.

Thank you
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