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 Nekomata's Jinchuuriki, Mihodo Yamado
Mihodo Yamado
Posted: Jan 23 2006, 12:34 AM


Name: Niji- Two Tailed Nekomata(Cat Demon)
Description: This technique chart is solely for Mihodo Yamado, smoke genin and jinchuuriki, read his biography for details.
  • Clumsy Jyuuken
    Type: Taijutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: Yamado’s own patented style of jyuuken, first instructed by his academy teacher. He was taught to focus the chakra into his hands, just as he would for his healing technique. The instructors originally thought this style would be best for him, in hopes of improving his body control. Sadly… there hasn’t been much improvement. Yamado knows only the basics at this point, often forgetting important steps and strikes. If he does manage to hit the opponent however, his chakra infused strikes can certainly do some damage.

  • Kusuri no Chishiki
    Type: N/A
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: General knowledge of the human body and medicine. This knowledge allows the user to mix various antidotes and poisons, and the ability to treat wounds properly.

  • Chiyute no Jutsu
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: N/A
    Description: A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja focuses chakra into the palms of their hands, creating a small ball of healing chakra. This chakra, when concentrated, can repair physical damage to another person.

  • Accelerated Regeneration
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 2,500
    Description: Yamado’s biju Nekomata aids in his recovery from injuries, cutting down the time of recovery for injuries or fatigue immensely. This only takes effect inbetween battles however, so damage taken during a fight cannot be recovered until there is a decent break in the action.

  • Steady Headed Jyuuken
    Type: Taijutsu
    Chakra: 5,000
    Description: Practice has certainly done wonders for Yamado’s footwork, as he can now perform his basic jyuuken skills without any mistakes on his part. He still occasionally hesitates when attacking, but his strikes can be devastating. He’s far more fleet of foot now, able to dodge a fair amount of normal speed attacks. His strengths lie on the more defensive side, using his skills to punish over zealous attackers. When his hands strike the opponent cleanly, the chakra in his hands is forced into the opponent, striking the muscles underneath, as well as the skin covering it. Multiple strikes to a single area could force that body part to lock up from the strain.

  • Nekomata Demon Form 1
    Type: N/A
    Chakra: 5,000
    Description: This is the first of 3 demonic forms that Yamado takes, induced by his biji, the Niji Nekomata. In this state, Yamado’s chakra aura changes, with streaks of light purple running through. Of course the chakra is only visible when he is using a technique. There is no noticeable physical change, besides the pupils of his eyes, which form a black circle inside of his normally completely blue eyes

    In times of extreme emotion and danger, this form is triggered, and immediately works to restore both Yamado’s physical status and his chakra. Although there is no change in his fighting style, his personality takes on a more serious tone, with a sense of confidence and determination not usually seen in him.

    Perhaps the most useful attribute of this form is it’s ability to immediately regenerate wounds, even as Yamado is fighting. As long as this form is activated, his wounds will keep healing. The form will only last for 5 turns however, leaving Yamado heavily strained, and in some cases unable to fight. Once he has achieved Demon Form 2 however, this form can be voluntarily activated. (Still only 5 turns though)

  • Chakra Regeneration
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 10,000
    Description: By focusing his chakra towards his wounds, Yamado can now heal himself in a similar fashion to that of his 1st demon form. However, without the Nekomata’s chakra to aid him, this technique drains a fair amount of chakra when used.

  • Proficient Jyuuken
    Type: Taijutsu
    Chakra: 10,000
    Description: He’s finally got it! Yamado has mastered the basic arts of jyuuken, incorporating all that he’s learned before with immaculate footwork, speed, and grace. The clumsy days of the past are finally at an end.

  • Chakra no Mesu
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 20,000
    Description: A Ninjutsu technique used, primarily for field surgery. The ninja concentrates a powerful aura of chakra around their hand, creating a blade capable of tearing through muscles and arteries, or breaking bone, without actually breaking the skin of the person they're using it on.

  • Nekomata Demon Form 2
    Type: N/A
    Chakra: 15,000
    Description: As Yamado has grown, so has his ability to withstand the enormous amount of chakra. This level becomes available as his ability to use the chakra without causing any serious stress or damage has reached a peak. When faced with an overwhelming situation, Yamado can surpass his normal demon form, reaching a form that is extremely different from the previous ones.

    The first changes come in appearance. Yamado’s eyes change even more here, with the dark black pupil thinning out into a thick line. His bicuspid teeth grow out, taking the shape of fangs, and a pair a cat ears appear through his hair. In addition, he sprouts a tail, which forces its way through the fabric in the back of his pants to swing freely. During this entire time, a light purple aura of chakra flows around him, a harmless display of the enormous amount of chakra this forum can use.

    Like before, this form constantly uses chakra to help restore the body, but it also gives a massive boost in both available chakra and physical form. While in this form Yamado abandons the jyuuken he usually uses in return for a much more hard hitting form. His speed has increased dramatically, making him even in speed and strength to a level 3 taijutsu user (see that chart for more).

    This transformation lasts for 5 turns, and will leave Yamado terribly exhausted afterwards, certainly in no position to fight. Also, once he has reached this level, Yamado can activate his 1st demon form at will.
  • Forbidden Technique: Life Revival
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 25,000
    Description: By using all the chakra he can gather, including that of his biju, Yamado is able to do something thought to be impossible, even through Ninjutsu. By channeling all his chakra into the subject, he can bring the dead back to life. Now, the technique is far from perfect, and is infact life threatening for the jinchuuriki himself. Even if perfectly preformed, Yamado will most certainly require hospitalization, and be in no sort of fighting shape for an extended period of time, even with his regeneration skills.

    Also this technique will only work on the recently deceased, as it only works to restore the person’s pulse. All other injuries remain in the same place they were before death unless the healing hands technique was used to remedy them before hand. This is certainly a desperation technique, and if not for the Nekomata, would be unusable.

  • Nekomata Final Demon Form
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 30,000
    Description: Complete loss of control. That’s probably the best way to describe this form. In this form, the consciousness of the Nekomata takes control, overpowering Yamado’s own mind. It is usually triggered in self defense, through the demon’s primal urge for survival, thus this transformation occurs only when Yamado is struggling on the edge of life. The two tailed cat is a completely different entity from Yamado, acting with a cruel personality, fighting his enemies with pure hatred.

    At this stage, almost all of the beast’s chakra erupts, giving him almost limitless stamina. Along with enhanced skills, the Nekomata has it’s own set of techniques it uses in this form, calling on powers of necromancy and other Forbidden Techniques, including moves like Shikon no Jutsu, and Summoning Impure World Resurrection.

    Of course now that Nekomata has fully taken control, Yamado’s body almost directly resembles a cat (Picture at the bottom). This form is an incredible force, adding an extra 20,000 to Yamado’s chakra level just from the transformation. This state can last for up to 10 posts, but if Yamado’s body becomes to heavily damaged, the demon must regress, and due to the incredible strain it puts on his body, this is often the case.

  • Kokuangyo no Jutsu (Bringer-of-Darkness Technique)
    Type: Demonic Genjutsu (Only Usable in Final Demon Form)
    Chakra: 30,000
    Description: This jutsu creates an area of complete darkness around the victim, enabling the user to attack without being seen.

  • Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu (Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique)
    Type: Demonic Genjutsu (Only Usable in Final Demon Form)
    Chakra: 30,000
    Description: Narakumi no Jutsu is a Genjutsu technique that causes its target to see a horrifying vision. The ninja will use the rat hand seal to cause a circle of leaves to spin and envelop the target and then fall away. Once cast the world will appear normal to the target until they see the illusion.

  • Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei (Summoning: Impure World Resurrection)
    Type: Demonic Ninjutsu (Only Usable in Final Demon Form)
    Chakra: 30,000
    Description: This technique allows the user to revive a dead person. The user must first sacrifice a living human in order to tie the dead person's soul to the world (unlike the normal summoning technique, which only uses some of the user's blood). Then, the dead person's body is formed out of dust and dirt and rises out of the ground in front of the user inside a wooden coffin. This technique can also be used on multiple people at once. If used with shikon no jutsu, it is possible to sacrifice the body under control in order to use this technique.

  • Shikon no Jutsu (Dead Soul Technique)
    Type: Demonic Ninjutsu (Only Usable in Final Demon Form)
    Chakra: 30,000
    Description: With this Jutsu the user can make the dead seem lifelike, allowing dead bodies to move around as a diversion or decoy. This skill causes the dead bodies' hearts to beat, allowing the user to control them for a few minutes.

  • Kinjutsu Forced Soul Removal
    Type: Forbidden Ninjutsu
    Chakra: 100,000
    Description: The ultimate finishing technique. By mixing both his normal and Nekomata chakra, Yamado creates black chakra, enveloping his right arm from elbow to fingertips. Once this technique is activated, he focuses the remainder of his chakra on his movement, hoping to get in anywhere close to opponent. Swinging his right arm towards the opponent, the arm covered in black chakra will actually move INTO the opponent’s body, creating no wound on their outer body. Instead, it will allow Yamado to take hold of their very soul, allowing him to remove it, thus killing the foe instantly. Of course this takes an amazing amount of chakra, leaving Yamado all but empty afterwards.

    A strong willed opponent can break his hold though, although it requires an amazing amount of strength to do so. Not even Yamado’s final demon form can perform this technique, as it requires his normal chakra to blend with that of the Nekomata.
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